Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

CATV 3 20160107 1327(13)
PUFFS Plus, Extra Large Box, Please! 

This blog shall be dedicated mostly to the SCRUBS goodbye this week. Why? It was in my opinion, the perfect synchronicity of these 7 things:   

Long time viewing 

Few Recasts of Principal Characters
Youngsters involved 
Soapy Goodness with all the FEELS.

CATV 3 20160107 1358(41)

I also felt that when the three of them walked out the door a little piece of my viewer's soul went with them. Dramatic? You bet. Accurate? YEP.  Am I ashamed? NOPE! 

I'm having a big old donut fest to celebrate all that is Scrubs. It's sweet ooey goodness will match my happiness. 
*Note: I did NOT win the Powerball. In fact, I got ZERO numbers correct. Ergo, I'm not on a drinking spree and can publish this blog.
You are Welcome. 

CATV 3 20160107 1319(13)

Ok, before you start bitching about what was wrong with the wedding..let me say this: YES Epiphany should have been there. Remember though this was last-minute and she does a lot of guest stints so that may not have been possible.  YES it was rushed--major rushed. As I texted a friend however, I was just happy everyone was in one room and no one lost a limb in the process. Hell, no guns, no threats not even a hint of a kidnapping or Helena interruption. So, take that. 

Rarely if ever do you see someone grow up on soaps, especially from 5 years on. On the ABC soaps I've watched I can think of only two that I saw grow from that age on--Kirsten Alderson and Kim McCullough. They are both gone now and dang, it's sad. Getting to know someone and watch them mold a character is amazing. I really wish Brooklyn could have stayed right on GH for years and years but I suspect even if JP and KM stayed, she'd be ready to move on sometime soon as well.

CATV 3 20160107 1327(16)

Robert, Mac (who married them),  Anna and Felicia. Such a great group. Liz was there for Patrick, not pining over Jason which was nice. Jason was there for Robin-- and trying to get some memories back. 

I'll say no more now but just show photos. Note: I thought Robin's dress was perfect! 

CATV 3 20160107 1318(24)

CATV 3 20160107 1328(35)

CATV 3 20160107 1328(30)

CATV 3 20160107 1329(15)

CATV 3 20160107 1329(37)

AND If that wasn't enough..

CATV 3 20160107 1356(55)

We got the flashback goin! Full on! And because it was Kim and Jason since day one of Scrubs, we could see them in all their glory.

CATV 3 20160107 1356(3)

CATV 3 20160107 1356(19)

Moving on...

CATV 3 20160107 1336(27)

One Elephant in the room was Carly and Robin's 'talk'. I know she's leaving but this was so over the top it was just ridiculous. Carly telling Robin thank you for Jason and the fact that when Robin was at GH she told her 'one day you'll realize how important this is" was cool. The not so cool part? Robin telling Carly how great she's been for Jason and Sonny. Huh? GOOD FOR? Um...up for a giant debate (and there was one on Twitter! lol).  Carly was one of the 2 recasts at that wedding (I am not counting Maxie so don't @ me on that) and I so wish Sarah Brown was still there just for this scene. I've accepted Laura's Carly but Sarah and Kim had the best enemy vibe going back in the day. Missed it. 

CATV 3 20160107 1353(21)

So, all in all I loved the send off. Let's be honest; they could have just had Patrick and Emma leave town. Thank you for not doing that! 

Who gets Scrubs house??! I'd say Lante if they weren't imploded all over the map. 

By the way, in other news:

CATV 3 20160104 1336(32)

Dante thinks it was Dillon who slept with Lulu.  She actually didn't sleep with Johnny either...

CATV 3 20160107 1335(16)

Laura gave out more advice to Tracy, Liz and Nikolas.

CATV 3 20160104 1339(42)

Nina and Franco made awesome love...

CATV 3 20160106 1312(8)

Jordan is dating Dr. Maddox 

CATV 3 20160106 1341(52)

Crimson went "Green"...

Valerie may flunk out of the Police Academy

CATV 3 20160104 1306(15)

Robo-Jake may have saw the Travelocity Gnome on the front lawn and Liz called the cops. 

CATV 3 20160104 1307

These guys were on. (A Scott Sickles Day is always a good day, btw) 

CATV 3 20160105 1322(8)

Sabrina had cramps but not the baby...

