Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Step by Step

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Remember that song? 

Step by Step

Heart to Heart
Left Right Left 
We all FALL DOWN.....

Ok, so it's "Toy Soldiers" but come on.. I really wish they were playing it when Sam took a nose dive down the stairs.  But alas, we only saw her giant boots and a tumble. I think Sam has fallen more than any other soap character in history. 

Let's have upside down pineapple cake today. You know, because falling. 

There was  a TON of stuff going on this week, all leading us to Feb Sweeps. Births, Tears, Arrests, Lesbian lovers, name it. We got it. (we even almost got coffee-bag sex!). The dialog was pretty good  and people were moving around the canvas. Friday's show was a good old fashioned soapy one though and I really did like it. You know GH is not without it's quirks though. 

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Under the "insert random shit here" category, we get This. Larry Ashton. With Tracy at the spa. They smoke pot, talk about life, he tries to cop a feel and...she throws him out. That's it. I'm really not quite sure what this was for. Seriously. Of course I love seeing Jane Elliot but-- ??? HUH? Ok, well, it was over in one day. Monday. And then Tracy's spa scenes were done.  The GH Machine pitched this as possibly being Tony Geary btw, complete with fake-out back of the head promo. So maybe that's why they did it. To hoodwink us. 

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Also back on Monday was TJ. Seeing Uncle Curtis. Then? Nothing. Oh, we found out Curtis knows TJ's daddy is Shawn but that's it. WHY DO YOU DO THIS??!! Why not continue to sprinkle stuff all week? Because again, in order for me to CARE ABOUT TJ he has to be ON THE SHOW more than once in a blue moon.
Thank you. 

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These two are getting married...or maybe they aren't. Nikolas went from not sure what he felt to loving Hayden in a nanosecond. He's also talking to Spencer on the phone a lot. Mama Laura acted all happy then laid into Nikolas. You know, Mama advice. Hayden knows Nik had her shot but..she's also falling for him and there's that ELQ takeover looming over her head. If she doesn't get the shares, Tracy spills that she's Rachel. And again we ask: WHAT ELQ? We never EVER SEE ELQ! So...

20160126 1743(39)

Nice scene with Lucas and Dad.  Jules asks him to be his best man. Awww. then Lucas talks about Brad. Brad? Who's Brad? Oh, yeah, the guy he's supposed to marry but it's "on hold". Then, that was all we saw of that for the week. 

20160126 1831(2)

Um, Can...we like, Make UP?
WHY? WHY would I make up widt a scum like yous?

Well, I'm marrying Alexis and as far as anyone can tell, I am out of the mob, and if anyone gets "the mob" stuff we's you.
You so stupid--- YA NEVER OUTTA DA MOB! 
Sonny, please...let's be friends...
Get OUTTA HERE! You sicken me! Revenge..loyalty..dead to me.... linguine! 

20160126 1750(39)

Come on, LIE For me!! 
NO Way, I'm not lyin for no-body. Especially YOU! 

Sonny actually says that his walking is "What the People Want"... LMAO. Ok, then. If you read Maurice's interview then you'll know where his head is at when it comes to GH being the Corinthos Show. Hell, they are the most important, greatest family on TV today!! (his words, not mine). Hubris at it's finest.

Anyway, Sonny doesn't want anyone to know just how strong he's getting with the walking so he can leap up and get his enemies with no one being the wiser. :eyeroll: He even lies to Carly when she catches him trying to stand. Can't be just a straight up story about the guy in the wheelchair coping with life. Nope. Gotta be a mobular tie in with a lie. Because? GH.

20160126 1823(34)

Week 912 of Dante looking like this. He goes to get a divorce. Val says "goodbye" (again). He's mad at Lulu. He's miserable. The mayor tries to bribe him into having Mama drop Boob-Lawsuit. Oh, the pain. 

20160128 0512(13)

Anna and Robert get thisclose to finding Sabrina and Carrrrrlos. BUT! Paul thwarts them and they are arrested at the last minute. Meanwhile...

20160129 0830(51)

Sabby gives birth pretty damn quick on the bed with Carlos assisting. I was really surprised they didn't just have her leave with him and return later.  The other strange thing was the cliffhanger on Thursday with Carlos looking shocked and then nothing on Friday. NOTHING. I really wanted follow up the next day. 

20160128 1051(44)

Oh, these two were on.  Morgan wants Kiki back. She wants to "date".  We want to close our eyes.

20160129 0839(6)

Franco was there to show both Sam and Liason Jake's nightmare drawings. I would really have loved to have seen some real "art therapy" with Jake and Franco. Why didn't they spin out the Jake stuff longer? Terrorize Cam and Liz didn't believe him. It could have been playing out this whole time. Just little things. Now it feels like BOOM! I know I complain about stuff taking long but something like the creepy-kid could have been wild. 

