Monday, November 18, 2019

Clean Up Day


Julian is sad about the estrangement from Lucas. He deletes Kim's number from his phone. Brooklyn comes in and orders a Black Russian. I love her already. She just fits into a daytime show--the acting is perfect. 
Brad comes in later. Threatens him with "telling Sonny" lol yada yada.. things happen. Julian throws everyone out of the bar. 

Lucas tells Brad he cut off all ties with Jules. Brad looks scared. Jules says he doesn't care about Julian anymore at all.  Dr. O runs into Julian in the hall. He tells her he knows Brad was blackmailed by her to change the DNA results and it's not COOL. She says that Brad's a liar and he'll find that out sooner or later on his own. OMGOMOGOD!! THEN-- Dr. O says to Lucas "I will be forced to tell you about your husband and Wiley's real father"##!!!!! 
Brad interrupts them OF COURSE!! 
Lucas knows something is up tho and says to Brad "There's always another lie, Tell me about Wiley's father"!!! 

Liz lets Finn know she knows about Violet and that Anna's home. Finn then goes to see Anna. They get labs back and realize it is Thallium poisoning. They give her Prissan Blue dye which is a cure to flush it out of her system. They are trying to figure out where she could have gotten it. She tells them she eats out most of the time. Dun Dun dunnnnnnnn

Alexis can't figure out how she got rat-poisoned. Finn says it COULD be that..TJ's right but Thallium has been banned for years. They talk about the restaurants she's eaten at. SHe said she'd think Helena was doing it but she's dead. 

Bench trial-- Spin, Jason and Diane are there. The Fed guy hasn't shown up yet for it.  Too bad--he comes in late.  Looks like the white-haired guy from Mad Men but he's not him. HE says Shiloh was a wonderful person who saved so many lives. Sam deserves to be punished.  They do the witness testimonies. BO--RANG. Rehash of the boat fight--jason's fights with Shank..Jason's arrest record.
All you need to know is the judge was going to read the verdict and it was the end of the show. 


Franco is going to DUMP KIM!! He wants the procedure. She's like ..we can stay here!! He says if he doesn't get it, he's no better than the man that did it to Franco in the first place. She cried. He goes and talks to Liz at GH ...nothing was said today yet.

PREVIEW: Oh, Hayden is going to move into Kim's place!! 


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  2. That trial took up way too much time and was indeed boring. I love Spinelli, but what was the point of him being there?

    If I ever ingest poison, I hope I can look at beautiful and be as chipper as Alexis is in her hospital bed.

    1. He might have been there to support his Sam?

    2. "Wanda Woman says, If I ever ingest poison, I hope I can look at beautiful and be as chipper as Alexis is in her hospital bed."

      Hahahaha. Yes she looked really good. She wasn't pale. She wasn't losing anymore of her hair. :)

    3. Michelle P, I know Spinelli was supposed to be there to support Sam, but he really didn't do much or add much to the scene. He's not on very often any more and it just seemed strange why he would be included, but not Molly or Kristina. Maybe he was going to be there that day block taping other stuff and they included him since they were already paying him.

  3. The courtroom: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!!! The only good thing is Gabriel Berk. He is HOT and he wins the line of the day.

    U.S. Attorney Gabriel Berk: A healer. A helper. A hero.


    The hospital:


    Lucas: I cut ties with him. He is out of our lives for good.

    And that is what he is going to say to you Brad, when the truth comes out!!!! Hmmm Lucas is acting strange. Like he knows Brad is still lying. Also, Lucas looks different. Not just the beard.. Did he dye is hair jet black? Hmmmm.

    Dr. O and Lucas: OH BOY!!! Dr. O almost told him the truth!!!!

    Alexis's hospital room: RAT POISON!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

    Charlie's bar and restaurant:

    Brookelynn and Julian: I didn't know that was her until Karen said something!! :) I forgot it was her. The actress was on OLTL. :) Oh oh are they going to have a fling? I don't see much chemistry. Who can she be with?

    CarlyKim's home:

    CarlyKim and Drew Jr: Awwww! Drew Jr breaking up with CarlyKim. Bye bye CarlyKim. Damn I don't want Tamara Braun to go!! Can she come back as a different character? :)

  4. sonya said...Can she come back as a different character?

    *** OMG NOOO Have you been sniffing the truffles again?

  5. "Di says OMG NOOO Have you been sniffing the truffles again?"

    Um yes. ROFL!