Friday, January 29, 2016

Watch that Last Step, it's a Doozy!

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Maxie looked SO GOOD today. I'd kill to be able to wear those clothes. I could maybe have pulled that off when I was 6.
LOL..Stupid LULU wants Dante back..NOW.  :eyeroll:

Dante almost signs the divorce papers. 
Lomax goes to Dante, tells him to stop his mama or she'll defund Big Brother Big Sister! Geessssh!
He's like get outta here. I like her, she's good and mean. I think she and Dr.O should be a couple. 

Olivia is getting looked at in the Metro while she talks to Alexis about the lawsuit. All the ladies are happy she's doing it.  Lulu asks Olivia for the key to the loft. Lulu gets all snazzed up in the dress she wore when she told Dante she was pregnant. Then, she and Maxie found the divorce papers. 

Liz talks to Franco about Jake--but she doesn't wanna hear it. Later, Jake shows her the pic of Sam-- and they decide .ut oh, maybe he does need help!! 

SO: Jake... he's with a babysitter and squirts her hair with silly string. She's upstairs washing it and he hurls a jar lid through the window. Then he touches the glass. Gets a cut, bleeds. Sam knocks on the door. He opens it. She asks what happened. He stares at her. He says someone thew a rock thru the window. She says that the glass is on the outside of the house. DUH Jake.
He runs downstairs, Sam follows, she falls. 

Parker? The professor? Is a WOMAN!!!!!!!! Krissy is upset and leaving but Parker shows up at the door. 

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