Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Sonny's Kitchen: Carly's telling Jason about the wedding and Nikolas. She's the old lady in her kitchen just reconning the stories!! ahahhahaha
OH MY GOD STUPID SAM comes in!! She missed Jason for ONE NIGHT? Jeezzzzze. Seriously?  ALEXIS walks in because she has some papers for Sonny to sign. She flips out on Sam.. Actually, CARLY called the two of them over. Anyway, Carly's like: OH Guess WHAT?? Nikolas is alive!!
Alexis: WHAT
ugh..Alexis yells at Sam again and leaves for Wyndemere. 
Carly called them to "put their heads together to get around this" separation thing. What? is she NUTS? I mean how stupid.  She  says they should go "over the parole officer's head".. :eyeroll: 
OMG They go to see ROBERT and have a "proposal for him"! LORD.

Sonny takes Gladys somewhere. Oh coffee shop. She says she loves being with his family. He trist o give her a fancy car she can visit whenever she wants. She wants to stay to see Donna's Christening. He says no ..she says ok. Hands him an article about brainwave things to help Mike. ?? Maybe setting him up? I don't know. He takes the article home to Carly and says he thinks it will really help Mike. Oh boy. 

Nikolas finds the gun Ava had under her pillow. She won't give him the codicil because she thinks he will kill her or divorce her. So he has to put up with her.  She calls Lesil up. They exchange barbs but Ava REALLY wants Lesil to stay at Wyndemere to keep an eye on Nikolas. LOL Dr. O--bodyguard. Dr. O and Nikolas go have breakfast. She lays into him about what he did to Britt. Good scenes.
Alexis comes in..she's happy to see him. Wants to know why and yada yada. Ava walks in and tells her they are married. Alexis wants to know what's going on. 

Lulu's: Laura, Lulu, Maxie and Nina..Tad Martin Gray comes in as Valentin's lawyer. FOUR Ladies in there! Tad wants to make sure Char is safe. Lulu says she is safe and he should leave. Nina is all "Is Valentin ok? Is he in jail"?? Looking all guilty. 
He leaves. Laura asks Nina when she knew Nikolas was alive.
Maxie has on a godawful thing--it's like a hot pink...robe but it's a dress? Lulu is going to go for full custody of Charlotte and hired Diane. 

Robert Scorpio in interviewing Valentin. Val says he didn't do anything and they are 'empty handed" Robert says "Speaking of empty handed, aren't you disinherited"?? HAHAHAHA. He leaves when Martin Gray comes in. Tad says that the codicil looks real, and Val has to submit to a DNA test to prove he's Mekkos' son (or not) he says nope. Tells Tad to get him out. 


  1. Damn Carly Almighty. Don't tell me that just when I was really liking these writers they're going to let Jason sidestep the law yet again.

    And check out this article on Alzheimers memory loss reversal using electromagnetc waves. Very recent and up to date research by our writers. ( I can ALMOST forgive them for Carly and her interfering attitude...almost)

    And Lulu said she just got poor Charlotte asleep and she bangs the door and starts yelling. lol

    1. "Di says, Damn Carly Almighty. Don't tell me that just when I was really liking these writers they're going to let Jason sidestep the law yet again."

      Oh they better not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      "and check out this article on Alzheimers memory loss reversal using electromagnetc waves. Very recent and up to date research by our writers. ( I can ALMOST forgive them for Carly and her interfering attitude...almost)"

      WHOA! Holy cow!!! THAT'S AMAZING!!! I forgive the writers 100% :)

  2. with the talent on GH, why oh why are snarly and mumbles the lead actresses over laura,ava, alexis, leisel, elizabeth, and so many other women on GH

  3. I forgot why did nik frame drew?

    1. If I remember correctly he was trying to frame Hayden but Drew who was Jason at the time showed up at the wrong time.

  4. What is with this woman??? I don't know her name, the annoying one staying with Carson, she's like the plaque. Now she wants to stay for Donna's christening, why?????

  5. I agree about Gladys - no build up or anything - just we are supposed to care or whatever about her - cause we ALL know she is lying about her friend dying, etc. HOWEVER I will say all of this has taken the place of mob wars. I don't like the actress playing her either.

