Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Million Dollar Smile

So, for this day-- my 3rd day out of GH I have to be at the dentist. Which, got me thinking about smiles. 
Dimpled Smile of Sonny
Coy Smile of Ava....
Cute smile of Avery. 

Who's your fave soap smile of all time?? There are so many to choose from because I think it's a pre-order thing that when daytime actors audition they put on a WIDE SMILE!! The one that instantly sprang to mind is surprising to me because he's not been on the show in forever. But boy, I did enjoy his smile when he was on!!

He's so my "type too'!!! I do miss ol' Ethan Lovett-- he who championed Krissy when Keifet was abusing her. I'm glad Nathan Parsons move on but I did like the character. 

Almost forgot the ladies!! Who's my fave? Angie from AMC. Loved her when I was a teen. Her dimples lit up the room. She still has them! 

 What say you? Who's your fave teeth-showing start?? Leave us a comment below... 


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    1. Oh and good luck at the dentist!!

    2. Ethan!!!! Love him. His full name is STILL and will ALWAYS be Ethan Lovett Scorpio!!!! :)

  2. Best smile ever...Lesley Webber! But Ethan was so hot!😊

  3. I don't like sonny but I like his smile

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    1. I always thought Eileen Davidson (Y&R) had the most beautiful smile.

  5. honestly my head hurts after today......Nik dead two years......Violet is 5....Nik broke Cassandra out to lure Finn to her.....where is the money coming from since Nik is DEAD? WHere has she been? WHY did Nik choose a psycho like Cassandra.....I swear that this whole thing makes no sense........

    1. She's 5???? Wow, she doesn't look it. It took me over a damn hr to watch on Hulu, I hate my firestick. After working 9 hrs I just wanted to relax with GH but nope...had to stress with that thing. Stupid Kim. Of course "Drew" is never going to change is mind, LOL just leave. Whatever. See....I'm just annoyed. Oh but that dead rat! I bet Julian figures it out! Oh Liz got a hug from cutie pie, I could use a hug. LOL!! Nah...I just need sleep. I hate time change. GH was meh today. Oh wait. 2 things. Who was Nik talking to on the phone? Someone "new"? Also...who did that guard text?

    2. Nicholas isn't breaking Cassandra out to lure her to Finn. I'm thinking he's planning on having her disposed of. He did lure Finn & Anna to her about a yr ago to revive her from the coma she was in after Nina shot her up with Fentanyl and she OD'd. Is Violet 5 IRL? May be because they wanted an actor who could handle the lines she's been given and couldn't find someone who looks closer to 2 yrs old who would be capable of handling all the screen time she's already had. Her dialogue has been written pretty advanced for a 2 yr old. And she will probably have more because they'll want to show her bonding with Finn. The pic Hayden sent Finn was really sweet. She's doing it to try to show him some of what he missed of Violets life but that pic made me think she's aslo trying to have him see what he's missed of both of them and what he could have. Laura definitely got some feels when she was at Jaxs house & Nick was on the other side of the door. It was bittersweet. That rat falling out of the dumpster was too freakin funny! Scared the bejeezus out of Julian! Nick sure has been a busy boy for a dead guy! I thought Liz handled the lame attempt of Kim trying to "leave on a good note" pretty good! Seriously,did she really think Liz would all of a sudden be ok with her taking off with her husband. I was always kinda hoping Oscar would appear to her and tell her what she was doing to Liz and one of his BFS wasn't right. I'm going to hold out hope a little longer on Franco coming through and regaining his life. I'll hold on for both of us Michelle! ;) Anyway,not too bad of a show today. It was watchable w/o being painful! Lol!

    3. "Gracegirl says, Is Violet 5 IRL?"