CATV 3 20160106 1309(6)

Jake drew Franco an Amityville Horror House portfolio

CATV 3 20160107 1352(35)

Tracy told Hayden she knows "who she really is"...and made it sound like she'd been to PC before, that she made the 'papers' and had ties to Nikolas. All I can think of is Rebecca --Emily's naughty twin that was on in 2009. However, you know we will not know for awhile (Feb sweeps??) because, well...GH. 

CATV 3 20160107 1346(16)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Grandma gives little Emma a plane ticket. Hopefully ensuring us that she'll visit for Easter break. 

CATV 3 20160104 1315(19)

RUNNER UP: When Franco told Nina how much he wanted her when she was all shy and didn't want to have sex. It was so well written and RoHo's face said it all. Awwww.

CATV 3 20160106 1317(25)

PROP OF THE WEEK: That glorious family bad sweater portrait. I personally love how clueless Julian is. And look at Olivia's Face!!  LiLo and Nancy seem to love this stuff. Maybe they'll be Lucy and Ethel. 

CATV 3 20160104 1317(41)

FACE OF THE WEEK: This was Sam listening to Spinelli. Cracked me up. 

Bittersweet week. 2016 on GH starts with a goodbye of epic character proportions. It almost felt like the show was ending! I have to admit there's not a lot for me at the moment since I don't care about any of the stories much. Hayden's real identity may be good but I don't want the frustration of waiting for it.  Ha. Right. 
Thanks for indulging my look back at the send off and wedding. It meant a lot! 
We'll see how many times I make it to do a live post this coming week. Sometimes, I surprise myself! 

Have a good one. I see a Polar VORTEX is coming. (Love that Vortex word!) 
PS> if any of YOU won the Powerball, a nice donation to WUBS would be gladly accepted :)


  1. Karen, GM, it is a very rainy Sunday here in Brooklyn, how is the weather upstate? Did you read my invitation to an event in Long Island? Can you come :) ?

    ITA w/your comments on the wedding, the suddenness of it all, yet the wonderfulness of it all. I am beyond sad that KM, JP and Brooklyn are leaving the show : (, hope they come back soon!

    Re Robin's rather disturbing conversation with Carly, as you might remember, I hate the character of Carly, always have. However, I felt that KM was saying that she could not be there for Jason and Sonny all these years, as keeps leaving the show, and that Carly has been with them forever without a break, thereby giving them someone they can count on.

  2. This SS reflected my sentiments exactly. The wedding day was one of those rare instances that makes up for a whole deal of crap. Is KM actually gone for good, too? I hadn't read that and am hoping Robin would come back to visit mom, as would little Emma. Too bad all those writers couldn't give Jason T. a good storyline - he is such a good actor. They are really responsible for this loss. Very sad but at least they got their happy ending.

  3. What invite!!?

    And yes, I realize in context the Robin thing make some "sense" but boy oh boy-- it was just such a 180. I guess it was also the case with Sonny/Patrick.

    Did you guys love Robin's dress?

  4. Karen, I did love Robin's dress, it looked to be robin's-egg blue . . . Karen, LOL, I guess you don't read all of our comments!! I think it was Friday's blog, I invited all of you to meet me at a GH event in Bellmore, LI. If you can, go to your Friday comments section, I think it is there, if you can't find it, please let me know, would LOVE IT if you could come!!

  5. I loved Robin's dress! Im a sucker for the fit and flair style. I think its flattering on just about every body type. Awesome color too :-)

  6. Karen, it is on Jan. 30, the site is Can any of you make it to LI, NY?

  7. Very glad we got a proper send off for Scrubs although far too rushed. There was a definite finality to it though. Makes me think we'll never see Robin again. Which I am totally fine with. I'm not a fan of the revolving door thing with actors as it's typically done so poorly leaving storylines dangling. I still can't believe GH let Jason Thompson get away. Shameful. I'm still so mad about it!!

    And don't even get me started on the Robin/Carly scene. So ridiculously out of character.

    The rest of GH....meh.

    Great Sunday Surgery Wubsie! Happy Sunday everyone! :)

  8. I do read MOST Of the comments, Joan!! Not all tho..let me look at the end of Jan. It's 6-7 hours for me by car though and January can be a bitch weather wise. I would LOVE to meet up in a place like NYC or LI sometime!

