Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Fight Club

Are the fruits of our labor...finally coming into fuition? *sigh*...don't know, don't know.  You'd think so. You'd think that I would be happy for Helena and the whole of Port Charles going nimbly-nuts. And yet...
Haven't I seen a lot of this before? Thank goodness the actors on GH are so wonderful. They make the time well spent no matter what Tom-Foolery is going down. 

I'm dedicating this blog to DecloDave who planted a seed of an idea. Of Ed Norton and Brad Pitt. Of soap and... "First Rule"...

So grab your towels, energy drinks and ciggs. We're heading into no man's land

20141205 0702(29)
The Empress Has Arrived 
I'm going  by stories today. It's the only way I can timeline things and not scoop my brains out with a melon baller. 

1. Felicia Wins Mayor Race!. AHAHAHA. Got 'cha! There has been NO declared winner! In fact, haven't heard about her since--Halloween! 

2. Sonny. He is all hoodied up in jail, hanging out in the prison yard. Cons walking all over. Carrrrlos comes up and BOOM Sonny starts to sweat. Carlos is telling him he's out today. All teeth and grins. Sonny looks dark. And of course--at the end, who comes walking out but our friend Johnny Z.  Maurice's look is certainly dark right now. Even around the eyes. I might like this new prison show. Love how it's filmed thru the chain linked fence until Johnny showed up.  heh

20141204 0735(9)

3.  Britt and Nikolas. Welp, when an actress wants to leave a soap, all the secrets come out in about 3.4 seconds LMAO  "You lied--goodbye" Done. See ya. I'm going over to see Liz now. Cause that's what I do! Britt's on the docks ready to leave with her Mama and supposedly Faison.  I wonder if Dr. O even cares that she's head of GH--or if anyone is missing her. Or Silas. Or Patrick. You know, guys that work in the hospital. 

20141205 0650(16)

Spencer was pissed..and the numerous Courtney mentions sent Twitter into a full on panic attack. That kid has great timing, btw. :) he's really funny. 

4. Silas and Ava. Weird. Just weird. I guess it's good if you wanted to get 2 actors out there to tape together for 2 days straight then pepper them wherever. WHY Silas would help Ava and not turn her in is just... DUH.  Now we hear that Morgan and Kiki are going to go looking as well. Canada better get ready. 

20141205 0703(20)

5. Sam and Patrick. Great stuff this week. The Faison confrontation was brilliantly done and I did love Sam's whole reaction to the reveal. Patrick looked a bit sick about the whole thing.  "Sorry Sam, well, ya, he was alive but --see..well, it involves unfreezing, then he died again and..." Lordy. 
20141205 0708(13)

6. Bringing us to JAKEFACE.  So, Helena has him under her mind control. Lucky 2.0/. Because I guess she wants an inside henchman. She says the car accident was just 'pure luck'. Jake has a job now, although we aren't sure what it is. Jake also said on the docks "I gotta find Sam...I gotta find Sam'--unprompted and not because Hells said it. Interesting. Maybe that's why Nikolas was visiting Liz? 

7.    Lucy and Duke run into each other. She's thrilled he's out of jail..but not thrilled he's running Sonny's business. Glad Duke is going around town telling EVERYONE he's the new mob guy. One would think that you'd keep that under your hat? 

8.  Sabrina was on for a minute, enough time to run into Carlos. I have dibs they are going to Puerto Rico together soon.
20141203 0629(20)

9.  Franco and Nina and baby cutie-pants. Her name is Jamie..after the Bionic Woman. Pretty funny--and RH and MS are good together. Not sure if I want to see them for eons hanging out in a cabin doing nothing but feeding a baby and yabbering, though. Move this along please. 

10. Ric. Anna tells Alexis Ric is alive. I would have liked to have seen their convo about the whole witness protection thingy but--??? Molly knows that Ric didn't kill anyone but --doesn't know he's alive yet. 

20141205 0702(14)

11. Dr. O and Helena. Love that they just naturally know each other. Hells thinks it's weird that Lesil has such a LOVE-thang for Faison.  Did Dr. O even say goodbye to her precious son? She just wants outta there and into Faison's arms. 

20141205 0708(40)
Again, how DO I pee? 

