Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Delia Ryan! NYC!

So, yesterday's show? Um...the CELL PHONE IN THE BUSHES? ahha. OMG, I died. And RIC is MISSING???? hee hee. Giggle.

Is that the Metro Court? Did they redo it??? It's got slate floors, I can hear them. And um, why would StJaceFace go in there and talk to Sam like that? Won't she be suspicious? I guess not. She says she called Spinelli to help find the guy that took her hostage.

That BABY smiling at AVA! I knew it was a dream..but still. What a puddin'. Who's at the door? Some lady that found a sock in the snow. She thinks she recognizes Franco. HE's like "NOPE..go away" 

Delia!! how did Morgan and Kiki manage to find NYC all by themselves? Delia calls Kiki "Lauren". Oh please, let's go with that.  And...Ava walks in with Silas. Morgan tells Ava he told Sonny where to find her. LMAO 

Fluke and Michael's convo was telling. Fluke was all over Sonny's ass and past. Michael is wondering why he's being like this. Fluke also seems to have LIKED AJ. Hmmmmm. He couldn't stand him.  Fluke wants a Job at ELQ. LMAO 
Fluke is going to go meet someone tomorrow. Helena? 


ishouldreadmore said...

The return to the fast forward is back. Think I went thru the show in about 15 minutes.
Would the cops really put up with some one demanding immunity like that?? The way they play fast and loose with reality grates on my nerves.

JasonRoks said...

So glad you said something about the cell phone coverage of the shoot-out? WTH? LOL funny.

Frank Smith mention too by Fluke. Please make it end. Can only hope Helena is on tomorrow.

I'm still hoping the baby is Morgan's. He could raise her at the Brownstone while Ava is in jail.

sonya said...

Sam and Jake Doe: Zzzzzz.. Oh man they are so boring together!!!! Come on Jake Doe go back to Liz's house and have scenes with her! You are better with Liz than Sam. I'm glad Sam talked to Spinny on the phone! :)

Carly and Sonny: Oh Carly stop freaking out. Sonny's face isn't that bad. If both of his face was bruised, then yeah you can freak out.

Q home: Michael! Luke would not be interested in ELQ! WAKE UP!

Pier: Dante you better listen to Hooper or you won't get what you want!!!!!

NYC hotel room: I had a feeling Ava was dreaming! Awww that baby is adorable!!!! :)

Delia's diner: So much drama. From Delia dropping her coffee pot, to Ava and McSilas showing up after Delia says Ava never showed up in her establishment haha. Spoke too soon huh Delia? :)

Canada: BobTodd calling baby Jamie, Jamie Sommers awww! :)Wow the bionic baby was really trying to reach BobTodd and was crying! Then when Nina gave him Jamie, Jamie calmed down! Awwwwww! :)A knock knock on the door! Who is that woman? A milkmaid?!!?!?!?! What the hell? ROFL!

Cosmoetica said...

Karen: Jason went to the Metrocourt to apply for a job. He said it straight up. I didn't recognize it either.

Ishould: The boat guy asking for immunity IS realistic. And he'd also press charges on Dante for police brutality. That so many guys so EASILY squeal is the fantasy.

ishouldreadmore said...

Cosmoetica: Thanks for the information. I don't know anyone involved in law enforcement, so your post was helpful. It is kind of refreshing to hear they got something accurate for a change. I DID wonder about how Dante was getting physical with the guy; police brutality crossed me mind.