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Sam goes to the house and figures out Jake threw something through the window, then cut himself. She confronts him (never confront the psycho then run downstairs! NEVER!!) LOL. Anyway, Jake is under the steps and she FALLS of course. He doesn't push her. (I really wanted her to be walking and his skinny white hand shoots up between the steps and pulls hard. Heh) She's laying at the bottom and he is shown Monday crouching over her. I think he'll leave her there and go about his business. 

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This was the biggest cliff-hanger Friday. Parker is a woman. Could be interesting. Then again, could be another Brad/Lucas go nowhere nothing. I'm glad Krissy will be on longer. Maybe Parker is really obsessed with her, not the other way around? 

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I think "Sonny Rising" was a drinking game this week on Twitter. 

20160126 1747(18)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Johnny talking about life and reform with Lulu. Brandon Barash is a treasure..up there with Jason Thompson as a good guy. His character was stupidly written into a corner on the Val-Dan-Lu train wreck. I can only hope he comes back. He was a little twinkle on a dull day. 

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SPECIAL KUDOS: To RoHo and his glorious forehead for making his scenes, no matter what they are, enjoyable and so worth watching. I feel like he's ad-libbing most of the time which is probably not true. He just delivers every damn time. 

20160130 1504(2)

PROP of the WEEK: All I could think of was the person that got to type this up. It's the little jobs that count, people! Also, who knew Lulu was a hyphen? 

20160129 0831(6)

FACE OF THE WEEK: This cappy doesn't do Carlos justice but if you saw it, you know what I mean. He looked like the kid was an alien.  It was very weird. 

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RUNNER UP: Anna realizes Paul is on to them.

So all in all, I did enjoy the majority of the show this week. I personally would like fewer stories so that the ones we have can be more detailed and involve more people. For example, if Sabrina had gotten away with Carlos, Robert and Anna and Maddox could have solved this by looking at the Cameras around Port Charles. Robert and Anna could also be finding out about Curtis and "the bullet" to be helping on that front, getting involved with the "ELQ" thing and that mess. Don't get me wrong, having Anna and Robert on in ANY capacity is ok with me. I guess I want a super-pac of Jordan, Maddox, Anna and Robert doing something in concert that's not broken up all week. 

The Jake story is good, like I said, I think many beats were missed with this one. It could have been so much more. SO much more. Jason needs to get an identity soon other than "I don't remember, I don't know" because as we all know it's sucking the life out of the show. 
Crimson has to be on more than 1x a week. Maxie is so wasted. She and Nina should be co-editors and do some great things. 

20160130 1516(4)

BoobGate? Well, it is different and it does involve 3 great actresses, so I'm giving it a chance. 

Morgan and Kiki? Stop trying to make that happen. Kiki lives at the Metro now. Darby is even more interesting than her, and all she did was try to feel up Morgan at the coffee house! 
Sonny and the Chair. WHY did you have to make it mobular related? Wasn't the struggle enough? He and Piph are gold. But why bother when you can tie it into the MOB. 
SO reminds me of a blind person on a soap continuing to fake blind to 'do something'. UGH. Seen it. BEEN THERE...

I am happy for the Juliexis wedding but I hope to everything soapy it's not about someone getting shot or revenge from Sonny. I will be so pissed. Let's have a fun family wedding for once. Yes, Julian had Duke killed. I get that...but.. but...he's so fun now with Alexis and Olivia. Can we just forget it? Please? All the Davis Girlies are together again! Squee! Alexis wants a wedding with all the trimmings! Yeah! So, let's forgive Jules, 'K? and you know, Duke probably isn't really dead anyway. Because? GH
PS, this is exactly what happens when characters do stuff and then they try to pull back. Never works. Look at Ava.

The Jordan/TJ/Curtis thing can be great..but watching them eating at The Metro reminded me of something.
What? OH yeah, Jordan/TJ and Shawn eating at Kelly's once a month. You know ONCE A MONTH. Please don't do this. Please step it up. 

Kristina and Parker. Jamey G over at DC called it and it can be glorious. A bit 'shocking' because she was with men before...and I hope she's bi.  I hope she fell for Parker because of who she was, not just 'a woman'  and shocker that way.  Do a real love-love story.  

There are so many other threads...Lante divorce,  BiPolar, ELO "take over" Hayden/Nikolas.. I can go on and on. I wish GH would tighten up. I feel like it's splatter paint sometimes. 

PHEW! Long winded, no?  Just felt the need to explain myself! Hope you had a good week watching and you are recovered from the blizzard if that's where you are. 

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