12. (Yes, there's way more)  FLUKE--Luke...Masks..and new ideas. So, as we saw, Faison was the one "Playing Luke" at Julians.  He was NOT "playing Luke" the whole year though. He did it JUST FOR THAT DAY. It's to throw everyone off the "real Fluke's" scent. Real Fluke is acting more like Luke-- and everyone is convinced he's "back".  Meantime, Fluke has Luke tied up in a basement. Here's where the ideas come in. Fluke says to Luke "this face is real, it's my face, it's your face" and that the real identity scheme is "more complex" than plastic surgery. Ergo, it's either Bill Eckert (who had Luke's face already) I've seen 2 people say, he's just a figment of the real Luke's imagination. Helena mind controlled him when he was in Miscavage and he's not even there. "A Beautiful Mind"--"The Fight Club"-- sort of thing. I personally think it's Bill but this is a wonderfully crazy-fun idea. We know Ron et. al went with mulitple personalities before, why not this. Fluke just thinks he's Luke and Luke thinks he's Fluke. The reason I don't think this could work is that we have had scenes with Real Luke and orderlies without Fluke present. Julian said he knew Fluke long ago, but Luke's always left on weird trips...SO? Could it have been happening all along? 
Confused? LOL..don't be. If it's MORE complex than a mask or plastic surgery then it has to be his twin or a scientific clone. But sorry, clones have to be grown at the same rate as the host or it doesn't work. Meaning, the would have had to have a Luke back when he was born. 

PHEW... So that was that. Where Larry Ashton is is anyone's guess. He could be on his way to Malta by now. 

20141205 0558(1)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  WHOA you know I'm going to pick this as the brilliance of the week. Knocked my socks off.  The whole dialog dance was perfection. Delivery just --amazing. Finola and Anders were on point. Anna was so vunerable...and so, teary--and frightened and sick. Yet, she couldn't leave that room. Faison kept talking and she listened. Sort of a sick fascination. Loved when he said "the Spell is broken...broken". Eeeeeeeeee!!  It could mean so much--and also as little as him realizing that everything is indeed done.  They were a little Once Upon a Time-ish to me. 

20141205 0656(7)

FACES OF THE WEEK:  Tracy reading Anna was just great.  'YOU PUT him in a HOLE"! ahaa. Summed up the audience perfectly.  Their faces are like "Welp"! 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Helena's BLACK hankie. Heh... it was perfection. Even has a little lace on the edges. 

And, here we are. In a vast conspiracy linked to Helena the entire town is poised to--what? Jake's going to do something to someone--Luke is rotting in the basement (We think). Fluke's just being Fluke I guess. Wonder when Ric will show up. I'm already really tired of the baby thing. It's been done to death. Helena prolly has that Spencer embryo incubating in a tank somewhere.  The acting has been first rate that's for sure. 
Me? I'm living for Spencer-Helena scenes, which I hope are coming up soon!! 


AntJoan said...

Oh, Karen, yay, I get to be first again!! Great SS, as usual!!

Cosmoetica said...

Spencer needs to meet his new nanny- Adrian Peterson! He's looking for a job now.

Sorry. but Kelly M sux. She can only do 2 things well- look good and cry. Acting, no. And Paddy was a douche not telling her that Robin was threatened.

Zak said...

I thought that it was Jake/Jason who kidnapped Sam at the end of Friday's show. Part of Helena's plan to free Faison.

SaveOurSuds said...

I'm kind of liking this Fight Club theory. If Fluke is Bill then we all already guessed it and this drawn out mess will just seem like more of a waste than it is already.

Anna was fabulous this week and I wish GH would use her to drive story more. I know GH sort of takes turns on who is front and center but it feels like Anna has been left dog-paddling in the supporting role for too long. I think GH really needs it's Erica Kane, Vicki Lord, etc., a strong core character that is the focal point. For years Sonny has been in that role which just seems off. I think Anna works in that role.

It's interesting that you mentioned Silas not turning Ava in was weird. Tammy at SOC also mentioned that in her recap. It is weird and almost seems out of character for Silas (though he remains very underdeveloped so who knows). I think it's because we were suppose to see some sort of spark between Silas & Ava and we didn't. I think there was suppose to be a hint of romance or a suggestion that Silas had at one point (and still does) care about Ava. It didn't come across that way at all so we're stuck scratching our heads. Or maybe I'm just so over Silas that I'm just never going to like anything about him at this point LOL

I really loved the scenes between Sam and Patrick. KeMo can really bring it when given the right material and right screen partner. The brilliance of those scenes is that you could see both sides and understand why Patrick did what he did and why Sam felt so hurt. JT and KeMo really play off each other well.

delcodave said...

a dedication? for me? wow. I feel so... DEAD!

ha ha ha. !!!

