Monday, January 18, 2016

Fire Fire Pants on Fire!

Alexis, Sonny and Krissy out to lunch. They are telling her how wonderful she is with school and she's cringing.  She tells Sam that she's suspended from school. She tried to get a good grade by Zexting up her professor! Ka-CHING!!  He didn't take her up on it, tho, he turned her in! :) 
When she goes to leave. "Parker" (the professor) texts her to call him asap. 

Sonny's not happy that Alexis is marrying "that rat-bastard" Julian. They think something is up with Kristina. 


Liz tries to get Sam to believe that she and Jake are sleeping together-- and then Jake walks up behind Sam. HAHAAA. whoops.  LATER, Jake tells Liz and Jason that SAM broke that picture or wishes she did. . And he was talking like he was medicated. geesh.

Lulu saves Val. She gives her CPR IN THE burning cabin...she doesn't drag her out. Valerie wakes up and they run.  Lulu left her keys and phone in the burning cabin in her coat. DOH!

Bobbie is at the PCPD defending Valerie about the Johnny Z photos. 

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