Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Let's Get This Goin'!

I was so impatient today for the show!! That's so wonderful to feel 

Carly and Sonny in the kitchen, talking about the wedding to the moss. LOL Carly must HATE not being there! Gladys walks in. Carly's not happy. They yap. Sonny gets word a truck was hijacked, and he's not happy. Weird scenes. 


Park: Finn and Anna ringing in the new year. Talking about mushy stuff. FLEA AND MAC come up!! They are in the park too-- watching skaters. Mac wants to talk to Anna about the files she has and trying to find out who shot that guy at the hospital. Anna looks guilty. She says she found nothing. Finn looks at her side-eye. 

Valentin tries to take Charlotte. Maxie and Peter say NOPE.  Val asks Maxie to take Charlotte out so he can talk to Peter alone. She does. Val smashes Peter in the stomach. Goes out and tell Maxie Peter wants to talk to her alone. She goes in, he runs with Charlotte.  He and Charlotte go out the tunnels. 
Lulu finds the flower and realizes they took the tunnels. 

Jax gives Nina a scotch, she's in her street clothes, not her dress. Curtis and Jordan come in and say they have a warrant for Valentine's arrest for fraud..something else and maybe attempted murder if "Ava is telling the truth". Nina wants to leave. Jax follows her. 

Laura and Lulu are gobsmacked that Nikolas is marrying Ava. She figures out that Ava must have the codicil and that's why Nikolas is marrying her. Ava's like So what? Marriages are built on worse. Laura yells at Nikolas again about faking his death. Nikolas says he thinks he and Ava will make a good match. 

Jax and Nina go to that corner coffee shop and he booked her a suite at the Metro. They have coffee, leave. 

OK, so back in the part, Valentin and Charlotte emerge from "the tunnels"-- and Run right into Anna. So I guess they ran under the lake and river in really fast time. He tells Anna the wedding didn't happen and he and Char have to 'regroup'.. she says, really? Why are you out now, after midnight with Charlotte when you live right in Wyndemere? 

Laura goes and talks to Ava..cries, rants. Realizes that Nikolas came to Shadybrook to get Ava to tell him where the portrait was. Says he's SUCH a Cassadine. Tells Ava not to marry him. 

Kevin talks to Nikolas about calling Spencer, giving him a phone. I always thought Spencer probably knew he was alive. BUT?? 
AVA AND NIKOLAS are married! She's in a black gown with feathers! GAH! HOT kiss at the end!! 

Valentin is arrested in the park by Jordan. Everyone watches, even Jax and Nina who are on their way to the Metro Court. Valentin complains that Nikolas should be arrested too. 



  1. The new Cassadine matriarch was married in black. How appropriate. lol

    And suddeny Ava had no makeup on when she said she was marrying Nicholas. I guess that was them trying to show us it was a mismatch.

    Today's show was good.I actually look forward to watching it now too.

  2. Valentin plays a wonderful victim. Not sure how this is going to all play out with Nicholas' fugitive past. As much as the marriage seemed rushed, I kinda hope Nic and Ava work out. Like them together!

  3. Another really good show today.
    Ava is still a goddess sans makeup. I loved seeing her doing her own before the wedding.
    The preview for tomorrow shows Nik with a gun aimed at Ava in the bed.
    Great to see Mac and Flea! Been so long her hair grew in.

    1. I loved seeing Mac and Flea too. they need to be on more.

      And in the preview I believe Nic was asking Ava why she had that under the pillow.

  4. Good show again today! Feels weird but good writing that. I loved the scenes between Laura & Ava. So real. And Ava was really listening and hearing what Laura had to say. And Ava had one eye with mascara & one without. I looked at it as realistic because it made it seem like she was trying to get ready and have a conversation. But that's just me. I'm not saying by any means that I'm team Val but I actually felt his pain and agreed about Nicholas being arrested for his crap too.I don't think anyone really totally wins here. But,it really makes for some good old fashioned soapy goodness! I actually didn't see the kiss as hot. It felt kinda forced and awkward to me. When they looked at each other after it looked like they were saying "did you feel anything?" Again, this is just me. We shall see how they are after they spend their first night in marital bliss! Lol!

    1. The kiss didn't seem hot to me either. Especially on his part.

    2. Right? I'm glad it wasn't just me that had that take on it.

    3. I thought the kiss was really hot, especially on her part.

  5. Isn't Nicholas still married to Hayden?

    1. I believe you are right? But they have been in contact obviously and she's in love with Finn so maybe they took care of that off camera at some point?? Hmmm

    2. But if she thought Nic was dead she wouldn't have had to do anything about that. She'd assume she was a widow. And she couldn't file for divorce from someone that the law assumes is dead.