I have missed episodes due to work and no DVR. So I dont know all the facts, etc. But there was talk this week about how Tracy couldnt be "intimate" with Luke without her noticing a difference in his... well... you know. So what if Fluke was Luke all along?

When the 2 of them were in the basement together, it just dawned on me that they very well could be the same person, like in the movie "Fight Club".

I realize there are holes in this theory. But it is, to me, an alternative to the stupid mask theory. It might not be exactly like Fight Club, but what if some of the themes of it are carried over and generated into this storyline?

Seeing TG act with himself in the basement made me think this was plausible. I rely on the wubbers to fill in the gaps where I have missed episodes.

And thanks Karen! Truly honored.

Paul773 said...
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Paul773 said...

Love this 'Fight Club' theory - would be a REAL twist, but I don't give the writers that much credit. Maybe F/Luke wants someone to figure this out and help him. He did get very angry at Alice when she said she felt he had been 'off' for a while there.

Thanks you, Cosmoetico. I agree about KM/Sam. I didn't buy her performance. There were moments, but overall, no.

Finola always blows me away. She's incredible.

AntJoan said...

Years ago, Bobbi was the center of GH. She always was on, knew/was related to everyone in PC, and lots of scenes were in her brownstone. Then the mantle fell to Carly, which somehow was right since Carly is her daughter, although I've always despised the character. She started out bratty and evil, and NEVER seems to learn from her mistakes.

So, ITA, let's have Anna as the center of the show, she is an amazing character, woman and actress!

Di said...

kdmask said: I'm going by stories today. It's the only way I can timeline things and not scoop my brains out with a melon baller.

I wish I’d thought of that before my head became a vacant cavity.

1. I think they had mentioned at the time that the winner of the election wouldn’t take office till the new year. That’s when we’ll probably see Felicia again.

2. Don’t those prisoners have the most tailored and coordinated outfits you’ve ever seen on a criminal. And hoodies too so that if there’s a stabbing they can be disguised from the cameras or guards. LMAO

Highlight of the scene for me – lovely smiling Johnny Z.

3. I was glad Britt got caught out finally. Now maybe Nicholas can get Spencer back under control. He’s turning into a real brat and doesn’t understand the meaning of truth. I get that the actor’s cute but he half smiles through all the scenes now even the serious ones and he’s losing his cute appeal with me. Smarten him up, Nicholas before he starts down the dark Cassadine path. ( Perhaps a visit from Helena where she tells Nicholas what a wonderful Cassadine Spencer is turning into will wake Nicholas up.)

I hated that Nicholas went immediately to Elizabeth’s. I hate them together.

I love the actress who plays Dr. O but I will be happy to see the back of her as head of GH. Then maybe if they get Patrick back, and Lucas employed there, we may actually see a few hospital scenes at GH instead of all these criminals all the time. ( I’m miffed that they’re going to keep Jason as a criminal too by the looks of things. )

4. Silas and Ava together was a waste of air time. I guess they can’t find anything else for the actor to do. Just get rid of him. (And if Morgan and Kiki are coming here I’ll have them close the border. hahahahahaha) Hopefully we won’t see any of them for a while.

The writers do realize that “Canada” is bigger than the U’S., don’t they? They aren’t going to just walk over the border and find them.

5. Patrick and Sam...yeah....Good scene but go back to work Patrick!! You’re a brain surgeon not a P.I.

6. I’m a huge SB fan but I confess that I like the new Jason. JAKEFACE was definitely bringing it when he lost the silly grin. I hate that he’s brainwashed but he is a hitman so maybe Hels will just order him to take out Faison. lol How would that be for a twist?

Get your Q brain back, Jake.

7. Duke is obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

8. I think you’re right. They will be heading off soon. We probably won’t even know when.

9. The scene with the new little family was cute but I don’t want to see it endlessly either. Either catch them or have them disappear for 10 years so Jamie can come back as a grown woman looking for her family. lol

10. I agree about this conversation. We get days of rehash on scenes we’ve seen before and yet here, where we have the whole backstory about witness protection and faked death, we get a few minutes. RH and MS are too good together to just fly through a storyline like that.

