Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Plead...

Lisa LoCicero is PG in real life!!  :) Congrats to her!! She has one son right now who's about 12 I think. I wonder if they'll write it into the story. Ned's? 

Ava has flown the coop. Michael calls Kiki an Idiot. LOL. Morgan comes in and tells Michael to "lay off her". They fight.  
Michael then goes to the court house to see Sonny being led off. 

TJ finds out that his dad was attacking Shaun because he and Jordan were having an affair. Shaun had to shoot him in self defense.  They thought TJ could be Shawn's and had a DNA test. TJ's dad found the results and knew they were having the affair. Looks like Jordan changed the RESULTS though---look at her face!! 

Bobbie is mad at Scotty. He says ok..."low bail for Carly" but the judge is like NO WAY--she won't grant ANY bail to Carly! 
Sonny pleads out so that Duke/Carly could get off.

Ava goes to Silas' apartment. Which still looks like a burned out building.  He agrees to hide her. 

Sam got the impression of the key to the safety deposit box. With Silly Putty. 


  1. I tended to agree with TJ today. What was the point of them telling him that? I know Shawn probably just wanted Jordan to stop holding it over his head, but it did no good for poor TJ. ( I also can't understand why he's not more angry with them.)

    And you're right about the look. I'd say he's Shawn's and why Jordan didn't fess up at that point I'll never know. That would also explain why TJ's "dad" was angry enough to want to kill Shawn.

  2. No GH again today - press conference with the governor about the storm.
    Hope your brother is okay Karen. The southtowns are supposed to get another 1 to 2 feet tomorrow

  3. Kelly's: Ohhhhhhh! So Thomas Sr found out about the affair and was going to shoot Shaun! So Shaun shot and killed Thomas Sr was in self defense! Go ahead TJ ask how your dad found out a bout the affair! Maybe because she got preggers? And that's how he found out? Ohhhhh Thomas Sr found out because Jordan had a DNA test done. Thomas SR IS the bio daddy! I was thinking is Jordan lying? But then when TJ left, and Jordan had her back toward Shaun while he was talking, and the look on her face, yeah I am 100% convinced that she is LYING! :)

    The hospital:

    Ava's room: Ava is GONE!!!! Where oh where did she go?!!? Michael wins the lines of the day!

    Michael: So not only are you a liar, you're an idiot too. You two are regular brain trusts aren't you?

    ROFL! Yes Michael! Thank you! Starki IS an idiot! :) Glad you dumped her! Awww but don't grab Morgan! Forgive him. :(

    McSilas's home: There is Carmen Sandiago! I mean Ava.

    Ava: At least I'm alive!

    Not for long if you don't get out from near the window!! DUH! Now I know where Starki got her stupidity from! For someone in the mob, she should know better than to be so close to the window!

    Courthouse: Oh Bobbie!!! Scotty doesn't deserve being hit! How would you like it if he hit you!?!! Oh I wish he hit her back! Bobbie breaks up with him! GREAT! Now he could go find Lucy! Oh no wait, she is interested in Duke! Sonny pleads guilty to save his wuv of his life! Scotty did what Bobbie wanted him to do! UGH! And of course she doesn't know what to say. Are you going to go back with him Bobbie?!

    Q home: Geez Patrick and Sam are whispering loud! Careful you two, Lord Ashton could hear you! Safety deposit box? Interesting! Oh Patrick don't be so obvious! You suck at this. Time for you to go back to work.

    Anna's office: Where oh where is Carmen Sandiago. Oh Julian has no idea!

    "Karen says Lisa LoCicero is PG in real life!! :) Congrats to her!! She has one son right now who's about 12 I think. I wonder if they'll write it into the story. Ned's?"

    Really? YAY! Congrats to her! Maybe it's Sonny's! ROFL! It can't be Ned's! They haven't slept together yet. Maybe they will soon!

  4. So, if Olivia gets PG on the show, will the baby be kidnapped, killed, switched with another newborn, born premature and look like he'she is 3 years old or face a who's the daddy storyline?

  5. Karen, I think instead of Mike the thug he should call himself Mick. (We will add the thug part. Doesn't that have a nice ring to it: Mick the Thug.)

  6. Haven't finished watching yet, but, so far, have to say, Why on EARTH would they tell this to TJ? Why would they hurt him in this way?

  7. Mick is a good one too!!

    The TJ thing was stupid...imo. Someone on twitter had the idea that maybe TJ's dad went crazy and started shooting people randomly and Shawn had to take him out. His dad had bad PTSD...and they were afraid he'd find out on google or something. THAT makes more sense. Maybe I'll do a blog on it.

    THE WEATHER here is ok, we have some lake effect now, maybe 3 inches. My brother is just buried. I told him to make cookies which he did-- ;) There's no wine in his house! I'm like WHAT? you're a Canfield and no wine/scotch? They are using ALL of their snow days NOW-meaning they will have to make anything over up. And it's NOVEMBER. Last year they had eight, but it started in January.

    GUS had to go out at 1:30am--- I hate life lol

  8. I hope there are no more babies on the show for a LONG time. I think there have been enough baby stories. Just hide Olivia behind a big purse or a potted palm.

    I actually like the TJ character as I think Tequan Richmond is a good actor, and I also like Vinessa Antoine and think she is a good addition to the cast. I feel that Sean Blakemore has done much better acting in scenes with her. I'd like to see this story develop more and maybe the father isn't dead after all. I hope Molly comes back soon. I like the traditional "soapy" type of stories more than the psycho nutjob and mobster stories, just my personal preference.

    I had to laugh at Diane getting indignant about Sonny pleading guilty - he IS guilty! Michael knows he did it...would Sonny really try to weasel his way out of it?

  9. Gus needs a doggie door, LOL. We have one. Michael was right about Kiki and Morgan being idiots. Bobbie had no right to ask Scott to bend the law although he usually doesn't need asking. Looking forward to a long and unpleasant prison stay for Sonny. So happy to see Anna three days in a row and no Nina or Franco!

  10. TJ was gone 6 weeks and we are supposed to feel something when this comes out, about a character we never met, told through 2 known liars, about a murder, and the son we barely see?

    The continuity and plotting is atrocious.

  11. Cosmo, I agree and it looks like they are still lying - Jordan looked guilty about the DNA test. Right, who really cares.