Friday, February 28, 2014

What if ... Donna Mills is...

 A Barrett?

My speculation...someone mentioned,what if Donna Mills is Julia Barrett?? COULD Totally FIT! And then,what if the LUKE Rumor about being Bill Eckart is somehow TRUE? (Or he thinks he's him? Who knows).  Julia Barrett had Nina (married last name) who then dated Silas. That would tie that together.

How could Luke be Bill? When he and Scotty were "out" they switched him.  Don't ask me WHO did it! LOL...but there IS something up with our Luke. Look at the way he walks. He totally has Bill's haircut too. And he said "call the police" to Tracy!! Come on..we know he died, but since when does that matter? 

Some history

Julia moved to Port Charles in 1991 to run Barrett Industries at the behest of her father Harlan Barrett. She soon found love in the form of Bill Eckert. The relationship didn't last however as Bill shot and killed Harlan, who was a member of a cartel planning to control global business used a deadly substance. Harlan's death made Julia break up with Bill. 

 She also slept with Ned and AJ! 

Bill Eckert was totally in that mobular world. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. This is ALLSPECULATIONSODON'TGONUTS! LOL. I love to play "what if" especially when the show is so boring.  

*NOTE: Donna Mills is 73!! I thought she wsa 63!! LOL..but hey, she COULD look way younger, right?  Well,  my early specs did lead to my being WAY RIGHT on the Faison-Mask thing. So, let's just pretend!! 


  1. Uhm, no...Donna Mills is way too old to be Julia....and with Anthony Geary's schedule, I doubt that they would do a prolonged story that involves "Bill".

    I hope her character is the backer for Julian, because I'm hoping that they have a better story for Ric, like maybe he's sick, and came back to make things right with his family before he dies..and maybe Silas is able to save him.

  2. Ooooh, Chris, I like the way you think!

  3. I can't see Donna Mills as Julia. The age is just way too off. I hope DM has some Q connection. We need some Q mansion drama.

    Please keep Ric healthy. Give him a juicy storyline and all but, PC has had enough terminally ill people look for a cure.

    Bill Eckert... I hope. I never have to hear that name again.

  4. love the musings - and how it would all tie together-but yes if Luke has morphed into Bill or there is any sort of mask action this viewer is done.

    So hoping too they give Ric some meat. He's a great actor.

  5. I hope he's not Bill...I didn't care for the whole Eckhart family. Wow Donna M is 73????

  6. I just assumed Donna Mills would be Nina's mother... I like the cutesy Sam and Silas stuff but OMG this story is so lame.

    I am hoping Ric is Julian's backer, but that he's doing it to secretly HELP Sonny and try to right his many, many wrongs. Then Sonny will eventually shoot him, Ric will admit the truth as he's bleeding out, and then he'll be miraculously saved!

    I'd be ok with a Bill Eckert storyline if it means maybe we can get a Sly recast to mix it up with the Liz/Sabrina/Felix/Brad/Lucas set.

    And, one more thing, I am being continuity police right now...I'm very irritated that Ric keeps saying he hasn't seen Molly in 5 years, because there was a time for a few months when Molly wasn't on and it was stated she was spending the summer in LA with her father. That couldn't have been more than 3 years ago. So, I call shenanigans on the writers!

    Also (OMG, too much coffee this morning, sorry y'all) Ric's mom is Adele, but who's his dad? Not Deke right?

  7. Trevor Lansing was Ric's father. He worked for the Zachara's and molested a teenage Claudia Z...contributing to her mental issues, I believe (?)...

  8. I'd rather Donna Mills be Helena's sister or Julian's Mother.