Thursday, February 6, 2014

General Hospital 13000episodes!

A FABERGE EGG!! If you don't know about my obsession about Faberge Eggs, you don't know ME!! And VICTOR HAD ONE!!! OMG. I am. DEAD!! WOOT!

Liz is going to DNA Big Baby Ben!  She's so happy isn't she?    She gets the hairbrush and Felix gets Dante's water. Good LORD but everyone knows that he has a PRESCRIPTION cream waiting for him ahahaha. 

Lulu figures out that Heather could be alive. 

OMG Brad and Lucas were HOT!! Geesh..they had a little make out there! Hope Russia watches GH 
heh. Lucas even took a morning after selfie!! 

Carlos and Julian. I think they should both fall for Alexis.  Along comes Lucas to talk to Julian. Ut oh.  He's not going to like the gay thing!! 

Patrick and Emma's headband! Awwwwwwwwww.. and then he runs into Betty.  bleck. GO AWAY

Robin sees "Jason" on a DVD that we don't get to see.  Well, that's not right lol .  Robin's trying to figure out how to leave Port Chuck. 


Anonymous said...

You want to know what is wrong with GH now? Look at that picture. The only ones in it who deserve to be there are Sonny and AJ. Kick the rest out and out in Monica, Alexis, Liz, Luke, etc.

CareyN said...

Dream scenario:

Dr. O rebuffs Victor, and then Nik dumps Britt after the baby reveal, and then Victor woos Britt and they become an evil power-couple! Stavros fell for Lulu as a replacement Laura, so why not Victor picking Britt as a Lisle replacement?

skeebob said...

Haven't seen today's show, is today the 13,000th episode or did they just film the 13,000th to air in a few weeks? Good to see AJ as part of the pic, since there always seems to be rumors he's getting axed.

Hey CareyN, I like the way you think, but looking at Patrick & Nik, I think Britt has a type and Victor is a few decades past it.

Di said...

I would assume that they didn't show Jason as they haven't hired his replacement yet. That's why we had the old picture. They're going to have to give everyone time to adjust if they're bringing him back with a new face.

I hope Nik dumps Britt after the reveal too. She's been lying to him nonstop. And when he finds out Ben is actually Lulu's baby he'd better be mad as hell!!! I want to see the Cassidine side of him flare!

I see they now have Emma getting a little lippy too. *sigh*

sonya said...

Brad and Lucas: When Brad was talking to Felix on the phone in bed, with his shirt off, I was thinking did he have sex with Lucas? I WAS RIGHT!! WOW they are so HAWT! Oh Brad forget Felix!!! Be with Lucas! There is nothing to be guilty of! You and Felix are not a couple! Oh Lucas you got a great body. :) Oh and he is doing a selfie hahaha!

The hospital: Felix says he is dating Brad now?! HUH?! Felix you only had one date!!!! Snap out of it! Oh Liz put two and two together and wants to run a dna test and needs Felix's help! :) She picked the right guy for the job. I can't believe we didn't get to see Felix, Sabrina and the Caaaaaarlos scene! After all that build up! After all the boo hooing and Felix I need you! UGH!

Wyndemere: Oh Spencer meets great great uncle Victor! Spencer wins the line of the day!

Spencer: So, what's so great about you?

BAHHAHAHA! Perfect. :) OH He gives Spencer a Faberge egg!!!! AWESOME. :)

Police station: Oh Lulu slept at the police station all night on a bench! She has bench hair. Poor Dante couldn't find BobTodd! Well gee Dante! If you didn't show the police car's lights and all that, then BobTodd wouldn't of known you were there! I guess you couldn't do the sneak attack! Maybe the rash on your hands clouded your brain. Starki and Michael scene LOVE IT! He is yelling at her! She isn't mute, but she still has that constipated look! Oh don't go Michael! Stay and yell at her more! And then dump her! :)

Patrick and Robin's home: Robin is looking longingly at Jason's picture again! Oh great uncle Victor has a dvd of Jason!! Of course WE don't see it. Now she can look longingly at the dvd of Jason. Now she has no choice but to help Victor and save Jason! UGH! OH SPENCER SEES GREAT UNCLE VICTOR AND ROBIN! :) I wonder what he is going to do with that little piece of info! :) It's sweet that he wanted to give Emma the Faberge egg. :) Oh and a card. :)

Cemetary: Poor Caaaaaaarlos!!! :( I want to comfort him! Lucas and Julian scene! Awesome. The anniverary of Tony Jones's death! Nice touch writers! Lucas telling Julian he is gay haha!

