Monday, November 25, 2019

GH WILL Air on Thanksgiving!

I guess GH will air on Turkey Day so we won't be so far behind?? SO-- hope your DVR is set. 

Mike can't tell where his shoes go-- Oh no.. end stage is coming or is here. So good to see Stella. She tells Sonny that he has to forgive him while he can. Sad.. Mike is getting angry now too. Big cognitive decline is coming. Stella says goodbye and tells CarSon she and Mike made a pact: when the time came, tell them to let him go, and that Sonny was a good son. Crying. 

Neil tells Julian about the rat poison. Julian says: HUH..I have a lot of dead rats behind Charlies!! He then says it was weird, he talked to Kendra behind there and then the rats turned up dead LOL. Neil tells ALexis he thinks it's Kendra doing the poisoning. 

TJ asks ALexis for Molly's hand in marriage. She said Molly would hate that. Molly is her own person. She can do what she wants but she's happy he thought of her. Wonder if he'll ask Ric? 

TJ tells Stella he wants to marry Molly..and she's happy but there's something she says will be a long road for them. He says yes, I have to finish medical school, yada yada. She says NO--Molly is white!
They have a long discussion about being a young black man in America now and her fears; it's a great scene. Very much about that more than interracial marriage. She says she gives them her blessing and will be in the front row for the wedding. 


Kids at School-- LOL. Joss has on her DISNEY PLUS HAT!! Product Placement!! They talk about Lady and the Tramp too. They are in detention for the drinking on the boat. Telling secrets: Trina's is she did a DNA thing online and got a hit in Port Charles but is too scared to see who it might be. WE KNOW IT'S STELLA!  And I'm thinking probably Curtis. Cam says he can't think of many secrets because he's known Joss forever but he's sure DEV has some!! LOL 
They press Dev..Dev says he cheated in school and his father sent him to live with Sonny. Trina's like: Um your dad is dead! LOL.. then he calls Sonny "Uncle Sonny" not cousin Sonny. They know something is up and want to know who he is!! 

Monica invites Drew Co to Thanksgiving... He says people might not like it. She says "Its' my house". He also tells her there's a storage locker in San Diego with things in it..she may want them for Drew's daughter. Ut Oh, you know storage lockers are never good. 
Liz and Monica talk. Monica's afraid that Drew will be hurt in the procedure (she calls him Drew). Liz says it's worth it. 

Julian yells at DrewCo for hurting Kim..weird scene, imo. 


  1. When it comes to the memory's all weird. Especially Monica's behavior.
    Please don't go anywhere Stella! She is just so wonderful. Hope she is Trina's relative. And Mike...I hate that his time is almost up. Both of these actors add so much to GH.
    Happy to see a rat poison end in sight. Seems like Alexis has been in that bed forever.

  2. Why are the teens on the floor?

  3. A new episode of GH will air on Thanksgiving; playing catch-up. 🦃🍗

  4. Just watched the scene with Mike, Stella, Sonny and Carly. Brought tears to my eyes. Stella is a great actress (forget her name). It takes a lot to make me cry with GH these days. How heartbreaking.

    1. OMG, Lindie, I just watched the scene with Mike, Stella, Sonny and Carly and ran to my computer to say that I am crying!! I can't believe you just said the exact same thing! Sonny has made me cry more than any other actor on GH, but Stella was just amazing!

    2. Vernee Watson-Johnson. She won an Emmy for this role.

    3. She won TWO Emmys for the role of Stella.

  5. Yeh very weird scene, shut up don't want Kim either, move on.
    What's wrong with storage lockers, what did I miss? Franco acted weird and Monica needs to get over it.
    I have a feeling Mike is going to die soon.

  6. School detention: Oh this is so stupid. Trina and Turkey Boy didn't do anything wrong, so why would they be in detention?!!?!

    Cam, Joss, Trina, and Turkey boy: It's actually a great scene. :) Where is the teacher though?

    The caring center:

    Mike, Sonny, Carly, and Stella: GAH! This is so hard.. It made me cry!!! Mike is deteriorating fast!!! :(

    The hospital:

    Neil and Julian: Rats rats rats rats.. Will they put the rats on contract?

    Drew Jr and Monica:

    Monica: It's my house.

    Hmmm that's all you are going to say Monica? Not that Alan gave it to you? ROFL!

    Drew Jr. and Liz: I can't wait until he does the procedure!!!!

    Julian and Liz: Julian! Hush up! Liz is trying to tell you something!!!

    Drew Jr. and Julian: Julian is just upset because of the rats.

    Alexis's room:

    Neil and Alexis: Rats rats rats rats rats. The tribbles are hungry. Do they eat rats?

    TJ and Alexis: If TJ was really old school, he would ask Molly's father for Molly's hand. Where is Ric?!!?!?!

    The central Perk:

    TJ and Stella: Great scene!!!! Stella is so right. People are very judgemental still.

    1. The only thing I can think of is guilty by association?
      Yeh it's ridiculous. This is the 21st century people should be able who they want. Who cares if TJ is black and Molly is white.
      Well Ric isn't in the picture that's probably why. If Rick Hearst were still on the show then YES he'd ask him but let's be realistic haha.

    2. "Michelle P says, The only thing I can think of is guilty by association?"

      Yeah.. That's awful.

      "If Rick Hearst were still on the show then YES he'd ask him but let's be realistic haha."

      I don't want to!!! I want my Ric!!!!! :)

    3. Sonya, the kids did say the the teacher went out for coffee, and won't return until detention is over. And, yes, Trina and Turkey Boy didn't do anything but help Joss and Cam, they should be commended, not punished.

      So Julian connect the dead rats to Kendra? Ok, so it was unusual for him to find dead rats, does he usually just find live ones?

    4. As for Monica, we all know how many children she lost, I can see her desperately wanting to claim another one.

  7. I agree with most here, Stella was fantastic and so was Mike. I will miss him, such a good actor. I just can't figure out Monica, she KNOWS he's Franco. So stupid and she pisses me off. Stella's chat with TJ was great, that's the scene that got me teary eyed. And yes, I liked the nod to the Breakfast Club with the teens. I LOVED that movie and I've watched it numerous times.

    It might just be me, but I REALLY like Jules and Liz together. They both have chemistry with everyone! I wish he had listened to her, though.

    1. I'm glad you said it because even though she's a legacy character and I love her yeh she pisses me off. She's delusional? Is that the the right word? I mean she only found out Drew 1.0 was Alan's son a couple yrs ago and yeh she grew close to him quickly (as most of us did) but she has to realize this is Franco, with Drew's memories. I mean when the procedure is done and God help us he hopefully is Franco again is she still going to call him Drew?
      As for the Breakfast Club thing, me all time fave movie...I grew up in the 80s, I loved all the brat pack movies.
      I will miss Mike too. The scenes yesterday were great.
      I forgot to mention I wish Jules had listened to her as well. Oh well..

    2. I think Monica has been playing along by calling him Drew because she wants him to keep giving her information about Drew's life. The Drew who died knew nothing about himself before he came to PC.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Monica is delusional, and yes she is trying to get to Drew's memories, but she should be holding funeral services for the real Drew, instead of clinging to a flash drive that's her husband's son that they never knew existed until recently. Plus Franco could have filled her in by now. "Lived in a group home, joined the Seals, met Kim, went to Afghanistan and the rest is classified" lol! At least he'll get some pizza at the Q's before he under goes the procedure. :)


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