      I looked her up earlier, and yes she is 5 in real lie. :)

  6. From Maybe this is why she wasn't at the party.

    Do you have any details on what General Hospital’s Lisa LoCicero is doing on NCIS? —Shelly

    My CWPF guest-stars in the Nov. 12 episode as Elena Devol — whom Special Agent Nick Torres, that very lucky duck, apparently has been dating! “I’m excited to watch that one,” Diona Reasonover shared with me. “There should be some really fun ‘Borres’/’Ellick’ moments, because Ellie didn’t necessarily know Nick was dating anybody. So…. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge!”


  7. Jax's home: Oh the tribbles are not in the kitchen,OOPS. they are in the living room! Laura is feeling this pull near the door!!! Open the door Nik!!! Oh nevermind Jax showed up. Boy Nik is busy today. First Laura shows up, and now Caaaaaaaaaaaasandra calls Nik threatening him. Oh my! Nik called someone to do something with her!!! Wow is Hiney and Nik related? :) I mean he is doing just what Hiney was doing on the phone to have someone killed.

    Liz's home:

    Liz and CarlyKim:

    CarlyKim: I think we are long overdue for this.

    Long overdue for what?!!?!?!?! Shut up and go away! CarlyKim wins the line of the day.

    CarlyKim: I still consider you a friend.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! That was hysterical! I laughed so hard!!!! Oh CarlyKim you are a laugh riot!! And then the look on Liz's face!!! ROFL!

    Liz, teeny tiny Violet, and RayRay:

    Liz: It's so nice to meet you.

    Teeny tiny Violet: It's nice to meet you too. Can I have a hug?

    GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Violet is adorbs!!! I'm dead! I'm just gone!!!

    The hospital:

    Finchy, Teeny tiny Violet, and RayRay: Gah! The little cutie wants to meet Roxie!!! GAH! Come on tell the little darling that you are the father Finchy!!!!

    Teeny tiny Violet and Robert:

    Violet: Nice to meet you.

    Awwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Violet: I don't have a daddy. I don't have a puppy either. I have a stuffed animal puppy, but not a real one.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! That broke my heart! Give that little girl a real puppy and tell her about her father!!!

    Finchy and Robert: Robert is not happy that Finchy didn't tell Anna he has a daughter!!!! Kick his ass Robert! :) Then he and Anna can break up and Finchy can get back together with RayRay! Then you Robert can get back together with Anna!

    Laura and Robert:

    Laura: I just had the weirdest sensation.

    Oh NOW you feel it? *roll eyes*

    Laura: Like someone walked over my grave.

    NOW you feel it? Oy!

    Alexis's room:

    Kendra and Alexis: Kendra being all sweet and nice to Alexis. Oh look she is telling Alexis to brush her hair so they can go for a walk. Alexis brushes her hair, but oh oh her hair is falling out!! Ohhh Kendra KNEW that Alexis's hair would fall out, that's why she told her to brush it!!!

    Finchy and Alexis: Oh! Alexis can feel him touching her hand, but she can't feel the pressure. Oh oh!!!


    Kendra and Julian: Kendra gave Julian her phone number so she could give him updates on Alexis.. Hmmmmm. Why do you REALLY want his number? You have the hots for him or something?

    Behind Charlie's pub and restaurant: OH MY! Julian saw a dead rat at the dumpster!! YIIIIIIIIIIIIKES!!!

    Jail meeting:

    Jasam: Oh wow Sam is asking about her kids again.. :0 Jason tells her about Alexis in the hospital. Nothing exciting.


    Caaaaaaaaaaasandra and Sam: Oh look. They are both going on work detail, and Casaaaaaaaaaaaandra had no idea she was going to go on work detail. Hmmm she is happy.. Oh oh one of the cops is bad? Texting someone.

    Oscar's meadow:

    Scotty and Drew Jr: Scotty telling him about the past when BobTodd was a kid and his step dad. The look on Drew Jr's face!!!! I thought BobTodd was going to come out!! Scotty said he lost 2 kids. Uh no Scotty. 3 kids!!!

