Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Michael finds a gun in the foyer where Max was shot (I'm thinking it's Max's??) can't find Sonny. Dante comes in later. Tells Michael he and Anna think Sonny killed AJ. Michael is not spilling what he knows. I guess so he can shoot Sonny himself. 

Morgan is so stupid just hanging around the hospital!! DUH  Diane comes in and yells at Sonny. Max is going to be all right but needs surgery. 

HOLY Crap!! Ava just spills that Donna Mills hired her to SLEEP WITH SILAS!! ahahaha WHAT?!! Yep... she did. And now Ava is trying to psyche Nina out by making her think her mother is setting her up to get her in jail. (then she can get the money) 

Silas tells Sam he's sorry and he knows that Nina broke them up on purpose.  Lab tests are back: Danny is fine. 

Julian and Alexis guard Danny who's sleeping on the couch. 

Carly and Franco go round and round..she finally runs out and Heather puts a gun on her on the docks. 
Franco walks out.

Scotty gets the zip drive with Sonny's confession. Bobbie's trying to talk him out of using it because Carly's on there. UGH..


"Some kids are born, color blind--some with allergies ..Michael was born to an unfaithful whore of a mother" LINE OF THE DAY!!

You made me believe in love and in myself..and just when I thought what we had was real, turns out it was all lies" Franco (tears up)


  1. I watched today's show. While I hate some of the characters that were front and centre (again) today the acting was fantastic all round.

    Two little things I noticed:
    - the scenes on the docks had Felicia Jones for Mayor posters! I hope we see more than posters. I want to see Maxie and Lucy out campaigning. Have Felicia become Mayor in time to interact with DA Baldwin and Police Chief Devane re Sonny Corinthos murder trial.
    - when Ava crawled to the door at the end of the show she was wearing pantyhose? Did she give birth wearing pantyhose or did she take a few minutes to put them on in between giving birth and Nina stealing her baby?

  2. THEY PREEMPTED MY ENTIRE GH for a f*****ng Obama new conference!! This was SUCH an important day, I am SOOOO bummed!! In my area, ABC has news first at 4, then at 5, then at 6 and 6:30. AND THEY HAD TO INTERRUPT MY ENTIRE SHOW??!! I AM LIVID!!

  3. Honestly I am so shocked by Morgan.I expected better from him.This is the same kid who threw a hissy fit at Dante for sending Michael to prison, by he is totally ok that Sonny betrayed Michael. I wonder how understanding he would be of Sonny if if it was Jax instead of AJ. I just feel like its out of character for him.

  4. Haunted Star: BobTodd wins the line of the day! I so agree with Karen!

    BobTodd: Some kids are born, color blind--some with allergies ..Michael was born to an unfaithful whore of a mother.

    BAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! And BobTodd has more up his sleeve for the whore! I mean Carly! :) What will happen Bobbie if Scotty uses that tape? You going to dump him?! Go ahead! You two are all wrong for each other anyway! He belongs with Lucy!

    Sonny's home: Oh Michael with the gun and his shaky hand!!! No Michael don't shoot Sonny! Tell him off and then renounce your last name and tell him you are dead to me! Then change your last name to Q, and move into the Q home! :) Dante wants Michael to sit on what he knows?! NOOOOOOOO! That sucks! Well if Michael really wants Sonny to go to jail, I guess he should sit on it. But that is no fun!

    The hospital:

    Toddler Cheeto's room: Cheeto is sleeping on the couch but we don't see him! I bet in real life, it's an empty couch ROFL!

    Max's waiting area: Max is going to be okay! YAY! Morgan stop hugging Sonny! UGH! You are not mad at him anymore?!!?!?! Stop sucking up you are not the golden boy and never will be! Michael is the golden boy! Oh no wait. Not anymore. Okay you can be the golden boy. Oh no wait. You really shouldn't be! Poor Diane!!! Woah Max is your boyfriend? YAY! :)Max should really start wearing a bullet proof vest!

    Sam and Mcsilas: They are talking about Nina! Sam should say I told you so I told you so I told you so! The results are in!!! YAY Cheeto is going to be okay! See Sam now you can relax! :)

    Pier: Heather and her gun moves! ROFL! She wants to be one of the Charlie's angles! ROFL! Starki! You know that the pier is dangerous! Stop talking on your phone and get the hell out of here you dummy! On second thought, Heather go ahead and shoot her. She is stupid. Oh and there is Carly! Heather and BobTodd tag team! :)


    BOMBSHELL: Nina's mama payed Ava to be with McSilas!!!! :0 But then of course Ava fell in love with him! Nina is listening intently! Hahaha. Come on Nina! Give the 4 month old back to Ava!!! Yesterday Ava said that the baby has a name. She does!?!?! What is it?! :)

  5. Sonya said:

    Hahaha. Come on Nina! Give the 4 month old back to Ava!!! Yesterday Ava said that the baby has a name. She does!?!?! What is it?! :)

    Why it's Silasine, of course! Or Morganna. We just know the kid's not going to be named after Sonny ;)

  6. "RedSoxFaninVA said...Why it's Silasine, of course! Or Morganna."

    Oh of course!!!! ROFL!

    "We just know the kid's not going to be named after Sonny ;)"

    Hahahaha! No Sonny Jr for a baby girl! :)

  7. Wonder if Flea ends up moving into the mayor's mansion they had back on in the day when Luke was mayor? It was palatial!

  8. Terrible continuity in today's ep. One minute Ava was trying to convince Nina that Mama is going to betray her and the cops are waiting outside, and the next time we see Ava she's alone and crawling to the door to go outside.

    Am I the only one who was yelling, "Shoot her! Shoot her! as Heather hid behind the boxes and watched Kiki?

    I hope Michael doesn't do something stupid.

  9. YES, Heather had the PERFECT shot to get KIKI! damn it!

    I didn't see Ava crawling but Frisco thank you, you KNOW I'd notice the panty hose!!! LOL