Monday, January 13, 2020

Name Change


Crimson: Peter is acting weird because he's thinking about Anna talking to him about the shooting of David Black and them working together. He goes to wait for Maxie at the Metro dining room. She finishes up some things. AND SPIN AND GEORGIE surprise her later! Oh, Spinelli says If all goes well, Georgie will be in Port Charles..Forever!! Ellie is going for a job in "Queens' Point" which is close to PC. Maxie is hopeful!! Sam comes in later and is happy to see Spinelli. She hopes he stays in town. 

Metro Dining Room: Friz talk and kiss. He's jealous of Nikolas lol. Jason comes over. They talk about Jake's art camp. Franco says he heard they bonded during his brain-change. "We built a tree house together, right" .. Jason's like "NOPE not with you". Liz tells Franco that Jason talked "Drew" into having the procedure tho. Jason's like: THANKS a lot, LIzzzz.
Peter walks by. They gush about him being a hero. Liz wants him over for dinner. He's like: NOPE. Jason side-eyes him...wonders what's up. Peter leaves. 

Friz eat. Liz says that "Drew" left Franco a message on Cam's phone and she has it. It's a video.

Sam is at the PH but calls Jason to tell her she'll be at the Metro for dinner. Maybe they'll run into each other? Alexis overhears and flips out. Sam tells her about the plan with Robert except who they are going after. Sam leaves and Neil comes in.
He was in Mount Claire seeing family, just flew back in. Awkward moment. Alexis wonders what's going on with him. He says he's losing his medical license because of her! Dun Dun Dun

Anna...and Robert comes over. He found out she had the file on David Black. He asks her if she found anything on Peter.  She lies and says no. He says he hopes she's not covering for him because Peter is going down and he doesn't want to see Anna go with him.  GREAT scenes. So much between these two. He leaves. Shows Anna hiding the evidence she found in the police file. 


Q house: Tracey doesn't care if Nikolas is alive... she's like: Meh. lol  Brook changed her last name to Quartermaine. Since Ned did, she wanted to as well. Tracey is like: What's your angle? Michael said she booked a gig at the Floating Rib. (ergo she can sing under a different name I guess). Michael says she Can't perform even if she does change her name. She says too bad and leaves to go sing. Ned asks Tracey what is up.  She acts innocent. He thinks she wants to take back ELQ and run it. She says no.."but someone else does" OH!! who can it be??! EEK!! NELLE? 

Lulu and Dustin are at the Floating Rib. They are about to leave and he goes to the men's room Lulu turns around and Brook Lynn and she collide and Brook spills a drink all over her. They have a good snarky time. Brook goes to sing and her raggy producer comes in and stops her. He gets in her face and gets gross with her and she decks him. Lulu comes over to help. Dustin takes the guy and slams him against the wall. Brookyn says: Dustin?? Dustin says: Brook Lyn? Oh they know each other!! 

Michael says he's going to the memorial! WHOOT! I think it starts tomorrow and I will be out at a check up.!! I have to get them every year because I work with kids for the county. 


  1. So happy to see Spin back. I really hope he's here to stay. He has links to so many people in Port Charles and is such a breath of fresh air.

    I wonder how many months we'll have to wait to see that message Drew left for Franco. It could be vital info in the Peter case.

    And seriously, Sam was going to send her kids off to Monica's yet again. Why? She's home alone. And she *sniff * *sniff* *sob* *sob* missed them SOOOO much. *gag* Yes, rebel little ones. Demand you're parental

    Tracy looks so good. Word of advice to all those actresses out there planning to mutilate their faces so that they can look like somebody else's idea of perfection; look at all the ruined older faces around you, then have a glance at an amazing actress who has allowed herself to age naturally on screen. Love you Tracy!!

    Brooklyn should file charges against that guy. There are plenty of witnesses to his crass behavior. And I really hope they aren't aiming for a triangle between "Dusty" (as she called him) and her and Lulu. The poor guy deserves better than the battle of the shrews.

  2. remember also "Drew" told Monica to go to San Diego and get the things out of his locker. SO we actually see her agent today? I really thought Tracy was behind it.

  3. when brook lynn said "im performing here" I really wanted lulu to say "Really? i dont see a stripper pole...."

    tracy is glamorous. remember when they dressed her in mumus and she looked like bea arthur (younger readers, go ahead and look her up) Now she looks flawless. GOOD FOR HER. I love that she is back for no matter how long.

