Friday, November 8, 2019


I whipped through yesterday's show...

I love how they were out picking up trash..Even Cassandra, huge fugitive federal inmate (LOL)--and Curtis is all like "Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl"!!! Can I talk to Sam McCall? The guard is just like UP!!
I see Nina is trying to confess to Nathan at the gravesite... we know she's just fakin' all this.  What's she going to do anyway? Kill him with kindness? Just throw him off the parapet?? 

Wiley is adorbs. 

NELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEE!!!!!!!! I am loving this unexpected development. I love Tad too, even if he is ALL SOUTHAN.... We know Shank is her "dead hubby". 


Jax has GIANT SUCCULENTS!! The moss must be jelly!! 




Jax in Shadybrook visiting Ava.  Maura's skin is flawless. He tells her it's his fault she had so many online trolls...and that caused her to be anxious. (not that Nikolas is alive). She says she's blurred the lines between the living and the dead-- and she's being haunted. She tells him about double crossing Spencer because she wanted her face fixed. 
Jax still isn't telling her. 
Ava thinks he's just there to get the portrait. She lets him have it. GOD I love Maura! 

Nikolas is driving Cassie in the van. He said that her actions have dissoved their partnership. She ends up running out of the van-- Stupid Nik didn't lock the door lol. That's dumb. 

Jason is the FIRST person in the park after the guard got hit? LMAO??!! Chase comes in after Jason calls 911. They tell him that Cassandra did this.  Chase does give Jason shit about being in the park where Sam was doing work. He said they talked earlier at the jail and she said she'd be out there. 

Willow talks to Brad in Kelly's. She see he's upset. She says he's a good friend to her and she can help him. (if she only knew lol). He doesn't say much.. 

Lucas is in the graveyard. TONY IS BACK TODAY!! I miss Brad Maule. He's a ghost helping Lucas through his stuff. They talk about his childhood. He recons the whole Brad story.  Tony talks about being a dad and also BJ's death. Awwww. Great scenes. Too bad Guza killed him off in the great purge.
Bobbie calls Lucas and tells him Julian is looking for him. Tony leaves. 

Beautiful scene with Jackie Z and Brad Maule in the hospital. GAH!! I teared up so hard!! 

CASSANDRA takes Charlotte! Tells her to 'save Nina' and don't scream. Monday, they look for her. 


  1. I thought the scene with Brad Maule were good. However, the writers must know somethingI don't know. I wasn't aware that you age after you die. Guess I will find out some day.

  2. Well, they can't exactly keep him his old age unless they did the holagram technology thing

    1. Yeah they could make him young with the hologram technology thing, but I highly doubt they have the budget for it. ROFL!

  3. Beautiful Tony & Lucas scenes, and of course with Bobbie (boohoo). And great Jax and Ava scenes. I love the way Jax is interacting with so many.

    1. I agree Linda, I love Jax and love his interactions with many and loved how he could sit there knowing Nik is alive with a straight face with Ava...I couldn't. LOL! The scenes with Tony and Lucas were wonderful and I didn't expect the Bobbie and Tony scene so that was so nice. ❤
      I do wish (speaking of Guza, Karen) that we could get him back for a purge, since we need it right now...

  4. Work detail: Superhero Jason with his cape swooped in!

    Sam, Jason, Chase, and another cop:

    Sam: The van was pretty far, and the driver was male, and the van was white.

    Oh great PI work there! Your brain has turned to mush!


    Cassandra and Nik: OH BOY! The van door was not locked! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Or it was, and Cassie was just strong like bull!!!


    Maxie and Lulu: Lulu wins the line of the day.

    Lulu: On one hand I was surrounded by teen angst and Ricocheting hormones. It was exhausting. Were we that bad?

    ROFL! Uh yeah. :)

    Brad and Willow:

    Willow: I also think of you as a really good friend.

    Uh huh. Sure. Until you find out the truth, then you will be yelling at him just like Nina has been yelling at Sasha.

