Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Here are Dave's Top 10 burning questions at the moment. YOU provide the answers.

Karen Here! I'm going to give mine!! :) 

1. How does Brook Lynn know Dustin ("Dusty")

They had a torrid affair during her club singing years. He never really got over her. 

2. Who is trying to take over ELQ? (Observation: According to Wiki, ELQ's main rival is Buchanan Industries. Just saying...)

I'm thinking Nelle somehow with Tad Martin Gray's help? Not sure if there's enough shares there but maybe she'll sue lol 

3. Is Dev gay or just a virgin? Who will he have sex with first in PC? Joss or Cam

Dev is Muslim and therefore left Turkey out of concerns his family would shun him. He's into Cam 

4. Like ALL soap characters throughout history, will Lucas wake up out of his coma with a different face?


5. Will Jax and Nina become a thing?

I think so?? Not sure how I feel about it yet tho

6. WIll Maxie leave Crimson for Deception?

YES! Kicking off something good for her I hope 

7. Will Spinelli and Georgie move to town permanently?

Yes, but I'm not sure Bradford wants contract work, so it will be spotty

8. Does anyone care about Jason and Sam anymore?

Oh plenty of people on Twitter do! GEESH!! They need to be written in a way I can deal with their relationship. Even Sonny and Carly have a healthier bond lol 

9. Will Nikolas and Ava consummate their marriage? And will we be forced to see it?

Oh they'll give in to the CHEMISTRY FOR SURE!! :) Who can stay away from Ava? And I wanna see Nik's abs, thank you very much 

10. It's speculated that Lucky might return. Which of the 3 actors would play him? Or would it be a recast like Nik?

Out of these three I love JJ but-- I don't know... I could deal with a Greg Vaughn too.  I don't think we need Lucky but that's just my opinion

If you haven't guessed, today is a day off for Karen so she had me spring into action. 
Along with commenting on Today's episode, take a shot at some of the above questions. 
I could have done more, and I am sure there are more important characters right now with questions that need to be answered. This was all off the top of my head at 5:00 in the morning. 

Have a great day wubbers!

PS. This is the blog for Tuesday. 


  1. 1.Not sure about Dusty (gag) hate that name and Brookie
    2.Buchanan Industries would be interesting (better than Nellie)
    3.Me thinks Dev is a virgin...please don't make Cam gay, he wants Joss haha
    4.i hope Lucas doesn't wake with a new face I happen to like this Lucas
    5.Yes please....JIna? Nax? I'm shipping them. Jax needs to get laid...so does Nina....just saying plus he'd be good for her.
    6.I'm not sure how I feel about Maxie leaving....
    7.Im all for Georgie and Spin moving back, it'd be nice for Maxie to have both her kids near her.
    8.No no no (and might I add that Jason was a total wanker to Franco yesterday, grow up Jason....
    9.Will they? I hope so and yeh I wanna see Marc....I mean Nik LOL!!😁😉
    10.I honestly don't care if Lucky returns. If so though, I prefer JJ OR Gref V in the role. Not the other actor.

  2. 1. Brooke is growing on me. Heard Dante might come back.
    2. I agree, somebody other than Nell.
    3. Love Cam and Joss. Really don't care for Dev, unless he is Brenda's.
    4. I like Lucas too but am so sick of the Wiley storyline.
    5. Jax and Nina! Yes..
    6. I don't care if Maxi leaves but I don't want her with Peter anymore.
    7. Yes, Spinelli! Will they have the same actress for Ellie.
    8. Sam and Jason are just boring. It is like everything is happening around them and they are just dull. He was awful to Franco yesterday. Such a hypocrite. Again, neither Sam or Jason were with their kids. Actually, the only one with their kid was Spinelli.
    9. Should be steamy.
    10. Why would Lucky return, to mess up Franco and Liz? JJ all the way

  3. I read a rumor Dev might be the Balkans grandson avenging his father's death. His mother would be Brenda

    1. Ooh me too! I always thought Dev may have another agenda for coming to PC! This would be very interesting!

  4. Ok, here are my thoughts and answers.

    1 I think brooke and dusty had an affair or one night stand or something. I think they will lie to lulu and say that they are just friends and that nothing happened between them. Which, in true soap fashion, will come out someday. KInda still would want Brooke to be gay

    2 Sure, why not. They brought Nora over. I hope they dont bring someone over as a long term storyline. I think it would be good if this was talked about on camera, but the Buchanan's were off camera until the last minuite and then brought on as guest stars

    3 from day one, DAY ONE!!! I thought that Dev was Brendas child. I would love for that to happen but he just isnt portrayed as someone smart enough to pull over a takeover or revenge. If not... I think that they are giving hints to Dev being gay but are not bringing him out becuase DIsney wouldnt want more than a limited few on the screen. So they might be waiting to see the fallout of Lucas and Brad before bringing on another gay character.

    4 hell no. the role is ryan carnes to lose. but it is true. all coma victims wake up with new faces.

    5 yes. isnt this a given?

    6 i think she will be tempted. but lucy is not on long enough to make it happen and a really viable threat.

    7 yes. if only for people to complain that there are already too many characters on the show and the writers should stop bringing on more.

    8 who?

    9 off screen please. i still say nik is too old for her, based on her past daliances.

    10 greg vaughn. ok lets be realistic here. JJ is the choice. he ways will be. but i think his gh days are over, except for special events, like if genie retired or something. jacob I think might not be a choice for the show. I think greg would be a good choice. i think, if it happens, it would be short term, like a few weeks to bring his son back from vacation. I also feel it would NOT be to cause trouble for liz and franco. I think he will be very supportive and positive. that's just me.

