Monday, November 24, 2014

A day of confusion

Shawn and Jordan..ugh. Whatever. Just get it over with. We KNOW Shawn is TJ's dad so. Whatever. A handsome man walks up to Jordan on the docks. He's DEA official. Wants to know why Jordan isn't finding out who Fluke is instead of talking to Shawn. 

Geesh, FAISON still isn't in that HOLE.  You know how I feel about that. Anna puts out an APB on Faison. And says (Get this) SHE HASN'T SEEN FAISON or checked on him IN A YEAR. 
Yes, A YEAR.
It can get more stupid LOL!! 
"Robert insisted I stay out of it. He got a WSB agent to get a job as a stable hand at Wyndemere to care for Faison".

Molly and TJ. TJ is crying to her. Shawn finds him. TJ is just mad. MAD MAD.

Alexis finds out that Luke is Fluke... and Julian tells her all about the Ric truth.  She's stunned.  He also said he met Fluke in Witness Protection when he wanted to over throw Sonny and he said " I look just like a guy in Port Charles"... ergo...could it be Bill Eckert ?? Alexis wonders about plastic surgery. Julian says he's not sure if Fluke had it but he wanted to assume that. 

Fluke/Luke. SO much in this it's hard to summarize. Just know that Luke thought maybe Fluke was Larry Ashton. 

Zip Drive: Lulu and co. find a blueprint for Duke's mask and someone trying to make a mask of--Luke. 


Fluke could be...Faison, Ashton or someone else.  They aren't saying yet. Shocker.

Faison has been missing for A YEAR. The stable hand was filing false reports for A YEAR. 

(let that sink in)

Alexis knows Ric was innocent

so it goes. 

HELENA is on tomorrow. 


  1. All I can say about today is, when the show started, I didn't even recognize Molly at first. How sad is that. And what does it say about the show.

  2. Holy crap I did not recognize Molly!!! Either she grew up a lot or she hasn't been on in forever.

  3. I thought it was Rosale in Sams Pentshouse lol... I was confused

  4. Pier: That guy that Jordan was talking to, when he first walked up to the pier, I thought he was TJ's father! That he really didn't die!

    Wyndemere stables: A YEAR!?!?!?! HOLY CRAP! I love how Dr O lunged at Anna and was choking her! ROFL! The stable hand?!!! For a year?!!?!?!?!?!? :0

    Miscavage: Luke vs ???? Is it Faison?! Is it Larry Ashton!!?! Jerry Jax!!?!?! Is it Bill Ekart?!?!! Is it someone else?!!?! Now that Tony Geary is back, we should know now!!! I don't blame Tony Geary that this storyline dragged. I mean he had a bad back and had surgery. He had to heal. The writers were waiting for him to get better. I understand that. But now that Tony Geary is back, I'm ready to find out ASAP who Fluke is!!!!

    Sam's home: What the?!!?! MOLLY?!!?! What did you do to your hair?! It's horrible! Is it wig? It's a horrible wig if it's a wig. Awww TJ. :( Poor TJ!!! TJ crying on Molly's shoulder. :( I'm glad Shaun showed up. Awww Molly still has her daddy's letter. :'(

    Q home: Tracy wins the lines of the day!

    Tracy: Faison!? How does that marble mouth troll factor into what's happened with my husband? Why Ashton and Jerry Jax are so interested in the scandinavian garden gnome. You're a neurosurgeon That is a head. Can't you tell us who it is?

    ROFL! Oh Tracy! :) So is it a mask? Plastic surgery!?!?! Or something else?!

    Alexis and Julian: Julian spilling his guts!!!! Alexis so pissed!!!!

    Faison: FAISON!!!!! :) As soon as they showed the teeny tiny baby cigars, I knew it was Faison! Watcha doin Faison?! :) Hmmmm Anna? Really?! A YEAR?!?!!?!!!?!?!

  5. 'Twas a very confusing day, for sure. Can't wait to see HELENA again tomorrow!

  6. Oh and Bob talked about a guy in the witness protection program waiting for everything to be resolved cus he wants to get back to his life! I know who it is!!! RIC!!!!! :)

  7. Helena was the best part of the blog today.

  8. Sonya, I was thinking the same thing about the guy who walked out on the pier to talk to Jordan.

  9. "Di said...Sonya, I was thinking the same thing about the guy who walked out on the pier to talk to Jordan."

    Great minds think alike! *high five* :) And then Jordan sees him, and says :0 YOUR ALIVE!!!!! :O:O:0

  10. I know! I said WTH?! I thought they were bringing back another dead person.

  11. So, does anyone think that "Larry Ashton" is really Faison? And that Fluke is Bill Eckert?

  12. "Di said... I know! I said WTH?! I thought they were bringing back another dead person."


    "Zak said...So, does anyone think that "Larry Ashton" is really Faison? And that Fluke is Bill Eckert? "

    Could be could be!!!

  13. Zak, I think they showed Larry back at the Q. Mansion while Faison was on the dock. But we all know time is very fluid in PC, who who knows?

  14. I would enjoy seeing Ric Hersht again and surely Julian coming clean means Ric can come home.
    Super good actor.

    Hope TG's back surgery was successful and lasts. That is a very tricky surgery and sometimes can make things worst rather than better, or no better.

    So glad to see Julian giving Alexis the truth. But what can she do with it?

    I hope (after hearing Asthon talking about not seeing what is right under your noses), I hope it is Larry. The actor is good and he could pass with a little surgery. Faison couldn't. Remember, Geary is over 6'--or was before the surgery. As we age we shrink...I know!

    I like Michael as a Q! Looks like Jordon will need to drop her cover soon. That also ties into the LukeFluke story.

  15. I thought Molly looked really cute. I liked yesterday's show - lots going on and lots of characters interacting. And more Anna!!

  16. I agree about Molly. She looks so mature now too. I hope Rick comes back and maybe we'll see her more often too.

  17. Julia Barrett is on this week. That plus the comment that Fluke knew someone in PC looked like him highly suggests it's Bill Eckert.

    He needs the least retconning to be Fluke

  18. "Cosmoetica said...Julia Barrett is on this week."

    SHE IS???!!??! I didn't know that!!! :0

  19. I thought the guy on the pier was TJ's father too and he was hot :) when Fluke first started he wanted to take down Sonny most of all, I can't think of any reason Bill or Ashton would I forgetting something?

  20. nance, maybe Duke is the one behind it all and he's now in charge of Sonny's biz. muyhahahahahaha


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