Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Michael finds a gun in the foyer where Max was shot (I'm thinking it's Max's??) can't find Sonny. Dante comes in later. Tells Michael he and Anna think Sonny killed AJ. Michael is not spilling what he knows. I guess so he can shoot Sonny himself. 

Morgan is so stupid just hanging around the hospital!! DUH  Diane comes in and yells at Sonny. Max is going to be all right but needs surgery. 

HOLY Crap!! Ava just spills that Donna Mills hired her to SLEEP WITH SILAS!! ahahaha WHAT?!! Yep... she did. And now Ava is trying to psyche Nina out by making her think her mother is setting her up to get her in jail. (then she can get the money) 

Silas tells Sam he's sorry and he knows that Nina broke them up on purpose.  Lab tests are back: Danny is fine. 

Julian and Alexis guard Danny who's sleeping on the couch. 

Carly and Franco go round and round..she finally runs out and Heather puts a gun on her on the docks. 
Franco walks out.

Scotty gets the zip drive with Sonny's confession. Bobbie's trying to talk him out of using it because Carly's on there. UGH..


"Some kids are born, color blind--some with allergies ..Michael was born to an unfaithful whore of a mother" LINE OF THE DAY!!

You made me believe in love and in myself..and just when I thought what we had was real, turns out it was all lies" Franco (tears up)
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