    1. Gladys is Sonny's cousin. It's her son that supposedly died and Sonny has said that he's Dev's father since there's no one to dispute the fact. He paid Gladys to say it was, hence her supposedly being Dev's "grandmother" now.

  6. Carson's home:

    Carson and Jasam with a side of Alexis: What?!?!?!?!?! 13 year old Sam can't stay away from 18 year old Jason?!!?!?! Ohhhhhhh 18 year old Carly who is besties with 18 year old Jason, is helping them.. Go over the parole officer's head?!?!?!! CARLY ARE YOU CRAZY?!!?!?!?!?!??!?! Oh hi Alexis!!! Yes yes Alexis they are all stupid!!!! Even the Tribbles can't believe them!!

    Carly: Nik is alive.

    Alexis: :0

    Sam:n :0

    Carson and Gladys: The bedroom that she slept in last night was cold an she wants blankets?!?!?! How long do you think you are staying Gladys?!?!! You have overstayed your welcome!!!!


    Nava: He is pointing her gun at her. Foreplay? :)

    Nava and Dr. O: Ava is skeered of Nik! HAHAHAHHAHAHA! How cute. :) Yes Dr. O stay! :)

    Ava: I am afraid I need to change the locks on my bedroom door!

    Hahahahaha. Oh Ava that line would have got you to win the line of the day, but alas Alexis won it.

    Nava and Alexis: Alexis so happy to see him!!! :) Love the hug!!!! Alexis finds out Nava are married and she wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: What the hell!?!!?!?!


    Central Perk:

    Dr. O and Nina: Great scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love that they are family. :)

    Gladys and Sonny: Yes good idea Sonny! Buy her a car and get her the hell out! No Gladys you cannot stay for Donna's christening!!!!

    Gladys: You gotta bring her into God's graces.

    Uh. She already IS in God's graces!!!

    Lulu's home:

    Lulu, Maxie, Laura, Nina, and Marty: Maxie what in the hell are you wearing? Take that off and burn it!!! Yeah I don't blame Laura and Lulu for being mad at Nik. And Nik should tell Spencer the truth!! Unless he always knew his father was alive cus Nik told him what his plans were 3 years ago! Maxie is right about V.C. and custody. Marty and his southern charm. :)

    Police station:

    V.C. and Marty: Marty and his southern charm. :) V.C. is right though. Nik should be in jail. V.C. should get a DNA test!

    Robert and V.C.: Awww are they bonding? :) ROFL!

    Robert and Jasam: Say no Robert!!! Whatever they want, say NO!!!!

    1. I second those Nooooooo's to Robert, Sonya! Lawdy, Jasam were the pits yesterday, and I swear the Tribbles were rolling their little eyes in the kitchen. Lol!

    2. "Julie H says, I swear the Tribbles were rolling their little eyes in the kitchen. Lol!"

      ROFL! They did!!! I saw it!!! ROFL!

  7. Sam and Jason even dressed alike. Doesn't help.
    Other than them the show was good.

  8. I always love reading this group. I come to it first thing each morning, and thank all the posters!!! But... lol... I really liked Maxie's dress!!! Minority here obviously! lol

  9. I liked Maxie's dress and Lulu's blouse. What was the point of Carson having a baby - just to give them something to do? Ava lost one daughter but has very little interest in the missing Avery and she seems to be doing all this for revenge. It was great to see Alexis reunite with Nik.

    1. It was so great to see them reunite I agree. I half expected her to slap him too. But loved the warm hug. A slap afterwards would've been funny though and so Alexis.
      Now... Carly. WTF is she thinking??? Is she TRYING to get Sam sent back to prison???
      On to Ava and Nik....I'm liking it. That's all LOL

    2. I agree about Alexis and Nik, it was a great scene, and got better when Ava rolled in. I'm one of those who didn't like Maxie's dress, but I did like Lulu's blouse, lol!

      Why the hell is Carly the one telling people Nik is alive? I don't want the Corinthi anywhere near this story. Sam/Jason/Carly scenes were the absolute worst. AND once again I couldn't hear half of what Mumbles was saying.

    3. I liked Lulu's blouse too. Very cute!



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