Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Red Phones

 LOTS to unpack today!! 

ALEXIS AND NED wake up..clothes all over!! Ned's hungover ..so is Alexis. LOL.. WHOOPS . Ned's like: Um, way too much scotch !! They agree to never mention it again. He leaves.

Jackie Templeton comes to town. Kim's had some Orange County Work done! Anyway, she's looking for Lulu. They sit and talk...Luke mention. They talk about Cyrus. 

Anna says 230 ppl are coming to the wedding AND Finn's Dad and step mama. Finn says he'll ask Peter to be in the wedding ..GROSS!! Robert comes over.  He tells them about the Holly caper. Says she's "really dead now".  Then he says he knows Peter is not who he says he is. Anna goes to take a phone call. Finn and Robert argue. 

Olivia talks to Monica about Ned and how she left.  She knows he mad at her.  When Ned comes home Olivia says he smells like a bar and where was he? 

Carly goes to the Qs. Finds out about Michael asking Willow to adopt Wiley.  Michael takes a call. Willow and Carly talk about Willow's feelings for Wiley and maybe Michael. Willow agrees to adopt Wiley. 

Brook is in Charlie's and Nik comes in. Says she can live at Wyndemere. Geesh, she gets all the offers of a place! Then Amy comes over. She and Brook and Maxie all knew each other in HS. 

Dr. O says the 'countdown' to Peter's destruction has started!!! She also tells Dr. Kirk she wants Anna killed too. He's like NOPE I didn't sign up for this. She says too bad. OH The doctor is in love with her!! WHOOT!! 

Ava and Ryan!! She tells  him Nikolas has "TWO hands" and knows how to use them LOL!!  He tells her that he knows about Julian and the whole Wiley story. He says Nelle mailed him a letter.  Ava's like: GULP. He says he wants weekly visits AND GOOD ONES or he'll tell Sonny. Then Nik storms in! 


Ryan also wants Ava to divorce Nikolas

Robert sees Jackie...and previews show that she's Finn's step mama and Chases' mom

Dr. O sends Dr. Kirk to Port Charles to keep an eye on Dante

Alexis starts drinking again.


  1. Alexis's home:

    The gatekeepers: The gatekeepers had the carona sex! HA! :) You know, Alexis's cast looks so big on her! Hahahahaha!

    Alexis and the bottle: Oh oh. Now she is making out with the alcohol.

    WSB headquarters:

    Dr. O and Captain Kirk: Oh my! Zey are a couple!! :) YAY!!!! Oh they haven't slept together. Oh my she is snowing him!!! Damn too bad. I was going to call them KirkO. I wanted to see them kiss.

    Jail visiting area:

    Ryan and Ava: Ryan wins the line of the day.

    Ryan: You know I almost called you on Kiki's birthday, but I wasn't sure you would take my call.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was laughing so hard! :)

    Ryan, Ava, and Nik: Oh Nik go away! Let them talk!!! Let them have fun! :)

    Ryan and Ava part 2: Oh oh Ryan is so jelly! Yes divorce Nik or spill the beans! HAHAHA! I love you Ryan!

    Q mansion:

    Monica and Olivia: Wow! :0 Olivia changed clothes!!!! MONICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! :)

    Michael, Willow, and Carly: Man Willow was so stiff today. Did you notice that? Especially when Carly showed up. Willow just stood there not knowing what to do.

    Mom and dad: (Olivia and Ned)

    Ned: I know you slept with Robert.

    Olivia: 00

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Brooky and Amy: Oh they went to high school together.. Cool. Where is Chet? Amy is singing you are not alone! YAY! :) I'm singing right along! :) Where is Chet?

    Brooky and Nik: Oh Brooky you should live in Wyndemere!!!! That place would be perfect for you!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Lulu and Jackie: Uhhh. There was no Lulu saying hi Jackie or Jackie introducing herself as Jackie Templeton!! There was no voice over saying Jackie Templeton being played by, so this was so stupid. So dumb.

    Anna and Finchy: UGH! Boring!!! 230 people at their wedding! HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA! Who are all these people?! Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Anna, Finchy, and Robert: UGH! Anna Bot is back!!!!

    Finchy and Robert: What the hell Finchy?!?!?!?! Are you becoming a bot too?

    Robert and Jackie: Oh do I detect some chemistry with them? :)

    1. I have to disagree with you Sonya about that god-awful "you are not alone song". Sets my teeth on edge!! I wanted to muzzle Amy and had the same constipated look on my face as BLQ, lol!

      Isn't Ryan the best? He was killing me, but in a good way. I did like it though when Nik busted in. Oh the drama!

      Jackie T. being Chase's mom....well that's just going to be a mess. Maybe she'll end up smacking the "bot" out of Anna!

      I also busted out laughing when Doctor O spat out "swine!' OMG I adore her! :)

    2. "Julie H says, I have to disagree with you Sonya about that god-awful "you are not alone song". Sets my teeth on edge!!"

      Really? Why? The song is about if you are struggling, and you think you are alone, you are not alone. You have people that love you to hold you up. Friends and family. And on the spiritual side you have God. Just thinking about it is making me tear up. And that song with Josh Grobin, you raise me up. That song makes me cry too.

      "Isn't Ryan the best?"

      He sure is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

      He was killing me, but in a good way. I did like it though when Nik busted in. Oh the drama!

      So much drama hahahahaha. Did Nik get permission? Hahahaha.

      "Maybe she'll end up smacking the "bot" out of Anna!"

      ROFL! I hope so! Or maybe Dr. O will with her plan! :)

      "I also busted out laughing when Doctor O spat out "swine!' OMG I adore her! :)"

      Hahahaha! SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad they made her Chase mom!! I liked the chemistry I saw with Tobert and her. Still wish it were the original actress.

    1. Would that be awesome to get Demi Moore back. Unfortunately would never happen

  3. I also meant to add, RIP Eddie Van Halen. I was just stunned by his passing. Such memories of Van Halen tunes in high school and college.

  4. What a fantastic show today! "GH" is on a roll. The Ava/Kevin scenes were the best. I especially like the small touches -- Brook Lynn going to room with Amy (that could be fun) and Alexis telling Ned not to use his anger at Olivia as an excuse.

  5. If they make Ava a mush brain I'll be pissed. Kowtowing to blackmail from a serial killer felon in jail for life. Julian is a grown up who can take care of himself. It's just stupid.


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