Saturday, October 17, 2020

Gregory Harrison To General Hospital!


Yes I'm late to posting this! Here's Greg Harrison, star of the 70's and 80's up to play Finn and Chases' Daddy! He was on Trapper John, MD for years and he's a great actor. I think he'll do really well against ME and Kim. He looks like Chase a bit as well. Yes, GH has a cast of thousands but right now, with so many TV shows shut down or spinning their wheels this is a welcome addition, imo. 


  1. I once ran into Gregory Harrison in a drug store as we both waited by the front door for the pouring rain to let up a bit! I recognized him from the 'Logan's Run' TV show that we were watching at the time! Really nice, relaxed guy!!

  2. I like him as an actor too. I say bring him on and get rid of Sasha, Dev, Brooklyn, and others

  3. Loved him on Trapper John! He's also on Hallmark's Chesapeake Shores, which I believe just finished filming their next season, which will probably air in January. Fantastic actor.

    But once again,newbies get family members while Vets do not. Typical Frank.

  4. That is true about newbies getting family members. Liz still hasn't gotten a mother, father or her sister Sarah back.

  5. Did anyone mention where Genie Francis is? Is she on a 6 month a year contract now like Tony Geary? If so, I am cool with that. Just worried about her


  6. I love Gregory Harrison's addition to the "GH" cast. Not only does this basically establish another family (Finn, Chase, Jackie and Gregory), but I hope it leads to a Scorpio/Jackie/Gregory triangle.


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