    3. hayden was working with jax and nik. she knew he was alive for awhile

  6. The kiss was forced. It was meant to be that way. Y'all didn't get that? It's like a transaction. I mean maybe somewhere down the line they'll "fall in love". But Ava has the codicil Nik wants it...hello marriage.
    Loved Val getting arrested in front of all those people but as much as I despise him I loved the adorable scene when Char placed her hand on his face and he picked her up and held her tight. I also liked how Anna talked him down, from enemies to some kind of friends? He definitely needs one.

    1. That's exactly what I was saying too Michelle. That was much more like an obligatory kiss than a hot ,can't wait to get between the sheets kiss! But,like you said,they may develop deeper feelings. I think they have potential. Another long days of doc appt so will miss today. My sons want to hook me up to cable or something so I'll have more access. They're too cute!! Enjoy today's show! Can't wait to read about it later. Have a blessed day!

  7. Wyndemere: Lulu wins the lines of the day.

    Lulu: Then go on a date. Don't get married. CHARLOTTE DAMMIT!!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Lulu's all panicky which is very comical! :)


    Hiney and V.C.: Man when V.C. punched Hiney, I thought he hit him in the family jewels! ROFL!

    Maxie and Hiney: She is in shock! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Maxie just don't stand there! Help him up! ROFL!

    Jordan: Man she was a sleeping walking Zombie today.. WAKE UP!!!!

    Laura and Ava: Great scene!!!! I like that Ava likes Laura. Laura was going through a lot of emotions in that room today.. Bravo!!! :) Laura was still wearing that black jacket. Cold Laura? I like the dress, but the jacket can go. Almost everyone was wearing black at the weeding.. It was like they all were at a funeral! Well, you could say it was V.C. and Nina's funeral! Hahaha.

    Nik and Ava: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! They get married! YAY! Who is that guy who married them? DAMN THAT KISS WAS HAWT! :)

    The park:

    Finchy and Anna: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Mac and Flea: WHOA! YAY! Where have you two been?!!?!?!

    Anna and Mac: Oh tell him what you found Anna!!!!

    V.C. and everyone: Great scene!!!! Anna did great with V.C.! She helped a lot!! Always love scenes with V.C. and Charlie!!!

    Charlie: I love you papa!

    V.C.: I love you too.

    Awwwwwwww! :( Well V.C. had a very good point about Nik what he said about Nik.

    Jordan: Alright let's go that's enough.

    Whoa! Jordan woke up from being a zombie!

    Central perk:

    Nina and Jax: I love my Nax! They need to kiss! :)

    Carson kitchen:

    Carson: Yes Sonny and Tribbles!!! Nik is alive! :)

    Carson and Gladys: Okay who REALLY is this Glady's woman? If that is her real name. She was being so nosy! Is she a spy?!!?! A cop?!!?! FBI? CIA? Carly was looking suspicious at her too!!!

    Sidenote: I don't know if anybody read this interview. I haven't. I never knew about it.


    1. That's a really good article, sonya.

      And I thought Valentine kneed him in the family jewels too.

    2. I love Nina & Jax too! I hope they develop a relationship. Not just a fling thing. And I love your pick for line of the day! That was funny and good advice! You always bring it Sonya!

  8. "Di says, That's a really good article, sonya."

    Yeah it is!!! :) I love that Dan O'Connor watched GH when he was a little boy! :) And he remembers Brenda's car going over a cliff and Jax flashing back to it!!!! WOW! :)

    "And I thought Valentine kneed him in the family jewels too."

    Glad he didn't! Ouch! :)

  9. Nope, I feel no sympathy whatsoever for Valentin. Hope he rots.

    Anna needs to fess up to Mac and Robert about PLP.

    Jordan must be attending Mumble's school of acting...and she is acing the class.

    Laura was excellent, yet again. I too noticed that Ava only had 1 eye with makeup on during their scenes and that seemed pretty realistic to me.

    I thought the kiss ended very hot. It started so tentative, then yowser! I hope they last as they make an oh-so-excellent pair!

  10. Does anyone else remember that Jordan said she wasn't feeling well and wanted to leave the wedding, and Curtis said OK? Then she ended up staying . . .

    I am confused that everyone is saying Helena is Val's mother. Who was supposed to have been his mother?

  11. Jordan always looks like she isn't feeling well.

    1. Minority here:I thought Jordan looked very beautiful and loved the piece of hair dangling down.

    2. Ditto! I agree she may seem like she's not paying attention but she did look beautiful!

    3. I didn't mean she didn't look beautiful - she just has that blank, ill look all the time. Gorgeous dress and hair and husband!



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