Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Baby

Yesterday's show: Hook Up with Darby in the sweaty coffee house.. and Morgan says NOPE.

Sonny's such a bitch. 

I saw the promos coming up.Sam FALLS again. LMAO 


Sonny tries to stand in front of Carly. Wonder if he'll walk in time to shoot Julian on his wedding day? UGH. He doesn't want Carly to know he can walk so he tells her it's his arms doing the work, not him. 
He tells Max he's gonna 'TAKE BACK DIS CITY"!! And no one will know.. 

Morgan wants Kiki back. Kiki's, nope. BUT! She will go out on a date with him. 

Sabby's in labor. Carlos wants a girl. She has the baby... Carlos looks at her... 

Robert and Anna skulking around. They figure out where Carlos and Sabrina are by ISP address. Then, they get arrested.

Jasontells Liz he remembers a SAM memory LOL..he wants to get hynotized. Later, Jason sees the pictures Jake drew. 

Franco talking to Sam was the best part today.  
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