Monday, February 3, 2014

Little Girl...Big Ears..

So, Liz spills and Emma hears it. LOL.. whoops.  

The catacombs are going to ...well, did you see the Spoilers? 

So, Robin has to go and get Stavvy and Helena back up and alive? Oh, okay. Why not get David Hayward-- with Genesis? 
Cassadine ON ICE!! Get them going!! Maybe they can skate an arena near you. Dr. O is out because she helped Victor.
Robin can save Helena, Stavvy and  JASON! that's why she goes! Ok, got it. She leaves everyone (even her kid) to maybe unfreeze Jason.

Todd tells KikiMcStarr that Heather's dead and he killed her.  Didn't he kill his Mom on OLTL? Yep..and Starr broke him out of jail! Well,well.  
Franco ran and Dante shot-- 

SOMEONE just get rid of Heather for godsakes, I am so sick of this. 

OMG! DANTE and Ben BOTH have a Latex allergy? What ARE the odds? Snicker. 


Carrie said...

Ugh this Robin thing is awful. They should have killed her in that explosion it was a beautiful funeral farewell and let it be the end of it. THIS is unbelievable.

MatchboxGinny said...

Just a damn mess yet Ron thinks he's brilliant. What a shame for GH fans.

AntJoan said...

Well, the Jason picture surely was a surprise, I didn't see that coming, did anyone else?

delcodave said...

i was hoping for georgie or alan. whats the point trying to save a character when the actor is on a different show?

this show has really lost its way.

Di said...

I imagine they're going to recast him. I certainly hope they're not going to turn him into a clown too. Or completely change his personality like Morgan.

sonya said...

Patrick and Robin's home: Oh this is so stupid! This has become such a boring and stupid scene! Robin can make Stavvy and Helena alive?!! Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh so Robin has to do it or if she doesn't, something will happen to her friend. And her friend is Jason!?!?!?! HUH?! Zzzzzzzzz.

Wyndemere: Oh Ben has an allergy!!! The same allergy as Dante?!!!? Like father like son! :) Heather is looking all over for the knife!!! Nik has it! :) Oh poor Heather haha!

Police station: Dante has an latex allergy! Wow that's funny. They never showed Dante having a latex allergy before! :) StarKi and BobTodd scene, WOW! She freaks out that BobTodd "Killed" Heather, but yet she is helping him escape!?!?! Oh Michael is NOT going to be very happy with Starki!! In fact, he just might yell at her. :) Can't wait for that. :)

Wyndemere catacombs: Heather can't find anything else to kill Carly with? It has to be that knife? ROFL! Oh she can find another knife! At the metrocourt ROFL! Yes Carly try to escape! Good girl! :)

The hospital: Oh look the Britch apologizing to Patrick because of what she did to him in the past. That's good. It's way overdo. Now Britch go talk to Lante about their baby!!!!! You would die if you lost Ben? Is that foreshadowing? Liz, Sabrina, and Emma scene. Uh okay now they are lying to a little girl! Emma wins the line of the day!

Emma: But if you were having daddy's baby, I'd love it, because I love you.

Awwwwwwwwwww! :) Oh Sabrina spills the beans to Patrick! WOW!!!! :)

sonya said...

"Di said...I imagine they're going to recast him."

Well, if they were going to recast him, they wouldn't of shown his picture.

Avalonn said...

If they are going to bring Jason back, I'd like to see him come out of this as Jason Quartermaine. Not remembering his time as Jason Morgan. Switch it up! Plus, we would have another Quartermaine back :)

AntJoan said...

Robin could have just left with Robert when she opened the door for him--how stupid!! WHY didn't she just leave, and call the police?

I guess they can't recast Jason, since they showed his actual picture. I think her incentive will be to bring him back to life also.

When Ben had the rash, I was just thinking, Oh, Danny redux, now he will have some HORRIBLE leukemia and have to get a bone marrow transplant, and that will HAVE to involve Dante and Lulu--but, no, they went w/the latex/fruit allergies. PLEASE, I BEG THE WRITERS, DON'T DRAG THIS OUT ANY MORE!! Please give Lante their child before he is SORA'd to college age (of course, then they can "opposite SORA" him [what is that called?] a la Spencer)!

Sonya: Heather has to kill Carly with that knife because it matches the other one, that has Carly's blood on it, so she can set up Franco! So now she will try to get the same knife at the Metro Court? This is beyond stupid . . .

LSV422 said...

Yeah, if they were recasting Jason they wouldn't have let us see a pic of SB. Why didn't Robin signal something to Mac and have them both take off? Every storyline now is bordering on the absurd. I really wish Tranco and Kiki would just be gone - can't stand to watch either one. And Heather, too.

sonya said...

"AntJoan says "opposite SORA" him [what is that called?] a la Spencer)!"

DeSorass! :) Just like they did to Lucas when he was younger. He was young for way to long hahaha!

"Sonya: Heather has to kill Carly with that knife because it matches the other one, that has Carly's blood on it, so she can set up Franco!

Yeah I know that. :) It's taking way too long though. :)

"So now she will try to get the same knife at the Metro Court? This is beyond stupid . . ."

She talked a lot, then went to Wyndemere, went back to the catacombs, talked some more, then left to the Metrcourt! Couldn't she have realized to go back to Metrocourt, while she was at Wyndemere?!!?! :) Were they trying to make it look like a scary movie? It failed ROFL!

dar said...

Our only hope is that this is going to conclude during sweeps which I think are coming up soon. This has seemed as endless as this winter's snowfall.