Friday, January 3, 2020


I was in joy yesterday! Someone flipped over the parapet edge....JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS!!
Here we go for today!!

I need an hour of total distraction. 


Jax and Nina.. Jax tells her no to do whatever it is she's planning-- because the only way out is to leave. 

Peter and Maxie show up... they wonder why Dr. O is so drunk already. LOL

Repeat of the parapet scene!! Then Charlotte comes out: Papa what are you doing here? LIulu and she were looking at the moon.  He takes her to Nina and she hugs her and says I can't wait for you to be my step mommy forever and ever. 

Kevin is there Laura tells him about Charlotte and the photo and the ring, yada yada. 

EVERYONE SITS:  Nina comes to the door. Smiles at Valentin. She goes down the aisle. Tad is going to officiate. 

JaSam's PH:

While I"m parole I can never see you again...crying. Jason asks the parole officer's name. He says she was probably gunning for him and none of it is Sam's fault. :eyeroll: They call Diane. They tell her the parole officer 'claims" Sam has to stay away from Jason, known felon as condition of parole.
Diane says: YEP! That's right!! ahahhaahaa. Jason's saying he got out of jail. She said he still plead guilty to a felony-- and was never exonerated. Oh, that's right bucko!!  Diane also says it's never sat with her well all these years how Sonny's children paid and paid for everthing HE did. Warns them not to sneak around. They'll get caught and she'll go to jail for 2 years or more. Then she says Maybe the parole officer has something out for Jason (Oh for godsake) and Spinelli should look into her. Maybe a conflict of interest... :eyeroll: ugh she was doing so good too. 

So Jason leaves. Sam cries.

Chillow in the Metro. In bed. I guess we needed a sex scene? 

More Metro:

Boring Michael and Sasha. NOTHING .Absolutely nothing in those scenes.  They meet up with Chillow. I guess they are all a group now. 

Diane looks over Brook's contract. Ned says Diane can get anyone out of anything. Diane is like "Did you consult a lawyer before you signed this"...?? Brook: NO.  Diane tells Ned the only way to get out is to BUY it out. 

Ned won't but it out. Brook Lynn says that the guy hit on her after and that's why she left. Ned: Did he force you?? she says no..He says "I'm sorry I can't give you the money". Olivia is shocked. Later, Ned says the guy is going to make them pay too much if the give in. Brook should wait out her contract and stay at the Qs. "And give up my music"?? she says. He 's like well, you should have read your contract. She storms off.
Oh, and he calls her "Brookie" LOL. 



  1. lol Yep. Weepy sam with the overflowing snot rags at the end of her sleeves. So gross. Now poor thing has to stay with her invisible children. here's hoping she stays invisible too.

    Did anyone else notice that Charlotte peered over the parapet edge as Valentine led her away? Did she see him push her and she's just going to ignore that as long as she gets her way and keeps Nina? yikes. Definitely a Cassadine.

    Good ending although it was taking so long and I was getting worried. Dripping Ava. lol I called it. And i did say that Nicholas bringing her in would be even better. Now let's hope this mess is finally going to be over and Valentine can skult off into the sunset.

  2. Great ending. sam saying ,jason is danny's father was laughable. monica is raising your kids and jason also has jake that he could care less about him.

  3. Great ending!! Loved it! I guess poor Charlotte will find out what her papa did to Ava.

  4. Dr.O is the only medical professional there I believe and will probably need to help Ava. That scene and afterwards will make gems.

  5. Metrocourt hotel room:

    Chillow: Ohhhh some lovin. ;)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Diane, Brookie, and Ned: Oh dear!! You should have had a lawyer to check the contract! What were you thinking?!?!!

    Ned, Brookie, and Olivia: I'm glad he isn't going to pay any money. Brookie wins the line of the day. V.C. would have won the line of the day, with his, all the people at his wedding are his enemies! ROFL! But Brookie wins.

    Brookie: Yeah years and years from now. I could be dead by then, or worse married.

    What!?!?! ROFL!

    "Karen says Oh, and he calls her "Brookie" LOL."

    Hahahaha. I called her that after she showed up and before Ned called her that.:)

    Michael and Sasha: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Michael, Sasha, and Chillow: Hmmm. Are they all besties now? :)

    Jasam home:

    Jasam and Diane: OH COME ON!!!!!