    1. Yeh doubtful...sorry. So...Drew DOES know Franco! He lost Karen, "technically" Franco because of this stupid sl who else?? Oh wait Cooper right? That's 3. Yeh.
      Violet is stinking ADORABLE!!

    2. Oh yeh! He dated....Lulu? And Cooper dated Maxie? I have a bad memory, it comes with being 50 and having seizures LOL (medication).

    3. "Michelle P says,Yeh doubtful...sorry."

      What's doubtful? :)

      "Violet is stinking ADORABLE!!"

      GAH SHE IS!!! :)

      "Ttookit says, Logan!"


    4. "Michelle P says, Oh yeh! He dated....Lulu? And Cooper dated Maxie?"

      Yup and Yup!! :)

      "I have a bad memory, it comes with being 50 and having seizures LOL (medication)."

      Hmmmm. Self deprecating humor eh? :)

    5. Lulu killed him - I think. Or rather he ran into her knife!

  8. Doubtful that Franco was going to come out when "Drew" and Scott were talking at Oscars meadow.

  9. Replies
    1. Oh! You were laughing when you were explaining what is wrong with you. :)

    2. Oh sorry, I'd never heard that word. 😊 yeh getting old(er) sucks with the the memory but add that dad is 73 and his memory is apparently better than mine LOL!

    3. "Michelle P says, Oh sorry, I'd never heard that word. 😊"

      OH! It means modest about or critical of oneself, especially humorously so.

      "yeh getting old(er) sucks with the the memory but add that dad is 73 and his memory is apparently better than mine LOL!"

      Hahaha. Does your dad use Ginkgo biloba? :)

  10. My choices for best smile, for GH only-

    Julie Marie Berman
    Kelly Thibaud
    Nancy Lee Grahn

    Michael Easton
    Ingo Rademacher ;-)

    1. Gents totally agree! Especially Michael and his character has alot to smile about recently 💜

  11. Someone here said that the situations with Hiney and Nik are similar with them speaking on the phone to someone to "take care of something." It looks like it also will play out similarly. Hiney paid someone off to get someone killed, and instead that person helped them escape--although, truthfully, I don't think this ever was clear, at least to me. And now Nik is paying someone to kill Cassie, but it looks like someone will help her escape instead? Cassie looked happy that she is going on work detail, thinking she will be sprung, but it looks like the plan is to kill her, but that she actually will be sprung? My head is spinning . . .

  12. My favorite smile is Ethan, too. And as mentioned above he should have been a Scorpio. I loved that character, and his budding relationship with Krissie. I still miss that guy! For female, I will say Liz. That smile on her face when she was hugging Violet was perfections. :)

    Speaking of Liz, I was VERY disappointed she didn't drag old Kimmie around the room by her hair. That woman can't leave town soon enough for me.

    I too am confused about the entire Nik/Cassie thing. But I did enjoy yesterday's episode. And where the hell is Finola??

    1. That isn't Liz style. I'm still waiting for her to break down. She's been so strong throughout all of this.

    2. "Julie H says, Speaking of Liz, I was VERY disappointed she didn't drag old Kimmie around the room by her hair."

      Hahahaha! Liz wouldn't do that. :) I was waiting for Liz to slap her again! :)

  13. Don't understand why Nik would want to kill Cassie now. Wasn't he the one who lured Finn to save her before? Also, he was the one in the car with her when she "escaped"... Why kill her now rather than before? Hope this story doesn't get as convoluted as the Fluke story did. I could not follow that one at all.

    1. No...? He was "dead"...right.? I'm just confused and tired.

  14. I have no idea why Cassandra Pierce is needed. Love the actress but the character is totally disposable. 'Nik' is/was a storied character with background etc. I stick to my opinion that there are just too many things going on that are meaningless and totally confusing. Too many characters are unseen for too long.

    1. I totally zazu, I don't know why we need her?? Yes I too love JT, but we don't need her.


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