Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Cheers and Tears

There you have was the week of Scrubs, imo. Things actually turned out much differently than I thought. I wasn't hugely turned-off or upset, which is saying something. I even apologized to Ron himself one day on twitter because I was so pissy about Robin NOT telling Patrick about why she was leaving. 
Whoops. :eggface: 

Oh, and I think some other stuff went on as well like  the SAFE teen sex-attempt, a BLT consumption and a sonogram on Betty's Belly.

Get ready to go-go! I'm celebrating GH's 13,000 show on Monday early by eating some chili and muffins from Kelly's for brunch today!

the Scrubs pain...

The BIG story this week was of course, Robin finally telling Patrick that she's going to "Africa" to save Jason. This warmed my heart in 2 ways. First of all, she HAD to tell him. To not do so would have been so false and so stupid, I would have screamed. I am so happy she came clean. It also gave the writers the opportunity to use Patrick as "our" voice. The audience--yelling at Robin to cut the crap and STAY HOME. Brilliantly done. While I may hate the idea, and the fact that KM is bopping in/out again, THEY DID A GOOD JOB with this part.  Yes, I said GOOD JOB.  Of course kudos to KM and JT for really playing their hearts out in those scenes.

The Emma "Goodbye" was lacking, imo and I'm  saving that to see how it plays out Monday. It was way too short and not vivid enough for me. Mac? Mac was like "Bye! take your frog charm and have fun"! LOL. I thought FOR SURE he was going to bring up Felicia leaving Georgie and Maxie and how that messed them up. Oh well. Can't have it all. I am also wondering if we are going to get an Anna/Robin scene? 
Hmmm. I sure HOPE SO-- 

 Liz tells Ni she loves him. He's rolling his eyes and like "too little, too late"... I wish they had shown a bit more of her  pining for him previously. That, on top of AJ never being on, made this 'heart-wrencher" a bit flat.  I loved when Nikolas spat out "You picked AJ"!! AJ!! lol I do think these two would make a fun couple if only to have Cam and Spencer as step-brothers tearing up Wyndemere. (I wanted Liz and Patrick but that's a whole OTHER story). Liz is adrift but I do like her with the DNA testing scheme and all her faces at Britt. heh. Not every woman needs a man.

YEAH! I loved that Epiphany knew Betty was PG with Drake Jr's baby (She knows everything) and that she's waiting to take on Dr. O!! WE all need ring-side seats for that. PLEASE have Epiphany on more often--she's such a fun part of the show. 

Jr. Mint "Going all the Way" at the Metro! First of all...the METRO? um, Motel 6 is just fine. Anyway, TJ picks the highest profile place possible in PC next to the docks. Olivia gives her consent as long as THEY ARE SAFE!! are you safe? Are we safe? got condoms?? Ok, we GET IT. Rafe  (sporting some One Direction madness of a haircut) sees them. Will he run and tell Alexis? Shaun? The PCPD? Who thinks  Ric is going to walk off the elevator? ahhaha.  Oh,  btw, Molly's WHITE WHITE nails distracted the hell out of me.

When will ANYONE notice that Big Ben looks exactly like Lulu? When? May sweeps? I mean, come on. HE also looks like Luke. BTW, Dom and that baby were just adorable!!  Tracy and Lulu's talk was good. Although I did miss JMB in that scene. She and Jane always had such a great connection.

No one cared about MiKi and their fight, not even the characters they were yelling at! LOL Silas was not paying attention to Kiki , and Sonny was like:
Dump her..she wasn't loyal. Then again, that's what I do, not what you do"!  Interesting that Sonny did concede that Franco did save Carly.  Hmmm.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Give it up for Anna producing a nice WHOLE-WHEAT BLT in front of Heather!!   Ahahaaha. I would have written it myself if I was on staff!!  I can't believe she eats bacon but in the line of duty, one has to do what one has to do! 

RUNNER UP:  Britt and Sabby in the utero-room. I liked this scene because it reminded me of every bad-girl-good-girl rivalry ever on soaps and how they eventually bond. I also liked Britt talking about Ben. Knowing TC is pregnant in real life was interesting too.

PROPS of the WEEK: These two bookends! LOL...and their straight jackets. It was  hilarious. Anna even found it fun! 

HONORABLE MENTION : Jason Thompson's tears. Lordy, he had a  LOT to give this week!

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Luke as the Crypt-Keeper. What the hell!? Supposedly it's the drugs. Spoilers say something I'm not really thrilled about as I would love Luke to become the
"crazy-old guy in the corner saying weird stuff". LOL  You know me, I need the wacky.

 SO, what really grabbed me this week? The Fun OF COURSE... yes, the Liz/Nik scenes were good, yes, the Scrubs stuff was angst-filled but I'm one to lean towards the looney. Give me Tracy and Lucy over the Jr.Mints any day! 

Monday is the big 13,000 ... congrats to GH! They couldn't kill the last great ABC Show!! 


  1. If I'm not mistaken Finola H tweeted that the "bacon" in that sandwich was vegan.

  2. I thought "ANNA" would have eaten it though, just to get to heather lol

  3. I was hoping for a Freaky Friday swap with Luke thinking he is Scott and vice versa.

  4. Anxiously awaiting Ric to walk off the elevator. So hoping. I love him. I may start having to watch regularly again if it means more Alexis and Liz too.

    What are they going to do with Patrick now? Sabby won't want him back and he's still married to a very much alive Robin.

    Would love the Epipheny/Dr. O showdown.