Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Another Lost Day...

Oh FFS. 
ANOTHER INTERRUPTUS DAY---and STUPID ABC isn't going to just stream it or put it on at like 2am so people can DVR It..nope, they are pushing it back. Meaning we will be 2 days behind--with tomorrow maybe 3. Why does that matter? Holidays, that's why. UGH! 

Here I am.. ;) PISSED OFF_- although I look Chipper!! UGH-- this is just maddening. I honestly don't think it needs to be on the network stations since we have a TON of news stations but whatever

I don't have a GH post for today other to say that I really like Brooklyn. I hope the Qs come back in force!! I hope it keeps going in this direction.  Here's hoping we get our show back SOON. 
Darn IT. 

RUMOR PATROL:  I did some round-up on Twitter--some of these are wild...some seem legit but I don't know: 
1.  Jane might be back for a visit around the holiday season (Tracy) I HOPE this is true. 
2.  Kelly Monaco signed a one-year contract. Kelly Monaco didn't sign a contract (I have no idea-- it's a mess) 
3. Lucky is being recast or Greg Vaughn will come back due to Days being on hiatus (I say THIS IS FALSE)
4. Brad gets in a car accident compliments of Julian (this seems like it could be legit) 

That's it!! 


  1. hope kemo quits and greg vaughn please come back

  2. rebecca budig is leaving GH. maybe finn will raise their daughter

  3. Hayden is leaving - Violet staying. YEAH - never liked Hayden.
    now Sasha needs to go -
    I've been wondering where Valetin will go/be when Nik is in charge of Nina sends him away - is JPS on a long term contract?


  5. We had a new episode here today. I hope they post it later there and that we all get caught up together soon. I don't like to say anything till the majority of people have seen it.

  6. i read the recap so i am so glad Nina told Jax!

  7. The rumor I've seen lately is a recast for Drew and how some fans would like to see Greg Vaughan in that role because of the "Days Hiatus". I never saw the Lucky rumor at all but I could imagine soap fans trying to jump on that train.

    Kemo just needs to pack her bags. Her sleepwalking through scenes is just so disrespectful to her acting partner and the fans. Move on.

    Would be nice to have Jane (Tracy) back!!! The show definitely misses that Q with the edge she brings. Especially with Brook back. Fireworks!

    Something has to happen to Brad soon....this storyline has dragged out far too long and must end.

    I still can't believe ABC is choosing to run behind on eps. Not good at all. Days is airing their eps at 2am (ET) to stay current with the DVR people and also showing it on the app.

  8. I'm so pissed that Hayden is leaving. I've always liked her, and she's Liz sister and Violets mom. Where is Violet going. She's such a cutie, I don't want her to leave.
    I love Greg Vaughn but to be quite honest, I don't Lucky back. Liz is finally gonna get Franco back and Lucky isn't needed. imo
    Ok..I worked 9 hrs so my brain is tired and I'm confused, KeMo signed a yr contract but KeMo didn't sign a contract?? LOL
    Would love to see Jane.
    I was the lucky one and got to see GH yesterday but not today obviously. It's maddening that they can't put this shit on the news channels like CNN or MSNBC. Ridiculous.....

  9. "Here I am.. ;) PISSED OFF_- although I look Chipper!! UGH-"

    ROFL! Yeah you don't look pissed off. You look adorable! :)

    "Brad gets in a car accident compliments of Julian (this seems like it could be legit)'

    Hmmmm.. Sounds about right. :)

    1. Sonya, who are you quoting here? (the first quote)

  10. I think it's a shame what they did to Kim's character. She started out sooo strong and stable, she was the ideal doctor and mom. I was thinking also how charming she was when she started her flirtation with "Charlie," she always was sweet, and always strong, never needy or whiny, kept herself focused on what was important to her. How she left was just sad . . .

    And now Hayden is leaving? I never liked her character, she is too much of a con, but they really were weaving her into the canvas, with her daughter, her sister, and Kim's apartment. I wonder how they will write her out . . .

    1. I know! I mean damn why even have that stupid apt scene where they act like they don't know each other. Better yet, why even get an apt, why not just stay at Liz place. Stupid scene....since she's leaving. Disappointed.