Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"It's all the necklace's fault!"

Carly blames the necklace. For everything. Of course she does!! Dante--it was that stupid necklace.
Anyway, later, she gets the mail and Franco gave her a DVD that says "play me" with CO77x on it.
The DVD has Franco on the bed, taunting Carly saying he's going to drive her insane because she'll never know when he's coming back. 

Franco goes to say goodbye to Dr. O. Awww, she really likes him. 

Heather ends up in jail with Duke and Sonny. Hope no one has to pee in front of the other.

Nina sees Silas--it's a mirage though. Donna Mills groans and he disappears. 

Kiki and Morgan bond a bit.

Rosie and Michael bond but she tells him of Nina's plan for her to sleep with him and that she knew about the "secret" before he did.  Michael kissed Rosie. 

Jordan and Shawn are going to tell TJ The Truth about his father. Like anyone cares. 

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