    1. I agree that it seems like Dev isn't smart enough to pull off a takeover/revenge kinda thing but that could be just part of his cover. And maybe,just a maybe it's why he pulled away from Joss. I always kinda thought he had ulterior motives for coming to PC.

  5. Just when GH is going in the right direction, we have more Shank. Even dead he's a bomb. Instant wifey prison release is just too stupid. I am disappointed about this direction. I like Chloe Lanier but Nelle should be done. Just like Sam.

    1. Oh, I agree. They have definitely jumped the shark with this one. Why do they even have a prison in PC.

    2. Serious shark jumping! Is she in? Out? WTHECK! It's way too out there, even for a soap,to have us believe this crap. And we all knew it would be Nelle so there wasn't any shock factor except for the shock of how stupid the PC prison system is and the writers for thinking this is something they think we should accept.

    3. I agree, too about Nell and Mumbles. They both need to be done and gone.

  6. Oh God....Nelle...knew it. 🙄🙄🙄🙄
    The writers were doing so good. Now her....

  7. IMO she's just annoying now. Cmon writers!

  8. The floating rib: Holy cow this was hysterical! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Slimy snake, Lulu, Brooky, Dustin, and Chase: Dustin punched the slimy snake, but he didn't even touch him. His first didn't connect with the guy's face! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Then Lulu was hitting the snake with that triangle that you use for pool balls! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Oh hi Chase!!!!

    *Brooky grabs a beer bottle to hit the snake, and accidentally hits Chase's head*

    HAHAHAHHAAHA! Chase is okay though. He didn't pass out! ROFL!

    Snake: You are going to have to use that mouth for something other than singing.

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Pig!!!!

    Q home:

    Ned and Tracy: Luke is in trouble again! HAHAHAHAHA! Counterfeit tulips!!! HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA!

    Laura, Ned, and Tracy: Oh my!!! Laura wants to fix the pier!!!!!! GO LAURA! :)

    The metrocourt:

    Michael, Willow, and Jason: They are ready to go to the memorial!!!! Okay let's go!!!!! :)

    Curtis and Stella: SHE'S BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! YAY!!! :)

    The memorial: Willow telling King Muasa's picture off and the woman in black has has enough of Willow! Man this woman was all in black hahahahaha. You don't see who she is, but you can hear her.. You can hear it's Nelle. Then she takes off her black thing on her head. YAY IT'S NELLE!!! :) Oh she was married to King Mufasa. I knew it! :) Great scene!!!!

    Police station: Lulu, Brooky, Dustin, and the snake were all arrested! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

    Chase and Brooklyn: Chase's poor head! ROFL! Chase wins the line of the day.

    Brooky: Where are you going?

    Chase: To get an aspirin.

    ROFL! I think you should go to the hospital!!! :) Is Brook and Chase going to be a couple eventually? :) I can call them Brase! :)

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Neil: He don't care if he loses his job! He wants to date Alexis!!!! :)

    1. thanks for recapping today

    2. "david says, thanks for recapping today"

      You're welcome!!!! :)

    3. OHG, great recap, I was rolling! Snake is a pig, and double ewwwww, to what he said.
      The bar fight was an absolute stitch, I loved it!

      Personally, I loved that monstrosity on Nell's head. Wasn't thrilled to see Nell, but loved the hat, lol! Reminded me of something from an old black and white movie.

    4. "Julie H says, OHG, great recap, I was rolling!"

      Hahaha thanks. :)

      "Snake is a pig, and double ewwwww, to what he said."

      He is gross and disgusting!!

      "The bar fight was an absolute stitch, I loved it"

      It was awesome!!! Hahahaha!

      "Personally, I loved that monstrosity on Nell's head."

      Me too! HAHAHAHHAHA!

  9. "3. Is Dev gay or just a virgin? Who will he have sex with first in PC? Joss or Cam"

    Maybe he is a virgin!!!

    "5. Will Jax and Nina become a thing?"

    Oh I hope so! I want my Nax!!! Unless Dr. O and Jax become a thing. I wouldn't be angry about that. :) Lax is good too. :)

    "6. WIll Maxie leave Crimson for Deception?"

    I HOPE SO!!!!!

    "8. Does anyone care about Jason and Sam anymore?"

    I used to, but I don't like how she acts around him or when she is not around him. She is like a 13 year old!

    "9. Will Nikolas and Ava consummate their marriage?"

    Oh I hope so!!! :) Come on Nava!!!! :)

    "And will we be forced to see it?"

    Oh oh. I guess you don't like them together?

    "10. It's speculated that Lucky might return. Which of the 3 actors would play him? Or would it be a recast like Nik?"


  10. Yup,so agree with you Sonya! I think he was the best Lucky too! Thank you Sonya & Dave for keeping the blog open today! When the Queen can't be here you guys always step up in style!

  11. I like Ava and Nelle - they are good at being bad.I hope Peter gets caught soon even with Anna hiding evidence.So Dave- just saw the finale of season 7 of "Wentworth." The final 3 seconds were the best.

  12. 3. About Dev....I don't really care. Maybe he is gay, but Cam is straight at least in my mind. Dev is kind of a dim bulb, and him having an agenda or being Brenda's son? I don't think he's smart enough to pull it off.
    4. Lucas better keep his face. Ryan Carnes IS Lucas!
    8. Does anyone care about Jason and Sam. Nope, nope and that would be a nope.
    10. JJ all the way. Even if it's just for a week!

  13. I think Dev is brenda and Jax son. that is why he is not interested in joss

  14. Sonya said...Luke is in trouble again! HAHAHAHAHA! Counterfeit tulips!!! HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA!

    *** Luke with his counterfeit flowers and Sonny with his faux tedy bears. What an evil duo. hahahahaha



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