Friday, December 5, 2014

Basement Fixer Upper

OH For the LOVE OF GOD... I'm so tired of this LUKE SHIT. He's sounding like Bea Arthur!  "I have your face---no mask here" ..Luke says WHO ARE YOU? "I suppose it could be extensive plastic surgery ...or something much more complex" he says.
I don't get why Luke is still alive if Fluke wants to take over his life so damn bad.

Told you that Faison was Luke for a hot-second. Man, Anna can't walk away from Faison. What a powerful scene. He tells her "the spell is broken". She is trembling and sits, and weeps. WOW.  Amaze
Mind Control Flashback

Helena tells JakeFace that he's really Jason Morgan.  Billy Miller is doing a great job with this. She also gives him a job..but we dont' hear it.  She tells him he's mind-controlled. 

Sam and Patrick. VERY Powerful. Kelly did a great job. Loved her emotions--Jason too. "Jason was alive..well, then he died again SORRY". LOL  Poor Sam.

Nikolas and Liz. SERIOUSLY ..this again? AGAIN??????? Ughhhhhhhhh. Nik finds out his Grammy is in town

Sonny is all twitchy in jail. Carlos razzes him and is out in about 3.4 minutes after that scene and hugs Sabrina at Kelly's. Johnny Z walks up to Sonny in the prison  yard.

DUN DUN DUuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn! 


delcodave said...

remember the skype episode where the number 13-107 was supposed to be a clue?

whatever happened to that?

whats the number stand for?

Anon said...

Billy M. is a better actor than Steve Burton, although I give Burton props for hanging in there with the character of Jason for as long as he did. SB's longevity alone makes him the definitive Jason, but Billy will rock most of his scenes far, far better than Burton ever could.

JasonRoks said...

I'm thinkin' Tracy and "Fluke" must have sex with jammies on or something. Didn't they go to bed yesterday? How could she not see, feel, something the mask. I'm sick of this shit too!!! All the Flukes must wear jammies tops for sex. Make it end soon please.

ishouldreadmore said...

JasonRoks, even if Tracy and Fluke made love in the deepest darkness, she would have KNOWN it wasn't Luke from the very first. In fact, she would have known from the first time he kissed her. Who doesn't "know" the kiss and/or touch of their lover??? I would know mine in a hot second. That is just one of the reasons this story irritates me so bad. Everyone has their own touch, feel, and even smell. A long time love couple like those two could not be fooled!

delcodave said...

at least they are finally wearing coats in port charles.

so in this day and age of terrorism and national security, a person can just wander around a police station in a ski mask and darkened eyes?

did anyone notice that Fluke and Luke have the same identical cut on their lower lip in the same place? boy, whoever is Fluke is taking this very seriously. He or she is even covering tracks and even making cuts identical

wouldnt it be something if it was a woman as Fluke all along? (and yes, JasonRoks, I know the logistics in that. strapon?)

finola does deserve an emmy. atually, she always has. for decades now. overdue.

sonya said...

Police station:

Anna and Faison:

Faison: I wonder if Helena ever managed to perfect the technique. Wonder.

I was thinking is Jake Doe brainwashed?!!?!!? :)

Faison: The spell is broken.

What the hell was all that about?! No challenge. The spell is broken? Not worthy of his love?! What is he doing? Trying to brainwash her into loving him?!!? Oh Faison you are smooooooooooooooooth! :)

Sam and Patrick: Poor Sam! :( Sam you are not listening to Patrick!!!! Did you want your wound to open up again and bleed all over the place?! You would just be hurt all over again! :( Awww forgive Patrick!! I don't want their friendship to end! :(

Kelly's: Oh! Is that how the actress who plays Britch leaves the show? To leave Port Chuckles and never come back? :( Wait woah! Sabrina was fired from GH!? Did I miss a scene where she got fired?!!?!?! Caaaaaaaaaaarlos and Sabrina scene! LOVE IT! Now get back together! :)

Jail: Sonny can't stop thinking about what Micheal has said! Now when someone said well look who's here, I thought it was Johnny Z!!! I had a smile on my face! I was so happy! But then they showed Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos! I was happy seeing him too!!!! :)CAAAAAAAAAAAAARLOS IS GOING TO BE FREE YAY! :) WOAH! There is Johnny Z! YAY!

Fluke and Luke: Luke wins the line of the day!

Luke: God you are an obnoxious bastard. Do you ever shut up?!

ROFL! Thank you Luke thank you! :)

Liz's home: Well this is boring. I told you so blah blah blah. Oh look who is in the paper! Blah blah blah.

Pier: Man! I was so involved and sucked in with the Helena and Jake Doe scenes!!!! You couldn't pull me away! So, Jake Doe IS brainwashed!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS! There hasn't been a brainwashing in a long time in Port Chuckles! So he is brainwashed into kidnapping Sam!?!?!?!?! :) Fantasticalls!!!

sonya said...

"delcodave said...He or she is even covering tracks and even making cuts identical"

And even having the same cold! ROFL!

kdmask said...

Key is: FLUKE never had a mask on.
Only Faison did..for that one minute.

JackieT said...

Good show all around today! Great scenes between different pairs. Teared up a little during the Carlos-Sabrina reunion. Great to see Johnny back. Now I just want a LOGICAL conclusion to the FLuke storyline.

JackieT said...

"delcodave said... remember the skype episode where the number 13-107 was supposed to be a clue?"

YES!! I brought this up in a post the other day!

delcodave said...

13 - the number of years we will have to wait for a conclusion to the Fluke storyline

107 - the number of people who will be wearing the Fluke mask

AntJoan said...

Delcodave, Hehehe . . . Oh, Johnny Z, you look HOTTTTT!!! Now just bring back Ric, I will be a happy camper. . .

LSV422 said...

When Sabrina said GH had fired her I was thinking that the show has actually fired her, which seems to be the case. The Fluke Show needs to end. I like having Helena back and interacting with Jason2. Great week for Anna and Faison. Very happy to see Johnny Z and anxiously awaiting the return of Ric.

Zak said...

I really don't mind the fact that none of this Fluke stuff is "logical." I'm entertained. Soaps will never be what they were in the past (realistic family drama) and I realized that about a decade ago. The storylines can be whacky and absurd, as long as the characters behave like I would suspect in these weird circumstances and the acting is good. GH doesn't disappoint there.

I really enjoyed today's show. Finola was fantastic (as usual). Billy Miller is killing it as Jason, even with this story being so over the top. Kelly M. And Jason T. Truly delivered with their scenes. Constance Towers is always deliciously evil. And I'm impressed with Maurice lately. Although I can't stand Sonny, I am really feeling his pain ( which he deserves, by the way).

It's the "little things" that sometimes get to me. Sloppy writing today where Nik finds out about Helena being alive from Liz, who read about it in the newspaper. You mean, Alexis let Julian run a newspaper article about it, but she never bothered to call Nikolas to tell him? She would have done that ASAP. Out of character behavior is what bothers me.

kdmask said...

Zak, while I agree with you (I tweeted that GH has the BEST actors), I really need some beginning, middle and endings in SOME fashion lol.
Why they can't evolve into something that is more like the dramadies we see that have rotating stories (with CONCLUSIONS) I'll never know.

I still say soaps need to go back to 30 min since they are on daily.

AntJoan said...

Oh, Karen, Heaven forbid, I usually agree with you, but 30 mins.? I remember when it used to be 30 mins., and my sister and I would say, "I wish it would just go on and on . . ." We need our 60 mins. (which is only 43 mins. when you DVR it, anyway). . . .