Monday, January 4, 2016


It must be like 1 am in the morning right? 


Nina and Franco. Stupid KIKI is in the livingroom. ugh Now Nina is like "Maybe it will ruin us" if we have sex. She's totally Mrs. Hughes from Downton today, LOL... 
BUT!! Franco is nice and they finally 'go for it" 
WOW, hottest love scene in a long long time. Goodness!! wow. 

Spin, Ellie and Sam are all talking in the Floating Rib about St. Jaysus.
Liz called him because Jake was scared and the cops came. Took until 2:30 to find out that Jake saw "someone on the lawn" started yelling and Liz called the police.
Aiden and Cam SLEPT THROUGH IT ALL.!! LMAO!! ahhahaaaa. 
Jake asks his Dad to stay so Jason sleeps on the couch. Liz apologizes for lying to him. Yada Yada

Morgan is skulking around the docks, talking to hisself. He's an idiot. Kiki scares him (she's out at 1 am on the docks?) Whatever.  She talks to him about his bipolarism. Him drinking and meds. She's been 'reading up' on it all.  His alarm on his phone goes off for him to take his meds. He's going to do it.
Um, it's 1 am...he takes meds at ONE AM? WELP!

Johnny about begs Lulu for sex. They kiss. She says no. Dante knocks on the door. He realizes she must be with someone in the room. She's like SO WHAT!? He leaves. She's all upset. She then gets upset and tells Johnny "he's never looked at me like he hates me".  WHY NOT!!!? 


ishouldreadmore said...

Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. The wait for NiCo to consummate, as it were, was so long it just had to be hot. Or we would have ff thru it.
I do not understand why Sam is so popular. I used to like her, but now I cannot stand her. She is whiny and sneaky and such a martyr. I don't care. I do not like Liz much either, so there is once again no one to root for.
(Except last week, I was rooting for Robin to end up with Jason. That would have been a bombshell.)
I saw another site had a poll and the two favorite female characters were Carly and Sam. What?? At least Carly isn't popular on this site. Hee hee.

CareyN said...

OK I saw the preview of the Scrubs wedding and it made me tear up!! Just the preview. :( So sad to see them going. What a loss for GH.

Michelle Latta said...

I couldn't get thru it today and just turned it off....I DVR'D it so maybe I'll finish later.

sonya said...

Nico apartment: Nico's conversation today was so good! So real!!!! :) And then when they made love, WOW! HOT HOT HOT!!! :)I wonder if Michelle Stafford wore pasties. :) Ohhhh BobTodd! She wants to do it again! Hahaha! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day!

BobTodd: Oh no please stay. Don't leave on our account. Well if you insist.


Floating rib: Hey! SpinEllie are still in Port Chuckles! Awesome! And thank goodness for Liz's phone call, cus it looked like Jason and Sam were gonna smooch. Spinny was so cute in the scenes with Sam and Ellie. I liked how she was defending Sam! :) Spinny was pushy as usual, but it was endearing at first, but then he was doing that the whole hour and it got to be too much. A little goes a long way writers!

Liz's home: HUH?! A strange guy was looking through the window and Jake saw it and started shouting? And we didn't get to see it?!!?! WHAT A JIP! Awwww Jason! Forgive Liz. :(

Pier: Morgan you idiot! Go home! Kiwi you are walking in the pier this late at night!?!?! IDIOT! Two idiots talking,

Kiwi: I wuved you. I used to wuv you! I don't want to lose you!

*Morgan gives attitude*

Kiwi: I mean it Morgan! You have to take care of yourself! While we talk alone in the middle of the night at the pier.

*Morgan's alarm goes off*

Yeah Karen 1 am his alarm goes off? What if he was sleeping? He would have to wake up at 1 am to take his meds? ROFL!

The haunted Star: JoLu gonna have sex! Oh wait she stops it, oh wait they start! Oh wait they don't.

Johnny: It's okay Lulu! Use me! Use me! USE ME!!!

Damn Lulu you got him all hot and bothered. :) Oh Dante whoever she is with, is none of your damn business! And you are such an idiot! You should have told her that you and Bangs Macgee aren't together anymore!

SaveOurSuds said...

I can't wait to watch today's episode. I love NiCo.

sonya said...

See a promo of Scrubs wedding!

I was wondering if we are going to see them get married!!! WE ARE YAY! :)

dar said...

I loved the Franco / Nina scenes.

friscogh said...

