Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November will be: Spoiler Free

Other than the scoops I have up now, WUBSNET Is going spoiler free for the rest of November. I am enjoying the show so much and it feels like my old days of OLTL. I was completely spoiler free for that show and it was grand.

There are many spoiler sites out there, and I hope you will return here to read the blog and get my thoughts. I don't want to get the Fluke information 100% (I already know enough) --and maybe I won't be so bitchy on the show. LOL 
I'm not going to be militant about spoilers but I'm not going to read my email about them and I'll try to avoid big ones on twitter. 

Hope you understand-- I will update the news here and there though and in December, it will be good to go again.

It's only for a month.  You can do it! 
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