    ANd when brook lynn snapped at tracy, did anyone notice tracy smirked and smiled like she was PROUD of her?

    1. Yes, I noticed that too, David.

    2. "david says, when brook lynn said "im performing here" I really wanted lulu to say "Really? i dont see a stripper pole...."

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one. :)

  4. Q home:

    Brookie and Tracy: Tracy wins the lines of the day.

    Brookie: Nikolas Cassadine is alive.

    Tracy: So? As long as Dylan is out west pretending to be Jean-Luc Picard. First day with the Quartermaine name and she's already disgraced it.


    Brookie: So, maybe you want to text your boyfriend Luke.

    UGH! Tracy is still with Luke!!?!? UGH!

    Brookie, Tracy, Ned, and Michael: When Brookie talked about how she changed her last name to Quatermaine, I was in shock and my jaw dropped.. I'm happy she did!!! Another Q YAY!!! :)

    "Karen says, Ned asks Tracey what is up. She acts innocent. He thinks she wants to take back ELQ and run it. She says no.."but someone else does" OH!! who can it be??! EEK!! NELLE?"

    Maybe Nelle, or maybe the Tribbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on eye out on them!!! They could be sneaky snakes!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Friz: BobTodd is jelly of Nik! ROFL! Aww he isn't ready to watch the video of Drew. :(

    Friz and Jason: BobTodd looking at Jason with crazy eyes! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!


    Maxie and Hiney: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Maxie, Spinny, and Georgie Jr: GEORGIE!!! Wow she grew!!!!! She looks like Maxie! Are SPINEllie married yet? Are we going to see Ellie?

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Sam: 13 year old Sam is talking on the phone with her 18 year old boyfriend Jason. So basically,

    Sam: Oh yes let's bump into each other! No rule about bumping into each other.. Byeeeee!

    Alexis: It's my house.

    Did Alan give it to you? ROFL!

    Alexis and Neil: Ummmm. Neil has been gone? I haven't noticed and haven't missed him.. Oh oh he is twouble with the hospital!!! Oh sure all Alexis's fault!!! Uh huh.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna and Robert: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) Anna just tell Robert you think your nephew is guilty!!!! :) Then he can just say I told you so! Just get it over with. :)

    The floating rib:

    Lustin: Oh my my my my! :) Sexy, funny, and flirty!!! :) He makes her laugh! LOVE THAT!!! :)

    Lulu: You are good at other things too.

    OH MY! I bet!!! ;)

    Brookie and Slime producer: Karen you are right when you said on twitter that he is like Marco Dane. Don't touch her you snake!!! I'm glad she punched you in the face! You deserve that! Do you like touching tribbles too? You slimeball!!!!

    Brookie, Slime Producer, Lulu and Dustin: Love that no matter how much Lulu and Brookie don't get along, Lulu still defends her. Love that Dustin did too! :)

    Brookie: Dusty?

    Dustin: Brooklyn?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I laughed so hard!!!! :)

    Lulu's thoughts: WHAT THE ************

  5. Not a lot of comments, but the ones here are a hoot and spot on! Stripper pole, disgracing the Quartermaine name, Tribbles taking over ELQ, Bea Arthur....I'm dying here! You guys are great!

    Moo was pathetic and acted 12. Doo is back to using his expressionless face and for me it's just so old and tired. Franco really rubbed me the wrong way when he was talking about Nik. Let's not go back to him being an insecure man-child that Liz has to constantly reassure. That's old and tired, too.

  6. See, I TOLD you that therapists can't date their patients, even after they no longer are their patients. Now Neil has lost his license . . . And, Sonya, I haven't missed him, either.

  7. Robert and Anna - a pleasure to watch as always! Ugh, Lulu just looks like a little kid with Dustin. Spinelli and Georgie were a nice surprise. With Brooklynn's manager manhandling her why didn't anyone else help before Dustin had to step in? I think it may be Nelle who Tracy is conspiring with - she had told Martin she was working on some big financial deal. Sorry but I still see no charm in Franco and probably never will, but neither for Stone cold. I like Neil and I think he makes a good love interest for Alexis. Too bad he was gone so long we all forgot about him.

    1. Ditto, although I've like Jason lately when he hasn't been with Sam or Sonny and he's been allowed to stretch his wings. They need to have him helping Anna or Curtis. And have more scenes with Michael too.

  8. I will really like Jason a whole lot if he helps get rid of Peter!



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