Monday, February 10, 2014

Bye Contractor Karl..

I am SO SICK of Carly and HEATHER! The poor repair guy is stabbed.  Whoops.  Whatever.

AJ's flashbacks feel like they happened 3 years ago--NO ONE CARES!  He tries to tell Liz. She doesn't even care. He smells like a pickle factory. 

Nathan West..pretty but dull and NO ONE CARES ABOUT NINA!! 

The only saving grace? Emma and Cam sledding--and Victor and Spencer. Cam takes a pic of he and Emma and sends it to SPENCER ahahaha.  They just steal the show. 

OHHHHH so Robin sees Danny Morgan!! Ergo-- she's going to want to save St. Jasus for the baby. Ah, got it.  

Everyone is going to Wyndemere.  Scottie gets trapped with Luke in the padded room! 


  1. I do not care about any of these stupid stories. Please move it along.

  2. lol I did enjoy "Prince" Spencer hiding from the psycho. He left Emma's side pretty darn quick and left her to face Franco while he scurried off to the far side of Cameron. What a champion. PMSL I hope Emma was paying attention.

  3. And here's some information for fans of Bradford Anderson.

    Just weeks after his onetime General Hospital costar Emily Wilson (ex-Ellie) guest-starred on Castle (in the “Dressed to Kill” episode), Bradford Anderson (ex-Spinelli) also is set to swing by the primetime ABC drama.

    Anderson will appear in the Feb. 24 episode, “Room 147,” which revolves around a murder to which multiple people confess, though none of them could possibly have done it.

  4. wow. Heather murdered someone. I am so happy that she will finally get caught, go to trial, go to jail and be locked up for the rest of her life.

    ha ha ha ha ha

    so, Karen, you think that the kids are cute, huh? this just shows you that this is the BEST that this show has to offer. seriously. the best. everything else is horrible. ps. I hate the kids.

    scotty trapped with Luke. interesting. so, when scotty gets free, will the orderly who locked him in there be arrested and tried for wrongful imprisonment?

    ha ha ha ha ha part 2...

    who would have ever thought that "AJ" could have also stood for Ava Jerome? It only took about 6 months of stupid ridiculous writing to figure it out, huh?

    the rumors and spoilers out there are not helping, in my opinion! please get this show out of reverse and back in first gear.

  5. Scotty's home: BobTodd and Scotty bonding! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: Come on dad. It's cold out there. I'm tired.

    ROFL! Oh Scotty protected his son and lied to the cops! YAY! :)

    Wyndemere: Spencer and great uncle Vic ROFL! Spencer and the picture of Emma and Cameron! ROFL!

    The park: Oh AJ! Liz is not going to help you when you have been drinking! Robin with baby Cheeto! Oh great now that is going to change her mind about saving "Jason" UGH! Cameron, Spencer, Emma, and BobTodd ROFL! They are scared of BobTodd hahaha! Liz and Britch scene! Love it! Britch asks her about the brush! Liz brings up the Christmas DVD from Christmas that was taken hahaha! Oh there ya go! Robin talks to Victor about being in to helping him UGH!

    Wyndemere catacombs: OH NO! That poor contractor! :( I'm glad Heather is listening to Carly! Her plan has imploded! OH BOBTODD FINDS CARLY!!!!

    Sonny's office: Morgan and Ava!!!! I LOVE them together! She brings up sneaking around, which I thought it a great idea! But Morgan has another idea! Wow! Ava! Are you really going to turn on your brother?!!?! WOW! :) Yeah I don't think Sonny is going to believe her. OH AJ! AJ knows Ava killed Connie!

    Miscavage institute: Scotty sees Luke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Awww they can bond in there. :)

  6. "Di said... Emily Wilson (ex-Ellie) guest-starred on Castle (in the “Dressed to Kill” episode)"

    Yup! I saw her on Castle! That was great! I was surprised seeing her! :)

    "Bradford Anderson (ex-Spinelli) also is set to swing by the primetime ABC drama."

    Really?! Awesome! :)

  7. Although the kids are cute, when they is the best part of the show the writers are failing miserably.

    I might have cared about this AJ story if they did it in September when Connie was actually killed... instead of shelving the story for Robins 2 minute return and now goodbye. I don't think Sonny even cares anymore either, he is sleeping with Connie's cousin and moved right into the place she was murdered without batting an eye.

    This whole Heather/ Carly thing is yet another attempt to redeem Franco into a character that we can accept and like. BUT Franco will always be Franco and a psycho. It was a stunt by the writers to bring him back but they failed miserably with it. They should have brought Todd back as ANYONE else. Because I think Franco and his Mother should be shipped off to jail. never to be seen again.

    Why is Robin more concerned with Danny not having his father than with abandoning her own daughter after she separated from her for years? so dumb.

    Again really don't care about Silas and Nina and Nathan or anything that happened to these people years ago.

    I'm starting to FF more and more of the show. Is this really February sweeps? doesn't seem like it.

  8. I saw her too, Sonya and was just as surprised.

    kdmask: He was in NCIS Los Angeles but not Castle.

  9. Yes, I also saw Ellie Trout in Castle and was pleasantly surprised--I guess a lot of us watch that show. My husband and I started watching it together, then he stopped, but I still watch it, although it is not a great show, not one of my faves.

  10. "Di said...I saw her too, Sonya and was just as surprised."

    :) I love Castle! :)

  11. Do you think the writers/producers are paying attention to what fans are saying? I agree with most posting here....I find I don't care about many stories going on right now. I like Britt/Nick and Felix/Brad/Luca, and I was liking Sam/Silas until the Nina stuff started. People seem to like the traditional soapy stuff, not all this other junk. I sure hope this gets better soon but I am beginning to think this is the beginning of the end.

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