Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Light a Penny Candle

20160116 1037(6)

Well, if anyone thought new head writers would bring any new ideas, you can stop right there. GH is so filled with cliches, it's painful. There were good moments for sure; Robert and Mac being one of them. I could have had about 20 more minutes of them (with Anna and Maxie joining) than about anything else on screen. 

Go read my post below on GH Fixin's! :) I have some ideas up my sleeve!!

Ok, here we go... I have some left-over Pizza to eat (cold naturally).  Oh, and I'm lighting a candle but I'll keep it at the opposite side of the room. 

20160116 1253(48)

I'm starting this off with the Val story. It's going to crystallize why I think GH is just recycling stuff over and over.  Instead of making an intricate story about how Johnny or Lulu pull one over on Valerie and the PCPD, they have him kidnap her and tie her in a chair in an old cabin.
I mean, come the hell on. Not only that, they have her knock over a candle and start a fire! Did I just see this or not? Luke in Heather's cabin? Yep..Cam in Wyndemere? Yep.
Whatever. There was a million different ways to tell that story. I just wish that there were some fresh ideas.  Valerie's downfall could have been spectacular and sneaky. Instead we get in your face "pie" farce. 

Now, I DO enjoy Johnny much so that here we are again, him being used for this kind of thing instead of getting out of jail and on the canvas. Yes, there are too many people on there already but I can think of 5 that could easily go in his place. He's acting like his Daddy would but I don't think Johnny would do this to an innocent woman who just said in the car she wanted Lulu and Dante back together?

20160116 1036(13)

Ok, so on to "Rachel".. Heather calls Hayden Rachel on the phone. "I know who you really are, Rachel"... yada yada. I've put it in Friday's post that "Rachel" was only on GH once before, "Rachel Adair"... according to GH WIKI is at least an MD. Or was..she 'died' at the Metro.  

So let me tell you what. If this is really "Rachel" from that long ago..honey ..???? Why? WHY? This seems like another "who's Nathan's Daddy-- what's Nina's past-- Rosalie secret" quagmire. :SIGH:  Sarah Webber. Such a missed opportunity. But at least maybe make her some kind of Webber.  Rick's kid or something. It would tie her to Liz, and they look a little alike anyway. But, never mind. I know I say that every week but I'm frustrated.

20160112 0543(26)

Demon-Robo Jake is doing all of this to get Daddy back. Did you see the face he gave Friday when the DNA doc mentioned Sam being a 'good wife"? Watch out girl, you might be getting a rock in your window soon! The thing with Jake and Liz going to the Metro was pretty funny because you know Cam and Aiden aren't invited. I keep waiting to see the excuse they come up with as to where those 2 are all the time. 

20160112 0623(44)

FINALLY! A doctor I could get behind that wasn't taking Sonny's "I'm God in this town, treat me as such" crap. BUT,  Sonny said NO, I'm firing you--and Lucas is calling his bud in to drop everything to treat King Corinthos. :throwsuphands: Welp. Whatever. I get we need a new Patrick but this guy was pretty interesting, imo. The new guy in town looks like a Patrick clone. I hear he's a good actor and maybe he'll drag some Supernatural Fans with him. We can only hope! 

20160113 0634(31)

What has Ava done lately? Taken a gun shipment. Gotten tied to a bed  during sex...and begged Kiki to love her. That's it. But I DO love Maura's hair right here.
That's all I got. 

20160113 0719(42)

Anna found out that Sabrina is having Carlos' baby. Putting 2 and 2 together, she figures out Carlos is indeed alive and Sabrina is probably in contact. 

20160113 0858(2)

At the same time, Sonny is basically telling Michael he's been a moron (to use The Goldberg's term) and to get back there to Sabrina...

20160114 0821

And...after seeing Paul give Carlos some money Sabrina decides to leave with him, on a boat with absolutely no luggage.  SO. Bye! Have a nice baby! 

20160114 0811(3)

Nina got everyone reading Crimson, and that made Julian mad. He talked taxes with Alexis. By the way, Alexis would be way too smart than to marry a guy owning the IRS so much. Here's hoping she drafts a nice pre-nup. 

20160114 0917(32)

Maxie cracks and tells Nate that Johnny was in PC but doesn't mention that Lulu saw him or kept him on the Haunted Star. No, that's saved for spineless Dillon who spills it all. 

20160116 1252(39)

Lulu gets lectures from both her mother and mother-in-law. Olivia tells her it is a lot of Dante's fault and their marriage is in trouble anyway. Laura basically knows what Lulu is up to because, between she and Bobbie, they pulled the same stuff off in the 70's. Lulu feels guilty and tries to stop Johnny from doing anything more to Val. Which of course, can't happen because he's already done the deed. You know Lulu is going to save her, right? Don't you?

20160116 1250(7)

Dr. DNA was the guy that helped Carly identify Jason. She comped him all the Metro Rooms he wanted. Seems he was carrying on an affair with "Veronica". Anyway, they saw the fight and Sam begged them to tell the cops what happened. Really begged. They agree to go the police in the morning.

20160115 0534(34)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: You knew it was going to be this, no? I mean, Robert and Mac, talking about being Dads..some saving the world, others being heroes at home. *sigh* It was so good. PLUS, Robert is going to help Anna in her investigation. whoot! 

PROP OF THE WEEK: I couldn't find it but Andre Maddox gave Jordan a South American knick-knack for being a strong woman. Think new Dragon-Phoenix. 

20160116 1037(40)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Another Mama-Advice for Lulu face. "Ooooooh, I think I know what you're up to, Missy"!!

I guess this week was about Sabrina leaving, the Hayden-Rachel "reveal" and Lulu not stopping Johnny in time.  So, there you have it. We have a new doctor coming to town, a guy that looks a lot like ex-Patrick.  I don't know where Curtis went. Or Ric, or Brad ... or Scotty or Lucy-- or TJ or Joss... Ok I'll stop! 

Tomorrow is MLK day and I'm off-- one of the lucky few! 
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