Thursday, January 9, 2020

DayCare Daddy

Crimson: Maxie feels like she's publishing the mag all on her own. Jax comes in. He talks to Nina. Later, Maxie says she's mad at Nina for not telling her she was fooling Valentin and the whole plan that was going on. 

CarSon's house: They look at the study that Gladys gave Sonny. Carly questions the number of patients in the trial. Sonny wants to get Mike in for the next group. They talk about it and Carly's not sure but finally is ok. Sonny leaves to 'clear his calendar' to take Mike to NYC. 

GH: Brad seems confused about what floor he's on. Michael steps out of the elevator with Wiley (not sure why he has him??) and says things aren't that good? Wiley was fussy in day care. They couldn't get a hold of Brad (his phone is on silent) and Michael is afraid he's in no shape to take care of Wiley. He's going to hire Brad a nanny to help him out. Brad accepts. (I bet its' going to be Willow)


Charlie's. Julian tells Ava no change and wonders how her New Year went. She shows him her giant rings. He thinks she's nuts to seek revenge on Nikolas but she doesn't care. They talk about How everytime Jules looks at Brad, he sees the hole where Lucas should be. 

Anna and Finn talk about her protecting Peter. Is it worth is?? As his mother?? Finn leaves. Anna invited Peter over to talk about the guy he killed. She asks about the security firm they both worked for. He says no big deal. Anna seems to believe him? I hope not 

Jax talks to Finn. Tells him why Hayden left town. Nikolas had someone attack her. 

PCPD: Diane tries to plead with Robert to give JaSam a new parole officer. She sounds dumb. He's like NOPE, sorry, Sam got convicted and I don't make deals with the mob. Go through the proper channels. Then Jason offers up information on Peter August. Robert is like: OH!! WHAT? Jason explains that Shiloh dropped his name when he was in jail and connected him to Drew's plane going down and Maddox getting shot. Robert says if they can get hard evidence he'll consider changing the parole officer.

Michael and Carly decide to support Sonny even if the study isn't going to work

Ava tells Sonny she's married! squee..Sonny tells her not to get Avery hurt or get murdered
Nina pisses off Maxie by being all "I'm editor and chief" after Maxie did all the work when she was gone
Sonny confronts Julian about the conversation he had on the pier with Brad "I know what you were talking about".


  1. Hiring Willow as the nanny would be a big mistake. I hope they don't consider it.

    I was actually hoping that Maxie would walk back to the office with her resignation in hand. let Nina try running that on her own for a few weeks and maybe she wouldn't be taking Maxie for granted like that. It's her who's been running the mag on her own.

  2. I tuned out once jaspam appeared on screen, too boring. I have a hard enough time watching carson. let alone all 4 in one episode

  3. I liked the talk between Ava & Sonny. She was honest with him about her intentions and he seemed genuinely concerned for her. Yup,I'm pretty sure Willow will be the nanny. I'm hoping not but probably will be. Sam & Jason are just annoying. The conditions of her parole are no different from any others. But of course it's all about Jason. Suck it up buttercup! Brad's a hot mess! Didn't Sonny's "spy" hear Brad & Julian talking about Michael on the docks? Maybe that's what he meant to Julian? I can't figure out what's going on with Maxie & Nina? Why doesn't Maxie just say she doesn't want to give it all up? She still wants to be involved. They had just had a good heart to heart. I think Anna definitely knows what's up with Peter. She just doesn't want to. I think she's agonizing over what to do because she really does think he's not just his fathers son. Now that Robert's involved she probably won't have to choose. Not a bad day. Have a blessed night!

  4. I may be in the minority but I think Nina is kind of a witch. She is not nice to Willow, not always nice to Maxie etc.

  5. Yup, Anna is in denial because Peter is her son. Wish he wasn't her son.

    1. He is not Anna's son. He is her nephew.

    2. do we know this for sure? I wasn't clear on that lol

  6. Carson kitchen: After reading that article that Di put up, I am interested in the storyline.


    Sonny: It doesn't matter if it's available, if my dad is going to be one of the tests subjects.