Andrea said...

So I guess Spencer can come and go from Spoon Island as he pleases. Doesn't he have a nanny? Did he walk by himself to see Emma? Why is he hiding in the bushes?

Brad and Lucas are smoking. Love it. Dump Felix now! Go with the guy who likes you and isn't judging you.

Robin, just leave and pant after St Jason. Let Boring Betty have your man and child. Patrick doesn't deserve a woman who would leave him and her daughter to help some old dead boyfriend. Enough! just GO lets get on with it and try to forget the whole thing ever happened.

Good idea Carlos. He wants to lay low. SO... lets go to where there is an active police investigation and talk to a known mobster.

WHY is Kiki so attached to this murdering psycho killer who she thought was her dad for about 5 minutes? The writers should have just left him as her father, since they are written to act that way. Michael dump her and her lying pouting face.

delcodave said...

did anyone notice that thaao is standing on his tippy tippy toes in the photo?

also, does anyone think that the faberge egg will have something hidden in it and will start some kind of big spring/summer caper?

what are the odds that the same day liz needs a dna sample that spencer would get a brand new hair brush?

by the photo you can tell they took the pic and cake on a block taping day. what a celebration! in a few weeks there will be an episode with all the people in the photo in it. block taping at its finest.

oh well. i guess you have to laugh...

JPink said...

Glad I'm not the only one who thought Brad & Lucas were super hot together. :)

kdmask said...

That pic was taken last week I think, the eppy won't air for awhile.
Yeah, totally block tape day.

AND..probably that egg will turn out to be the new ice princess.

I also didn't think about Cam just jaunting off out and about lol

sonya said...

"Andrea said...So I guess Spencer can come and go from Spoon Island as he pleases. Doesn't he have a nanny? Did he walk by himself to see Emma? Why is he hiding in the bushes?"

He had a driver to take him to school, but Spencer wanted to give Emma the egg and a card so he got the driver to take him to Emma's place first. :)

JPink said...

Saw a Ford brother on Elememtary tonight!

sonya said...

"JPink said...Saw a Ford brother on Elememtary tonight!"

Oh yeah? Which one? :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Cosmoetica said...

I noticed how MB is barely bigger than West and 2/3s of a head shorter than Kanan and Blakemore. Kanan is 5'11". MB is maybe 5'6" at best.

AntJoan said...

I met MB backstage at a comedy club show in NJ due to my "Hollywood connection" girlfriend. He is so gorgeous in person that I almost passed out. I am 5'9" (and usually wear some heels), and I tower over him the the pic they took for the soap opera mags. The pictures we took with my Goddaughter looked SOOO much better, as she is petite. I think he is about 5'7", but, who cares, there is no one sexier than him on the planet (well, that's my opinion).

I also have a pic of myself standing between Jason and Nik, where I kinda scrunched down, as I felt taller than they were (they probably are around 5'10", but, as I said, I was wearing heels).

Stefan TOWERED over me, he is SOOO tall, and sexy, much sexier than on TV, he put his arms around me, and I almost fainted!! (Again, all this is courtesy of my girlfriend, a big shot in Hollywood, not because of who I am.)

AntJoan said...

Another funny note about this (if anyone cares), we used to have an "employee of the month" feature in the newsletter put out by the clinic where I work. I hate being featured in anything, but they forced me, as we all had to take turns. So I used the pic of me and Sonny that appeared in the soap opera mag as my picture, and people were asking me if he is my husband!! (I wish--well, a girl can dream . . .) I guess not everyone knows about the fabulous MB . . .