Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year...New You

OOOOOOOOOO It's almost 2015.  Maxie was so quick to run back to PC and Nate is in Portland. WHOOPS. Soapy Soap or what?  NOW he's in Beecher's Corners not where he should be!!
Dante and Lulu bring them a dinner -- with ribs and then they eat them. 

AND..then, Maxie drives to Beecher's Corners and Nate drives to the apt in Port Chuck. Oh how funny (eyerollin)....such a screwball comedy. 
OH and thennnnn, Maxie gets to the airport in Beecher's Corners and her car gets towed! Oh AHAHAHAA. UUUGh. Anyway, they are FINALLY together for the New Year. 

Duke and Lucy--Anna and Sloane. Whatever, whateverrrrr

Ned and Alexis and Jules is all jelly. 

Liz and Ric; he shaved. Yawn 

Carly and Jake are talking at the Metro Bar. She hates Ric, btw. If you didn't know. She hires Jake as her new bartender.  But he can't mix drinks so he passes out champers. 

Nikolas arrives with a new chick, red head or auburn.  They "met in the elevator and had an instant connection" LMAO

Carly gives the toast. People kiss. Yada yada



ishouldreadmore said...

Today was, in a word, BORING.
Happy new year, Karen.

CareyN said...

Does this mean there's no show tomorrow? Anyone know the schedule for this week?

dar said...

Tomorrow is a rerun - no GH Thursday.

Michelle Latta said...

So annoyed with todays show. Was glad Nathan and Maxie finally got to each other. That was the highlight...thisclose to giving up.

CareyN said...

Thanks Dar. Happy New Year everyone. :)

MatchboxGinny said...

Most boring NYE episode ever. *sighhh

sonya said...

Maxie/Nathan: Okay I like them as a couple, but I'm not in love with them, and all the near misses, and whining, is not going to make me fall in love with them. It's actually very annoying. And at the end when he said he was going to pick her up, I was thinking if he was joking. Yup he is joking. He is finally home! Goodie. Now let's get on with this. I actually think it would have been a better idea, and more endearing, if she was trying to get to Portland to see her daughter but couldn't.

Maxie and Nathan's home: Dante wins the lines of the day! He beat out Carly's Ric sucks comment, and Jake Doe's joke about dental care.

Dante: Would you put your clothes on, my wife is sitting right here!

Lulu: You look great.

Dante: I'M sitting right here.

ROFL! Poor Dante. :) Geez Lante are hogs! Eating most of Nathan and Maxie's food! ROFL!

Metrocourt: I'm confused over this Carly and Jake Doe scene! I thought she already gave him a job as bodyguard for the metrocourt. I guess she was joking? Oh look Mr Yummy yummy Sloan! :) Oh he has a date, but oh she ends up with Nik ROFL! Ohhhh Ivy! That is the character I heard about! So many funny jokes we can do with her name and nicknames. :) Come on Ric! Hit Julian! Come on Ned hit Julian! Julian remembers his honey's Ned's name! :)Alexis's "girls" are out! But Sam's aren't! That is a shock that Sam is covering her "girls" Geez Sam they won't be able to breath! All the kissy kissy! Mr. Yum yum and Anna! YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Olivia and Julian wow! Jake Doe and Carly.. Duke and Lucy! Too bad Scotty wasn't there to be jealous! :)HAPPY NEW YEAR PORT CHUCKLES!!! And happy new year to everyone on the blog! :)

sonya said...

Oh! And that Ivy chick, she looks just like Emily! ACK!!!

kdmask said...

come on, no one loved my CLOWN CAR? lol

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Today was boring. The only thing I cared about was whether Maxie and Nathan would see each other by midnight and even that tried my patience.


Nathan: Dammit, Maxie, why did you leave your car in an unloading zone?


Sonya, Ivy does look like Emily.

RedSoxFaninVA said...
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sonya said...

"kdmask said...come on, no one loved my CLOWN CAR? lol"

ROFL! I love your clown car!!! :)


ROFL! All good questions! :)

"Sonya, Ivy does look like Emily."

*shiver* Emily clone!

LSV422 said...

I thought Lucy, Anna, Liz, Lulu, Jordan and Maxie looked stunning. Carly was once again in an unflattering dress. Why did Nathan knock when he had a key? Not a great New Year's episode but pretty good fashion show.

sonya said...

"LSV422 said...Why did Nathan knock when he had a key?"

He wanted to surprise Maxie.

Pat..... Sun..... said...

"LSV422 said...Why did Nathan knock when he had a key?"
I thought that he was trying to re-enact last year's New Year's Eve, when he first knocked on the door and she opened it. Whole thing was dumb, but I guess the writers were trying to put some "romance" into the show since the show for the holiday.