I REALLY do NOT understand the Nico love. He is a psychotic criminal who kidnapped Lulu, tortured Sam, had Michael raped, stalked Carly, etc. She is criminally insane, a pathological liar, and a kidnapper. These are two of the most deplorable characters I have ever seen. He is obsessed with her (I could see him killing people out of jealousy or even killing her so no one else could have her) and she has the mental iq of an eight year old. This is not romance. This is not cute. This is not entertaining. To see them consummating their relationship sickened me.

My question - do people actually like the characters of Franco and Nina OR is it that they like the actors (very talented I readily admit) and therefore accept these terrible characters?

I would be all for killing off Franco and Nina and a few weeks down the road bringing the actors back as Jimmy Lee Holt and Celia Quartermaine.

mysticcmegg said...

I agree friscogh, yes they should kill those two characters off and bring them back as someone else. The biggest mistake they made with Franco was bringing him back at all. I understand they wanted RH back but they could have brought him back as a new character. I bet when Jason finally remembers everything he kills Franco somehow. And then Nina will go totally crazy and jump off a bridge or something. Ahhhh GH I wish you listen to your fans, lol

jher said...

I haven't watched the episode yet but Dante...hypocrite much? Like you can get side booty while you're married but your wife, with whom you are legally separated from, can't enjoy some attention from an attractive male who got the hots for her?

Di said...

I agree with you completely about those two characters, friscogh. I can't even watch them on screen. I don't think I'm ready for yet another reincarnation of "Todd", however.

SaveOurSuds said...

I don't really get why folks who have never posted on this site before felt the need to come here and post that they don't get the NiCo love. Is it that you don't like that some may like them more than your favs? So what if both characters have done some very awful things in the past. We're talking about GH here. The Lead is a violent mobster kingpin and the romantic hero is a hitman. I think both the actors and the new writers have done a great job humanizing Franco and Nina. The scenes yesterday were very romantic which is something we're not getting from the majority of the pairings on GH. Let's just be happy that others are happy and that we got some love in the afternoon.

friscogh said...

Dear SaveOurSuds, if I am the person you are referring to as "Folks who have never posted on this site before" uuhhmm, I've been posting on this site for five years or more (far longer than you have) and have been watching GH for 37 years. I use to be a regular poster but have not been posting much lately as there is very little happening on the show this past year that even interests me.
(PS: If you knew any of my past posts you would know I also do not like Sonny or Jason and for years have been saying Sonny should have to pay for his crimes)
Besides, I'm sure Karen wants this to be a blog where everyone can share their views...even folks who have never posted on this site before.

SaveOurSuds said...

No, it was not a personal statement towards you. This is just something in general that I've notice. It's frustrating to see negative comments which I think everyone can agree with.

LSV422 said...

I am not a Nico fan either and I have been around here for a long time. I just hate the Franco character - hated him when Franco was playing him, too. I think the actors are making the best of getting the bottom of the bucket in the characters they were hired to play. I like that Nina seems to be a more productive person now. And I am not a Sonny, Jason or Carly fan and proud of it!

kdmask said...

Frisco-- I love Roger ..I've loved him since Todd. Love him when he's in love with a character. Todd Blair, Todd Tea... :) And yes, Nina.
I think I like the character of Nina because she's so loony and I can chalk it up to the coma she was in. She acts rather young, like she was in a coma for years and years.
Franco is Todd to me. Period. The tumor magic worked. He was never Franco..James Franco was Franco.

These two are the only interesting people on the show for me right now. Interesting, weird and I never know what they'll do.

Sondra said...

At first I thought you were showing some AMC/Maurice Bernard love. That said, Maurice Bernard will always be Nico to me. As a late teen during that time frame I was going through a lot of "stuff" and losing myself in Tad & Dixie and Cecily and Nico pretty much gave me the only distraction that I could afford. I still miss AMC!

sonya said...

"Sondra says As a late teen during that time frame I was going through a lot of "stuff" and losing myself in Tad & Dixie and Cecily and Nico pretty much gave me the only distraction that I could afford. I still miss AMC!"

NICO!!!! :) AMC was so good back then! I loved Cecily and Nico! Not Cecily and Charlie UGH! I I wanted Charlie and Julie together! Haven't seen you here before. Welcome to the blog. :)

Unknown said...

LOL, When I saw NiCo I thought of the other couple name its been used for on GH of Nikolas and Courtney. Feels weird for two couple have the same name.

d54813c2-b6eb-11e5-a648-3b4aeab0b901 said...

I agree