  9. Robin's dress was lovely. KM is such a shining light-always has been.

  10. Karen, I was born in Brooklyn, NY, family moved to Buffalo when I was almost 4, then we moved back to Brooklyn about 10 years later. Our relatives are based in NYC, so we spent MANY snowy winters back and forth from Buffalo to NYC when we lived upstate. Usually, our father drove, and took the NYS Thruway. Once, we got so stuck in the snow we had to be towed!! Sometimes, we took the train, which my sister and I found to be very exotic--I remember going to the dining car, which we thought was very elegant. Sometimes we flew, but all the women in my family get motion sick, so we all would throw up, which infuriated our father. Sometimes, we even threw up in the car . . . Well, I totally digress, I just meant to say I totally understand the difficulties for you travelling here in the winter!

  11. I've only watched one epi of GH in weeks, and this was the one. Sadly, the presence of Sonny and Carly at the wedding really ruined it for me. One, the other, or both are on EVERY FLIPPING DAY, and placed in scenes that there is no earthly reason for. Carly BROUGHT THE WEDDING CAKE? I mean, really. Patrick was A-Okay with Sonny in his living room, on his wedding day? Why GH? Why? If not for this glaring example of the Corinthos family being shoved into my eyes, I would have given the epi a thumbs up.

    1. Robin and Sonny have always been close, which is why he was there, Carly is his wife....and although the scene was a bit odd I'm not complaining cause it did tie in nicely and everyone kept it cordial for the Drakes and Emma....

  12. Thanks for a great surgery, Karen. It's how I always start my Sunday morning as I wake up and make my way through coffee number one. lol And you never disappoint.

    I loved the wedding too. It was supposed to be put together in one day so I forgave the lack of Pfiffy. I was just so happy to see Robert and Mac and Felicia. ( Even if they hired her as an extra and wouldn't let her speak.)

    I miss these kind of family scenes on the show. We lost so much when the show was taken over by a writer who wanted to change it to another soap. Legacy characters started disappearing and new unknowns came in in bunches. ( If Ron didn't want to write for GENERAL HOSPITAL he should have declined the job.) At least with Curtis these writers have brought him in and are easing him into the show. This is the way it should be with a new character on a long running soap.

    I still have a warm glow from the wedding episode so I'll watch this week in the hopes that there will be stories about the characters we love, and that they'll proceed at a bearable pace. More of charming Johnny will certainly help. And Nina in Maxie's orbit is definitely watchable. ( The fact that Tracy is leaving for a month makes me weary though.)

    Time for cup number 2 now. Wish I could snatch one of those doughnuts on the way though. lol

    Thanks again for my Sunday read, and the great pics.

  13. Best SS work, short and sweet for now. :)

  14. Love your Sunday Surgery as always. The wedding was perfect. Sonny and Carly being there was nice to me as it showed loyalty and unity. But I do agree about Carly and the cake!!! I hope that Jason gets his memory back soon. The writers seem to forget he has 2 sons as they always show only Jake. It pissed me off that at Christmas it showed him bringing presents to Liz's kids but nothing to Danny and the scene with Danny was just a chance meeting un the park.It seems like the writers are pro Liz and Jason. If that's so then put them back together and stop the tug of war between Sam and Liz! It's gotten old already!!!! I will miss the Scrubs family but thought the wedding and send off were perfect! It did miss Epiphany calling him Drake Jr though

  15. Did anyone watch the extended cut of the wedding on the GH website? Trying to figure out if it's worth my while. Fan of the scorpios for like 30something years now. Glad Robin gets a happy ending! (and patrick and emma too)

  16. Great SCRUBS episode, I felt like JT was really feeling the good-bye with little Brooklyn and my tears were unabashedly flowing. It was a great episode, interrupted occasionally by the Tracy/Hayden/Laura/Nikolas nonsense. I loved the flashback scenes and I was just a puddle. It really did seem like an end for sure, as I love JT but no way will watch Y&R for him. Too bad.

    Love your "prop of the week"! Hilarious!!! The one prop i hope to never see again was Johnny's hat. WTF Johnny?!