    13 year old Sam: It's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Adult Jason: This is got to be legal. We can deal with this. What I can't deal with is our kids missing you. We cannot risk you going back to prison. We can't. we're parents. And what's right for Scout and Danny, is to be with you.

    WOW! I'm glad Jason stepped and acted like an adult, when Sam was all whiny and acting like a teenager!!! Damn Sam grow the hell up!!!


    Ava and V.C.: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It wasn't a dream!!!!!! I heard a splash!!!

    V.C. and Charlie: Did you see that?!!?! Charlie kept looking down into the water and V.C. was taking her away!!!! :)

    The wedding:

    Jax and Nina: Listen to Jax!!!! He is right!!!! Dammit I want my Nax!!!

    Nina and V.C.: I really thought Nina was going to stand him up. The worried look on his face! Hahaha. Oh my! Tad officiating?!?!!?! Well okay then haha. I kept waiting for Queen Ava to walk in all wet and angry!!!! Come on Ava! Where are you?!?!?!! Is Nina really going to marry V.C.?!!?!?! Come on Ava!!!!!! Hurry up!!

    Ava and Nik: HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not see THAT one coming! At first I didn't know who that guy was. Karen I saw the video again. Yes I didn't recognize him because he shaved!!! The looks on some off the people's faces hahahaha. V.C and Laura's shocked faces when they saw Nik!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Priceless. I am telling you, Nik holding Queen Ava, that was HOT!!!!! They need to be a couple!!!!! He saved your life Ava!!!!! :) GH has been great lately!!!! WOW! Soapy goodness!!!!!!! I can see that scene over and over again! One of my favorites!!! I wonder if they are going to reshow it on Monday. I hope so! :)

    1. sonya said.. Did you see that?!!?! Charlie kept looking down into the water and V.C. was taking her away!!!! :)

      *** Yes. I asked that in my comment. Very first one after the show aired. I was hoping someone else had noticed.

  6. Quite an ending, how did they catch up to having a Friday cliffhanger after all the shows missed due the impeachment hearings?

    I really like Chillow and Masha as couples who socialize. There used to be Lulu and Dante, and Maxie and Spinelli, then Nathan, who were the young couples who were close. I still miss Dante, wish he hadn't left.

  7. Loved.IT! Now Charlotte what do you think of Papa?? Nina?? Haha! I cannot believe Nina was going to let him him skate on the daughter! I'm losing interest in Neener. 🙄 But my Prince Nik. ❤ I can't wait for Monday!

  8. nina is a dumbass, she will marry val.don't see chemistry with jax and nina. bring back brenda.

  9. Yup, I think Nina was going to go through with marrying Val again. She obviously won't now that he is an almost murderer times 2.

  10. I am not sure that anyone is friends in that room with Nina either except Curtis, Maxie and Leisl.

  11. Did anyone else go over that parapet in the past besides Katherine Bell? I forget

  12. I think Nina and Ava's original plan was for Nina to go ahead with her plans to marry Valentin, but they were going to spring the codicil on him and leave him broke. Nina doesn't want his money because she has enough of her own, so she would still be happy with him as her husband. But... things will be different now.

    Fantastic ending. I kept waiting for Ava to re-appear so suspected she would walk in at the end, but to come in with Nick!!! Oh my!!! Wonderful!!

    1. I kept wondering why Nina didn't seem to notice that Ava wasn't there, wouldn't she have been wondering about that?

    2. I wondered about Nina noticing Ava's absence too but she was focused on Val probably.

    3. There were only, like, 4 people at the wedding, I'm sure she'd notice someone's absence. Someone else here spoke about Luke and Laura's wedding. I've only seen clips of it, but I think there were a lot of extras there. It has bugged me for years that GH has been doing weddings with just a few guests.

    4. luke and laura's wedding was done like a real wedding.extras,food and flowers.nothing else to compare to it

  13. Just loved Friday's ending, absolutely classic! I'm so excited for the fallout on Monday. Mumbles is soooooo whiny and just unwatchable, why is she even on my screen?

  14. Soapy heavenly cliffhanger!
    Sam no longer has any character, therefore her character should be no more. I agree with all of you who feel she is difficult to watch. Jason is super without her.
    I saw Charlotte glance over the parapet. Clearly she must have heard Ava cry out.
    Monday, Monday...can't wait!

  15. Are the ads on our blog new? I never noticed them before.


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