Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Black Hoodie.

Note: there's a great GH gift guide on Soaps In Depth with some things I haven't seen before!  Michelle Stafford's Skin Nation is also a great gift, find it on Amazon. I think the Port Charles Travel Guide is a really fun book for any GH fan! 


Hayden is at the docks--She gets a call from Valentin, she stalls him. Nikolas comes over and tell her he saw her at Wyndemere and heard what Valentin said. Nikolas tells her she has to leave Port Charles and change her identity. She's like No way. NOPE. He says "your best and only option is to leave".  She says she won't do it. She has too much to lose if she leaves.  See below

Dustin wants to take Lulu and Rocco to the Port Charles Thanksgiving Parade. (they are going to the Qs in the afternoon).  They kiss and are going to meet the morning before dinner. 

Laura goes to Jax...Nikolas hides. Then leaves. Laura was invited to the wedding of Nina and Val and can't figure out why. She also wonders why it was his credit card stolen. THEN Tad comes to the door and he wants to see Jax and is glad Laura is there too. He wants to know about the portrait! He says he represents a client who bought it from the Gallery and now wants to sell it. Shows them a photo of it. They say they have to know who it is if they are going to sell it. He says no, leaves. Then..Laura and Jax talk... Tad comes back a bit later to get the iPad he left. OH, he was TAPING THEM! DUH!! GOOD plan by Valentin! Tad goes to Wyndemere and lets him hear the tape and now Val knows about the COD-A-SILL. 

Charlotte wants to go back to school, Val says it's dangerous. She thinks back to what Nikolas said about being her bodyguard and she's always safe.  She does't tell him tho. Valentin hugs her and says they'll be a real family after the wedding.
Then Lulu comes over to get Charlotte for the day before Thanksgiving. She leaves. They go have lunch. Lulu shows Charlotte pics on her phone. Lulu goes to get their food and Charlotte looks thought the photos and sees a pic of Nikolas. 

Neil tells Alexis why he thinks Kendra is poisoning her. Tells her about the dead rats at Charlie's. Alexis can't figure out why it would be Kendra. Neil leaves. Kendra comes to visit Alexis. Alexis is suspicious. Alexis tells her about the poison and the police are on it. Looks for Kendra's reaction. Kendra is like: Ummmm.... here!! take this pill, it will relax you!! Derp. Alexis fakes taking it and gives it to Neil. 


Detention:  Joss spills that Dev isn't Sonny's cousin.  They tell them the whole truth. Trina and Cam have a million questions and can't figure out why Dev didn't just ask for asylum. Then Dustin comes in. Tells them all they've made "Bad Choices" and yada yada. Hopes they don't make any MORE "Bad Choices".

Later they all make a pact to protect Dev's secret. 

Nik leaves the dock and Hayden is attacked by a hoodie guy. Maybe Nik hired him?? I mean, tomorrow, Nik is back telling Hayden to leave again?? 


  1. Not Nik, Val was on the phone previous scene, I think he hired him. I think Nik scares the guy off? That's what I gather from the previews. I think Nik is telling her (again) to leave for her safety.

    Dustin and Lulu were cute in their short little scene. I wonder if Char is going to out Nik to Lulu?

    Speaking of secrets didn't Cam act like he had one but they started to harass Dev? I actually kinda felt sorry for the kid. Dang. Someone is sure to spill now.

    I'm so glad Alexis kept her mouth shut to Kendra. Hope that sl wraps up quick.

    I just knew when Gray came back for his tablet that he'd recorded them. Dang.

    1. I think Cam's secret is that he loves Joss.

    2. Oh yeh der....why didn't I think of that haha! He should just tell her.

  2. this is why i scream at the writing - it should have been Laura and Jax KNOW he is listening and do it on purpose! THAT would have been great!
    If Nik hired the guy (which i think he did) sure would like to know what ATM he went to to get the money to hire the thug.....I think i read that the pill Kendra gives Alexis is okay - that she knows they suspect her?????

    1. Why would Nik hire the guy? Then who is Val talking to? I still think the thug is Val's thug.
      If I were a suspect I sure as heck wouldn't be showing my face. LOL

    2. I was screaming, too! It would have been perfection if Jax and Laura knew they were being taped. I also need Nik to wise up asap! I need Laura to know her son is alive, and Ava as well and all of them working together to bring down Valentin. I am so sick of him getting away with everything. And lord help me if Charlotte outs her "body guard". I'll be hollering again, lol!

  3. Why would Laura or Jax even consider a photo of a painting be proof of possession? And yes, they should have seen the tablet that was left behind.
    Alexis is still in the bed. Bet she won't be using Prussian Blue paint anytime soon.
    Ava is still tucked away without knowing about Nik. Would be better if she wasn't.

    1. I rewatched on Hulu and the way the top book was placed on coffee table (on purpose I'm sure) hid it perfectly. That's why they didn't see it.
      Oh and mufasa I read the same thing about the pill. Weird. So..I'm not sure if she knows they are on to her or if she is a true holistic health nut type person, I'm going with the other though.

    2. i think she knows they suspect her - so apparently she is going to run Alexis over in her car and somehow Brad gets hits?

    3. Oh sh*t! I wonder if Brad will confess all or if not I wonder if this will bring Brucas closer?
      Can't wait to watch on Hulu tonight!

  4. The breakfast club: I love that movie!!!!!

    Joss, Cam, Turkey boy, and Trina: Trina wins the line of the day.

    Trina: Dev Cerci? What kind of name is that?

    ROFL! Now that they know the truth, now what? :)

    Outside the breakfast club:

    Lustin: HOT HOT HOT!!!! Thanksgiving together? Awwwww! :)

    The hospital:

    Alexis's room:

    Neil and Alexis: Rats rats rats rats!!!

    Idiot savant Kendra and Alexis: So basically,

    Kendra: Someone is trying to kill you? Here take a pill. It's good for you!

    Wow Kendra must be hanging out with Idiot savant Nik! ROFL! Glad Alexis fake swallowed it. Whew!

    The pier:

    Nik and RayRay: So this is how Rebecca Budig leaves? She has to hide to stay safe? Will RayRay take her daughter or will she leave her with Finchy? And who the hell grabbed her? Is it Nik? Just to prove to her how dangerous life is right now?!

    Jax's home:

    Jax and Idiot savant Nik:

    Jax: Where are you off to?

    Okay they are official a bromance! :)

    Jax, Laura, and Marty: Okay! Karen brought up on twitter the fact that it's Tad and Ceara.. I forgot all about that!!! Genie Frances was on All my children back then! :) I even found a video. Starts at 7:36. She is on a date. :) Anyway, yes I think he was taping Jax and Laura on his ipad!!!! :)



    Charlie and V.C.: She can't wait to go to school!!! She is safe because the invisible bodyguard is protecting her!


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