Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm Here...

Yep...against my BETTER JUDGEMENT! This week I've just gone completely off the show. Not in a bad way..just in a "I'm too busy and really don't care" way. I'm the Carly and Franco of this week--just not that into it. LOL. 

Wait..Ric's staying AT THE METRO!!  Bajeebus!!  Sonny won't shake his hand.

Carrrrrrrrrrrrrlos is pointing a gun at AJ. Ok. Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Tracy hits him in the head with a vase-he tries to get Betty to help him but she says no.

Scrubs step off the elevator into Betty. And Betty's belly. Betty will be there to catch Paddy when he falls. Awww. 
 "If you had ANY idea why I'm leaving Carly, you'd BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP ME!" Robin, almost spilling it. Carly yells at Robin, Patrick tells her to shut up but he's still really cold to Robin. 

I loved and Ava! Too fun. By the way-- The pharmacist that vouched for Silas signing the prescription is found dead.

Luke certainly doesn't look like LUKE--hmmmmmm. Wonder if the rumors are true. The hair alone is telling me something. "my family ties".. interesting. WATCH LUKE... something is up. Question is: BIG or Small. He's not even walking like himself. WEIRD.


  1. Is the Luke rumor that it's another mask and he's Faison?

  2. Karen,
    What is the Luke rumor?

  3. Carly and Franco can leave forever. Along with Kiki and Michael.

    So glad to see Ric this week.

    I miss Sonny's old men- Bernie, Max, Milo, of course Jason and the others. They're so much better than Shawn. Bernie would have found out about Barrett by now.

  4. If Luke is secretly someone else wearing a hyper-realistic rubber mask, I might finally leave this show.

  5. Heard a STRANGE rumor he may be or think he is an old character. It's kinda crazy though. His haircut today freaked me out a bit. Someone that dated Julia Barrett?
    I'm trying to confirm. I think it would be a cool twist-- but hard to do.

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  8. She dated Luke's cousin Bill. She also a fling with Ned, didn't she? Look at how look is dressed and his hair, reminds me of Ned.

  9. I think Donna Mills will be Julia Barrett

  10. Oh, Sonya, where are you, LOL? My TIVO crashed out in the middle of the show . . .

  11. Delia's restaurant: Ava wins the line of the day!

    Ava: What the hell are you looking at?

    ROFL! And then Delia is outside freaking out and doesn't know what to do hahahahaha! Sam and McSilas have to hide!!! Oh oh! THE PHARMACIST IS DEAD!

    Ric's room: Ric and Sonny are bonding ROFL! Sonny won't even shake his hand. :) Sonny is suspicious hahaha.

    Q home: Oh wow! Caaaaaaaaaaarlos sucks at being a gunmen! Why did he need to have AJ on his knees? I love how Tracy saved AJ! And Luke tried to get him! No AJ It's not Sonny who is trying to kill you! It's Ava! Come on now! Don't you remember being all up in her face?!!?

    The hospital: Sabrina shut up. It's none of your business why Robin is going! Carly and Robin scene LOVE IT! Carly bringing up the past hahaha! Oh Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos has a boo boo on his head and needs Sabrina's help! :)

    Alexis's home: Oh boy! Julian vs Shaun. :) And Alexis in the middle hahaha. She kicked both boys out hahaha.

  12. "AntJoan said...Oh, Sonya, where are you, LOL? My TIVO crashed out in the middle of the show .. ."

    Oh oh! Well, I'M HERE! ROFL!

  13. Yes. BILL Eckart dated Julia Barrett!

  14. I am praying that they do not make Ric as uninteresting as he was when left the last time around. The whole idea that he needed to exact revenge against Sonny because of jealousy and "mommy" issues was just so over-the-top and boring. The character just had no depth at all. Of course that was when Guza was there and had to make everyone look worse than Sonny so I'm hopeful it'll be different this time around.