Friday, November 14, 2014

Jail House Blues

Carly and Sonny in the Jail...whining about crap AGAIN..whateverrrrrrrrrrr. "I lost him Carly, I lost our Son"...cry me a river. He thinks they should end it because of their situation. "I love you but sometimes love is not enough"

Kiki walks in on Michael and Purple Bra. "what are you doing" She asks. Michael says "Rosalie and I are having sex you leave and let us get back to it". But she would't leave. Rosie leaves. Kiki's all upset.

Jake recognizes Alan's photo on the wall at GH. He's going to Liz' house. That's all she does. ALL SHE DOES, wheel Jake Face around.
They look at Guza's wall of death and then go to her house where he sees a pic of himself and stares into space. 

SO, a newbie "Kyle Sloan" from the justice department is investigating Victor and his experiments while he was at the WSB. He wants Britt's help. Seems they are going to have a case against Anna for killing Faison. They can't find Robert. 

Duke goes to be arraigned. 

MICHAEL goes to jail to see Sonny (and it's commercial) end of show.

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