I’d actually like Molly to be surprised by a visit from Ric when he’s brought back from Witness Protection. That would be an amazing scene. Alexis should fill him in first on how hard Molly pushed to clear his name.

11. Anyone in their right mind would think it was weird that someone had a thang for Faison. lol And no, she didn’t say goodbye to her son.

12. I’m at the "don’t care" stage here. Just finish this, PLEASE.

And we probably won’t even hear the name Larry Ashton again.

I agree with your scene of the week. I actually jumped when he grabbed her. That was such a powerful scene.

Faces of the week. Right on again. Pity we don’t see these two great actors together more often.

And that hankie gave me a giggle.

Another great Sunday review. Thank you.

soaplover said...

This story seems to be about mind control--so maybe Fluke has it built in that everyone sees Luke when they look at him and that he doesn't actually look like Luke. Oooee, that's too complicated.

We also have to look at Fluke's personal self--who is as ruthless and cold-blooded as this awful Fluke--was Bill Ekhart? I wasn't watching then, but thought he was a working stiff who went after some wealth at some point. Did he kill people?

I didn't see Fight Club so don't know what that theory is. People talking to themselves?

I've been rooting for Anna to become the center of this show for a couple years now! I would have said Laura (Genie) but she didn't stick around, so Finola is the obvious and best choice and what a gifted actress! She should have story going all the time. Adventure is built into the character and her scenes are always on the nose. I was one of the few who really like her with Luke. (I do NOT like him with Tracy, never did.)

I agree Silas is an underdeveloped character, but that's not ME's fault. I really like the actor and wish the writers hadn't made him a doctor. I really like him with Sam, though, and I've never been a Kelly fan. I like their naturalness and humor.

And when are some others going to move into the brownstone? Alexis and Molly have no home now. Where does Julian live? Where does Kiki live? How does Sam afford a penthouse now? The brownstone should have some sunny good-looking apartments--something to give Lulu's family a cheery place to live instead of that cramped ugly stone walled place. And Felicia and Mac--they got rid of their house set long ago. And isn't it time Bobbie's son Lucus found his own place?

Nikolas Brady said...

I roared with ribald laughter when you pointed out the idiocy of Duke bragging to any one who would listen that he's the new mob boss of Port Charles. Um...isn't that something one wants to keep on the down low?
If it is Bill, and I hope it is, I would imagine some kind of mind control transpired because Bill was never a molester of young women and he had no reason to hate Sonny with such unbridled passion. One think Luke and Duke have in common besides having names with the same vowel sound, is they were both imprisoned at the same facility. Also, they both had Faison wearing a mask made in their likeness. If Luke is a mind controlled Fluke, than maybe Duke is also a mind controlled Fluke as he is acting totally out of character.
Great blog--you write so very well.

nance24 said...

I've never seen Fight Club either so I'm even more confused now. I love Michael Easton, I wish they had made something more of Silas. And I agree Karen, waiting for scenes of Spencer and Helena!!!

JasonRoks said...

ok so glad I'm not the only one who's not seen Fight Club. Gotta get that on my list to watch. Have seen Beautiful Mind so get that approach. At this point anything but a mask is intriguing. (and would explain the sex stuff possibly...)

Likin' the new Jason. Hope he stays on for a long time. Ready for Ric and loved seeing Johnny.

Great week but hoping they can wrap this up soon.

Panda said...

I join those wanting Anna/Finola Hughes to be front-burner. When she first came back and we had the 50th anniversary year, Anna was front-and-center and it was great. I'm glad she's back on more now but she was missing for a long time, and in an effort to set a record for biggest cast in daytime history, the show really has slipped up on where they should focus. This "something for everyone" has gone a bit far. I'd like to see more normal family relationships instead of Dr. O's family which I am sick of, and Franco-Nina with a stolen baby, no thanks.

I'm also unfamiliar w/Fight Club but it would be cool if Fluke was just a figment of Luke's imagination. I wondered why Luke didn't ask Fluke if he was Bill. And how DOES he eat and go to the bathroom all tied up w/duct tape on his mouth ;)? Great column as usual!

kdmask said...

Totally forgot to mention Sam's kidnapping! DUH, yes I think it was Jake.

And for people who haven't seen fight club..did you see "A beautiful mind"??

It's basically that the other 'person' you are seeing isn't really there, it's the character themselves.