Friday, November 7, 2014

So Much Friday

Michael and Sonny hold guns on each other. Ava's like "I SAW Sonny kill AJ"..."now let me go find my BABY"!  "She's your sister..or your niece" ahhaaa.ONLY on a soap!  Michael tells her to shut up because he "doesn't want to hear from the woman that screwed on his father's grave"..Ava leaves. 
Sonny tells Michael Ava shot Olivia and killed Connie. Then he says AJ knew it and was trying to tell him  but "I SHOT HIM ANYWAY" (he yelled that) 
Michael says he was a pawn in the AJ hate--that AJ is his father, NOT Sonny 

Nina and Donna are in a scummy motel somewhere. Franco calls Nina! She's like: HOW was your wedding?!!!!! They were cute about needing friends. AWWWWWwwwwwwwwww. Donna tells her she did hire Ava to sleep with Silas. 

Anna arrests Duke. Bobbie and Lucy talk at Jake's.
Later: Lucy leaves and FRANCO walks in and sits next to Bobbie. 
Anna takes Duke to her office and asks him why he chose Sonny over her...she's all crying. Sad 

Silas and Kiki stand around trying to figure out who texted him instead of getting their asses to the Brownstone. They FINALLY leave to go get Ava. 
They find her on the pier, laying down...She tells Kiki she had a girl. Silas called PCPD, Nathan. They take her to GH.

Morgan is still hanging out of the hospital. GEESH WHY? Diane is with Max, Max is fine. Duh..MOVE it, KID! 

THE END OF THE DAY: Michael is shaking...almost shoots and the screen goes black..but we see on the previews they are STILL TALKING ON MONDAY ughhhh. 


  1. I'm sure they'll still be talking by Wednesday.

    And why in heaven's name did Franco just leave all of them in the warehouse and go get a drink? That doesn't make sense at all.

  2. The floating rib: Gee yesterday Lucy was all ra ra sis boom bah (forgot to mention that yesterday) because of the voting race, and now she is upset that Duke is getting arrested. Bobbie is right! Lucy has feelings for Duke! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day! He is talking to Bobbie.

    BobTodd: I've had one crazy day.

    ROFL! And then there is Bobbie defending her daughter. Same old Bobbie. Always defending the people she loves whatever they do! ROFL!

    McSilas and Starki: Boy Starki is all out of breath!

    Starki: I need to find Michael *breaths hard* And I need to check *breathing hard* On my mom. *breathing hard* Why aren't you with my mom? *breathing hard* And then when she is able to talk, they just stand there talking! No urgency?! Your face looks like it Starki but I don't see you rushing!

    Brownstone: Oh Karen I think the Michael and Sonny scene was great! I want him to tell Sonny off! :) I don't want him to shoot Sonny though. :( Of course Ava was manipulating Michael hahaha!

    Pier: Wow Ava lost her voice! She couldn't even yell out Franco's name! She was fine at the Brownstone! :) Franco calls Nina awwww! Great scene! They have got to become a couple eventually! Oh good Starki and McSilas see Ava! Ava got her voice back! Yes Starki you have a sister awwww! :)

    Hotel: Nina, Madaline, and baby Zyrtec! :)One minute Nina has the 4 month old, and then the next minute she is gone, and Nina is holding a pillow/and or the blanket. Then the next minute, Zyrtec is there again! :)PEAK A BOO!!!!! :)

    Anna's office: A lot of I told you so's! :( Are Anna and Duke over? :( Oh there is Lucy being there for Duke! Will there be a Dukcy? Awww but but I love Duke and Anna! :(

  3. Someone should tell Starki that breathing hard is not how you convey urgency. Panting is only acceptable if you've been running or if you're a dog. Otherwise the incessant heavy breathing makes the one want to shove an inhaler through the television set to just make it stop.

    And if there is a duckcy, I will cook it for Thanksgiving Lucy!

  4. "Di said...Someone should tell Starki that breathing hard is not how you convey urgency. Panting is only acceptable if you've been running or if you're a dog."

    Starki: I've been *heavy breathing* running, because *heavy breathing* I wanted *heavy breathing* to talk to *heavy breating* my dad!! Hey have you seen my eyes?

    "And if there is a duckcy, I will cook it for Thanksgiving Lucy!"

    ROFL! She will have a heart attack!

  5. I thought it was hilarious that Franco left his hostages to call Nina and then get a drink. Nina's like "come see MY BABY" and Franco's like "kinda busy right now."

    4-month old baby Zyrtec is so cute. She was all stretching her arm and practicing her knockout punch on Nina. That proves she's Ava's kid (and probably Sonny's too, given the whole boxing thing) If she were really Nina's, she'd start playing with Nina's hair ;)

  6. "RedSoxFaninVA said... If she were really Nina's, she'd start playing with Nina's hair ;)"

    Or Zyrtec would be playing with her own hair! ROFL!

  7. Sonya said: Or Zyrtec would be playing with her own hair! ROFL!

    True, but Zyrtec doesn't have much hair to play with and Nina does ;)

  8. "RedSoxFaninVA said...True, but Zyrtec doesn't have much hair to play with and Nina does ;)"

    Hahahaha! That's true too! :) I wonder what her first word is gonna be. Probably, HAIR! Or MAMA HAIR! :)

  9. I think Franco left his hostages alive and locked up because he actually HAS changed. He got the mischief out of the way and didn't want to do more than that. And he is already regreting that.

    This was a full day today!

    And Ava is far from OK...she just gave birth and she's not young. I know how it is--got up the day after surgery and thought I could do stuff and collapsed with my legs just giving out, like melting away. Ava has also been thru turmoil physically and emotionally.