    WHAT THE HELL? That is so rude! How could you say something like that?!!?!?!?!

    *Tribbles rolls their eyes*

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna and Finchy: Geez Anna! Hiney is not your son. He is a horrible human being!!!!

    Anna and Hiney: Hmmm you are not believing him are you Anna? Doesn't seem like it.


    Maxie and Nina:

    Nina: We're good right?

    Maxie: Yeah. Yeah we're great.

    Really Maxie? Cus you are acting strange.

    Jax and Nina: Awww my Naxie. :) Glad Jax is making sure Nina is okay! :)

    Police station:

    Jasam, Diane, and Robert:

    "Karen says Diane tries to plead with Robert to give JaSam a new parole officer. She sounds dumb."

    Hahaha. Yeah she does!!!! I love you Diane, but shut up.

    Robert: I don't do favors for the mob.

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! :) Wait a trade? What trade? Robert whatever they say, just say NO!!! Hiney?!!?! What?!?!?!! Okay I'm listening... Mmmm hmmm mmmm hmmm. Okay I'm in!!! Get the proof!!!! Hiney needs to pay for the things he has done!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Princess aka Queen Ava and Julian: Oh yes.. That is sometimes how it starts nut right? :) Revenge then you fall in love! :) Julian wins the line of the day!

    Julian: So what the hell is a parapet anyway?

    Ava and Sonny: Delicious scene!!!! :) Sonny you should understand. :) Revenge is best served cold. :)

    The hospital:

    Michael, Jonah, and Brad: Geez when is Lucas going to wake up?!?!!?! Where is the actor?!!?

    Finchy's office:

    Jax and Finchy: Glad Jax told him why Hayden left!!!! Awww are they bonding? :)

    1. What, they "can't reach" Hayden now to tell her to come back, "her phone is shut off?" Really. In this day and age, and Anna and all the other super-sleuths in town, they can't find her?

      Sonya, I have to defend my Sonny, when he said, "It doesn't matter if it's available . . . etc." he just was saying that, although the treatment is not FDA approved and not available to the general public, it IS available if you are a test subject in the trial."

      I don't understand how Val can get away with saying that Ava was drunk and slipped and fell off the parapet. It has high walls, you can't just slip and fall over it, unless you are standing on top of it . . .

    2. You can be tracked using your phone. Hayden would know that. First thing you do when you're on the run is get rid of your phone. (or keep it turned off)

    3. Di, sounds like you have had some experience with this, LOL. . .

    4. "AntJoan says Sonya, I have to defend my Sonny, when he said, "It doesn't matter if it's available . . . etc." he just was saying that, although the treatment is not FDA approved and not available to the general public, it IS available if you are a test subject in the trial."

      Ohhhhh.. That makes sense. :)

  7. What a let down, boring episode. Mostly because of "the four". ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    Ava and Sonny's conversation was pretty darn civil, I was shocked.
    Please don't make Willow the Nanny.
    Please make Anna see the light.
    Line of the day per Sonya was excellent, hahahahahha! Probably not too many people know what a parapet or codicil is! Julian is speaking for the everyday person! Must be the flannel he's been wearing that Karen always notices. :)

    I'm already a little tired of the Nik bashing and it looks like it's Liz's turn today. I know he deserves it, but I've got kind of a crush on the dark prince. :)

    1. Me too too. Haha! Welcome back Nik! 🖤

  8. I think that this is the first time that Ava has been married? I don't remember if she married Ryan, but, if she did, it wouldn't have counted, as he was pretending he was Kevin. Pretty sad if this is her first marriage, and it's not for love.

  9. I had to ffwd. Carson as usual, but I did like the Sonny/Ava scene. Had to watch Jasam since Robert and Diane were there. Poor Nik - he is going to get payment for his bad deeds. Maxie looked very pretty in that shade of red. Love seeing Jax so much!

  10. I can't find anywhere that Nik had divorced Hayden after getting married in Las Vegas.Imagine Ava marrying a guy who tried to have his wife murdered.I hope Ava destroys this douche-bag before he kills her. Then he can "die" again and be gone until hopefully Tyler Christopher returns.



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