    Charlie and Cassandra: RA RO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

    Tony's grave:

    Tony and Lucas: TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man great scene! I cried. When he died, it broke my heart, and when I saw Tony, my heart filled up!!! Just like when Alan died and when we see him sometimes. Oh Tony!!!!!! :( I wish he was still alive. :(

    The hospital:

    Julian and Bobbie: Yeah Karen, I thought they had a fling too. Sounded familiar. I looked it up though. Nope.

    John Durant (one-night stand; prior to 1977)

    Cal Jamison (one-night stand)

    Scott Baldwin (engaged)

    Roy DiLucca (engaged)

    Noah Drake (dated)

    D.L. Brock (lovers; Deceased)

    Gregory Howard (affair)

    Damian Smith (affair; deceased)

    Jerry Jacks (engaged)

    Roy DiLucca (dated)

    Scott Baldwin (dated)

    Scott Baldwin (kissed)

    Noah Drake (dated)

    Scott Baldwin (lovers)

    Tony and Bobbie: DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMIT!!!!! This scene made me cry!!!! I burst into tears!!!! :( I WANT YOU BACK TONY!!!!! :(


    Jax and Ava: Great scene!!!!!! Jax tell her that Nik is alive!!!! :( I know you can't do that though. :(

    Sidenote: Former GH Star William Wintersole Passes Away

    He used to play Ballantine on GH.

  5. Oh forgot to mention the picture wall!!!!! I love that wall! I want them to show it alot more!!!!!

  6. Jason to the rescue again. Why do they do this? They are turning most of the females on GH into wimps.Maura is still strong - ("I may be crazy but I'm not crazy!!!") -what a great line.

    1. "Maura is still strong - ("I may be crazy but I'm not crazy!!!") -what a great line."

      ROFL! Yes!!! Perfectly beautiful wonderful great line!!! :)

    2. Yes, that should have been the line of the day! GREAT scene! Sonya: I asked you this before: WHAT does RA RO mean?

    3. "AntJoan says, Sonya: I asked you this before: WHAT does RA RO mean?"

      OH! I did reply to you, I guess you didn't see it.. It's another way of saying oh oh. Did you ever see scooby doo when you were a kid? :)

    4. I told her also but she must not have seen it.

    5. I thought that I read every post, don't know how I missed your answers, thanks. No, didn't watch Scooby Doo as a kid.

  7. Just read that CBS is going to pre- empt all of their daytime lineup for the impeachment hearings starting on Wednesday,November 13th.Of course that means the other networks will follow suit& this could last a long while.
    Uh oh.

    1. Yeah I read about that on twitter. Yikes. I wonder how long. I guess I will just have to watch old GH stuff on youtube then.

  8. Have you all seen these behind the scenes pics od Brad and "family"?

  9. EXCELLENT scene with Lucas and Tony. I hate Brad so much. Lucas does not deserve to lose his husband and son when this story is ever over.

  10. It is going to tear that family apart though at first. Bobbie will still be the grandmother, but will drive a wedge between Carly and Lucas at first I imagine. Lucas is the uncle and not the father.

    1. I doubt it'll drive a wedge between Lucas and Carly, it's neither of their faults. It is Brad's, he and Nelle set this in motion. This was done to Lucas, Carly...this is nobody's fault but Brad and Nellies.

  11. I agree with the line of the day: "I may be crazy but I'm not crazy!". Go Ava. I too just love Maura. Ava & Jax...I'd like. Sure to drive Carly crazy, not crazy.
    Tony's scenes were nice. Very touching with Bobbie. I got a kick out of the fact that he used the term "doom and gloom" to Lucas. A term I have used to describe GH too many times.
    Anything to do with Cassandra is a bomb. But she keeps on coming back. She comes along, does something horrible, disappears and then comes back to repeat the whole thing again. I appeal to the new writers: stop this insanity please!

  12. For the life of me, I cannot remember Lucas' family history. Was he adopted by Bobbie and Tony? And if Julian is his father, who is his birth mother?


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