    Nina continues to make me nervous--what will she do with that poor baby if it starts crying and won't stop? It should be hungry soon!

    Was anyone else yelling along with Ava: SHOOT HIM! Shoot HIM!! as Micheal's gun wavered...

  10. Yeah, I was yelling shoot him too Soaplover! Just too many years of Sonny exposure has rendered me ill at the sight of him. I know some people love the little mob boss but, this fan is done.

  11. After weeks of not watching I tuned in this week to give it a chance.

    First, to try and be positive, here is what I liked.

    It was fast paced with secrets being revealed.

    I LOVED the use of the vets. During the wedding itself I was frustrated that Bobbie was just standing there like an extra but the way she was used afterwards in the scenes at the Floating Rib, pulling in on her history with Scott, Lucy, etc. was excellent. I would watch Bobbie, Lucy, Scotty, Anna, Felicia, Mac any day over Franco, Silas, Nina, etc.

    The vet we did not see who I really want to is Monica. I want to see her reaction when she hears that Sonny killed AJ - I want Bobbie to be the one to tell her. I want to see Monica confront Sonny - and after a week where everyone held guns on others but no one (other than Max) got shot, I want to see Monica shoot Sonny - and Michael support her!

    It was great to see Anna. I think she should be the star of the show. Give her more screen time than Nina or Carly or Ava. It is laughable that she arrested Duke, Dante was out trying to arrest his father, and Nathan was assigned finding his mother. It is as if the PCPD has never heard of conflict of interest. But it is a soap so I realize this adds to the drama.

    As much as I love the vets I find Duke to be extremely dull. So dull he could be related to Silas. I am glad he and Anna may be over. I just hope and pray they are not freeing Anna up as a single to revisit a pairing with Luke when he returns. The Anna and Luke pairing was one of the ickiest in the history of GH. Id like to see Robert return and reconnect with Anna. Otherwise Anna needs someone younger and with a personality. She and Patrick have chemistry but that too would be icky...perhaps icky enough to be a good soap storyline. Or, what about Ned or Jax?

    As I mentioned in a previous post I think they should reveal that Anna and Robert did not kill Faison but offerred him a deal - that he has switched sides and has been secretly working with them to bring down Fluke / Helena / Jerry Jaxs circle of evil. This would give Anna a great storyline and open the door to Roberts return.

    Id pair Carly with Ned. She (and Joss) need a stable force in their lives. Would also bring her into the Q orbit - with Michael Quartermaine, and Jason and Liz

    I hate the newbies - and by newbie I mean any of the characters that have been introduced over the last two or three years. They either have no personality or purpose (Silas, Kiki, Sabrina) or are over exposed and cartoon like (Nina, Franco, Dr. O). While I wont comment on specific actors I will say I beleive the majority of the additions over the last two or three years can not act. There are exceptions. The actors who play Franco, Ava, Dr. O and Nina are obviously great actors. Unfortunately in the case of Franco and Nina, the great acting is not enough when they are given a horrible, irredeemable characters. Id keep Ava as the actress is great and the character has roots in GH. I could also tolerate Brit, as it keeps Nicholas away from Liz. I might even keep Dr. O as she adds some humor and is a good nemisis for Anna. Id keep Nathan as he is good with Maxie, is not a psycho cartoon character, and forms a family unit with Brit and Dr. O. Id keep Jordan as she reminds me of a young Anna. The rest - Nina, Madeline, Silas, Kiki, Franco, Sabrina, Brad, Felix, Ninas nurse, Shaun, TJ - all need a Guza explosion to take them out. They can take Duke, Olivia and Sonny with them.

    I am waiting to see how things unfold with Lord Larry Ashton. He has history with the show and connection to great characters/actors in Ned and Tracey. I just hope current writers dont turn him into an over the top cartoon as well.

  12. friscogh said: "As much as I love the vets I find Duke to be extremely dull. So dull he could be related to Silas."

    I'm glad I'm not the only one.The man puts me to sleep. I'd also love for Robert to come back. I love him and Anna together.

    I also agree with what you said about most of the newbies. ..."They either have no personality or purpose (Silas, Kiki, Sabrina) or are over exposed and cartoon like..."

    I hate that the show at times is turned into a cartoon. There's humor and there's slapstick. And I'm definitely not a fan of the latter in my soap.

  13. They'll talk till Dante gets there. Maybe Mikey can shoot his brother, this time.

  14. Add me to the list of people who find Duke to be more effective than Sominex.
    Maura West has turned out to be just as fabulous an actress as people said she was. I just wish she wasn't so evil. There are way too many villains on the show - double digits. Keep Ava and maybe Julian - get rid of Shaun, Sonny, Nina, Madeleine, Puke and at least a few more. I know soaps need villains but they don't need this many - absolute overkill.

  15. while watching those scenes with Sonny and Michael I was trying to remember did Michael ever find out about Sonny and Carly hanging AJ on the meat hook?

  16. Thought I posted this earlier but I guess not. Too much evil in this show. I wanted Michael to shoot Sonny but I'm hoping he doesn't or he will land in jail again. I think IB may be doing something to his face because he seems expressionless. On the other hand, FH is outstanding. I rarely go on Twitter, but had read that Carvilati said everyone loves Nina. On what planet! So, I sent him a tweet saying we love Ava and pls.redeem her if possible and that we really hate Nina. Maybe not too nice but honest. He immediately sent me a very nasty tweet. Not going to follow him anymore.

    1. I'm not on Twitter but, I've heard several people say how Ron can't handle criticism...I'm neutral when it comes to Nina. Not in love but, I can't say I hate the character either.