Friday, November 22, 2019

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Mike even LOOKS more frail. Stella visits him--Mike thinks he's at the track. Stella realizes Mike is going downhill fast. 

Carly and Sonny. Sonny overhears her talking to Jax "more secrets"?  She's trying to change the subject. OMG! SAM! isn't it terrible? Sonny's like, meh, whatever, she'll get out for good behavior lol. Then he says You had JASON over-- you two confide in each other all the time. Did you tell HIM what's going on with Jax?? OMG!! THEN!! Sonny is all "This is your fault, YOU SLEPT WITH HIM!"!!! AHAHAHAAHAHA. She says his list is longer@!! "you slept with my lawyer"!!! 
Then Stella interrupts them.. she tells them Mike will probably forget who they are sooner rather than later. 

Finn/Anna--he tells her he's going to be a bit late. She's talking to Jason. She needs his help with the Cassandra boat mystery yada yada.  Jason tells her about Sam. She gets upset and asks about the him advice on what to tell them. Says he's an unconventional father but he'll be brilliant. Actually a nice scene. I didn't mind it. 

Jason goes to Monica..they hug. Scout and Danny are sleeping upstairs. She says Robert called about Sam..she's sorry. Thinks that the kids need stability and should stay there. Jason wants to talk to them. Danny's still awake so he tells him about Sam. Danny's upset and Jason asks if he wants to stay at the Qs or at his own house. Danny says it will be too sad to stay at their old place.

Nina tells Jax it's all an ACT and she's deceiving Valentin like he did to her! He thinks she can come up with a better plan than sabotaging the wedding. He thinks she should tell him she's moving on and date him! Then Nina says she re-thought things and sees how much Charlotte loves him and can't do it to him. Cripes. :eyeroll: 

Nikolas is going to hit Valentin with the fireplace poker and........the DOORBELL RINGS! Damn it!! It's Hayden.Valentin wants her to tell him why the portrait is important and he'll pay her a HALF A MILLION DOLLAHS! 
Nikolas is listening...he's all Bug-Eyed. Hayden leaves

Nikolas calls Hayden and says he has to see her by tomorrow, it's IMPORTANT-- she sees Finn and Anna saying their "I love yous" and kiss. 
Jax tells Nikolas that if they haven't found the portrait by NYE (when Nina's to marry Val) then he's telling her, he doesn't care. 


  1. Tell me, at the end of that conversation did you have any idea what Nina is actually going to do? Is the sabotage still on or not? I was totally confused after that trip around the merry-go-round.

  2. Reading the spoilers from another site, I don't see any about a Thanksgiving show, anyone know if they will have one (they just MUST)? Also, it looks like there will be a show next Thurs., but not Fri., anyone know for sure about this?

    1. From TVSource Magazine: Due to episode pre-emptions, General Hospital’s holiday episode will not air until the week of December 2, 2019.

    2. "Pat..... Sun..... says, From TVSource Magazine: Due to episode pre-emptions, General Hospital’s holiday episode will not air until the week of December 2, 2019."

      You mean for Thanksgiving?!!?! Dammit!!! :( I want my Q song!!!

  3. Carly looks like she has been wrapped in a Flag from some Foreign country - has she been shopping at the Goodwill store? Anna giving Hayden a hard time about Violet is laughable.She says Robin was a different story - not!!Finn can see Anna at 60 would never give him a child and he is over the moon with Violet.But if Hayden's character leaves the show and Violet is left behind she will soon be sent to the attic with the rest of the children on the show.Brook Lynn is a breath of fresh air in the show and I hope she stays for a while.

    1. lol Glad I'm not the only one who thought that about Carly's top.

  4. Waiting for Monica to ask Jason to live with her and the boys......makes sense.

  5. Old folks home: Damn I forgot what this place is called.

    Stella and Mike: HI STELLA YAY! Great seeing you!!!! Taking a break from being a doctor or whoever you are? ;) This is so sad!!! :( Since he doesn't remember her, does he not remember his "wife"? I mean he just got "married" GAH he just had to bring up Sonny's mother! :(

    Carson's home:

    Carson: Sonny is jelly and insecure hahahahahaha! He wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: I want you to admit that Jax is out to get me.


    Sonny: Why is this my fault? You are the one who put it in motion when you slept with him.

    Oh Sonny!!!! The green eyed monster does not look good on you!!!! Oh good finally Carly brings up HIS sex dalliance!!! Take that Sonny and smoke it out of your butt!!

    Carson and Stella: So sad!!!!!:( Are they going to kill off Mike?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Anna and Jason: Hmmm are they besties now? Shall I call them Janna?

    Anna and Finchy: Oh come on! What is the point that RayRay has to catch them kissing and pine over him? You guys said that she is leaving, but I didn't hear anything about that. I don't want her to leave!!! :(

    Q home:

    Jason and Monica: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Young Cheeto and Jason: GAH! So sad!!! Yeah Jason you have to be his father now.

    Jax's home:

    Nina and Jax: Pretend dating? Yeah you don't really want to do that!! You want to date her for real!! Oh my a little eye sex! Just kiss already!!! She wants revenge against V.C.! I KNEW IT! No don't change your mind!!!!!

    Jax and Nik:

    Jax: Where were you?

    Hmmm. I didn't know they got married! ROFL! Aww Jax doesn't want to hurt Nina!!! Nax need to be together!!!


    V.C. and Idiot savant Nik: Really Nik? You are going to hit him with a fireplace poker? What if he turns around before you hit him?

    V.C. and RayRay: Geez does that Helena Portrait have a contract? Give her a contract!! Give her a love interest! One of the male paintings from Ava's gallery!

    V.C, Charlie, and Nina: No Nina!!! Don't forgive V.C.!!!!! Jax is better for you!!!!

    Sidenote: Tristin Rogers was on Y&R yesterday! I really like him on it, and I also like him on GH. But if I had to choose which soap I want him on permanently? GH. :)

  6. sonya said...V.C. and RayRay: Geez does that Helena Portrait have a contract? Give her a contract!! Give her a love interest! One of the male paintings from Ava's gallery!

    *** Sneak your bowl of tribbbles into the gallery and she can caress them with her evil moving

    Nic certainly looked like he inherited those evil eyes when he was glaring at Valentin.

    1. "Di says, Sneak your bowl of tribbbles into the gallery and she can caress them with her evil moving"

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This made me laugh hard. You won!!!! ROFLMAOPMP!

  7. Didn't see yesterday's show but earlier in the week wondered why Carly isn't sitting on the couch holding her newborn. Whose living room looks like Sonny and Carly's when you have two little kids???? I can only imagine she had Donna because it could tie into the Wiley story. Will Donna have the same heart condition that Wiley and Michael have??? Still don't understand why Nicholas doesn't go see Ava, charm her about the painting and get the codicil.

    1. Yes, Jenny, ITA w/what you said! As I have been saying, Carly looks like no new mother, ever!

    2. I guess the rich don't hold their newborn on the couch??

  8. I really like the new Brook Lynn so far. She is bold and sassy, and like Ned said she is kind of like Tracy. I loved that scene where Sonny was there. I forget what she said to him about still being popular with the ladies. Genuine smile and dimples from MO. LOL. And what he said about Edward and Lila being proud is so true. Especially Edward. Great scene. Hope they keep the Q's front and center again

  9. PS: Olivia does fit right in with the Qs


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