Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Alexis Schools Julian

GO Alexis! :) Love that she's  like who cares if Molly were gay!? Shut up and deal with it!  He says it's his dad's fault. He wanted  to be in a play but his dad said it was too 'sissy".  It was a really nice talk. Good scenes. NLG looks fabulous. 

AJ goes and sits on Connie's grave--and she's popping up FOR REAL..well, not real-real. But, KS is back for the day at least!  Connie says to AJ: Did YOU see the footage yourself? He's like, Um, no.  She says "All you have to do is remember".
Great that was a waste of time. I mean..really. Tell AJ to remember. WTF. DUH

Ava and Sonny. She's trying to convince Sonny she's on his side.  She said she's going to "give Julian to Sonny".  OK then!! I still think Sonny should try to seduce her to prove she's a..well, not a nice lady!!  

Silas and Sam are eating Pizza..he doesn't like pineapples on his.  They have sex. Sam's bedroom sure looks different!  They are going to NYC together again. I think that's where they see Delia. 

Bobbie, Lucas visit Carly--I liked that! Michael finds out Kiki was right and it WAS Heather, and not Franco that had his Mama.  Carly's all upset over Franco flatlining. They are trying to shock him back to life.  Carly tells him she'll be waiting for him! 

SORRY for the southern people on the East Coast. I hate ice storms, I've lived through two really terrible ones. Hope you are OK and have power.


  1. I haven't been able to watch the show no power here in Augusta ga.....its pretty bad here

  2. Corinthos coffee: Sonny and Ava scene! This is a great scene! Sonny wins the line of the day!

    Sonny: You are like hanging all over each other. It's really creepy.

    ROFL! You tell her Sonny! :) Oh Ava throws AJ under the bus before she leaves! Oh Ava! I thought you wanted to protect AJ?! Now I know you are lying! You DID kill Connie! :)

    Michael's restaurant: The only good thing in that scene between Michael and Morgan, was the hug when they found out their mother is at the hospital and she is going to be okay! :)

    The hospital: Carly in a gurney? Oh come on!!! She is fine. She might have a broken leg. She should be in a wheelchair! Not a freakin gurney! I love how Morgan and Michael run up to hug her awwww! :) Love seeing Bobbie! Love how Carly saw Lucas! :)

    Sam's home: Oh Sam changed her mind about taking a shower with McSilas. Lame excuse why. What is with Sam trying to force McSilas into eating pizza with pineapple in it? The first time it was cute, and he ate it that's fine. But he keeps telling her he hates it, so she keeps shoving it in his face! What the hell! And they keep going around and around in circles about Nina and the will UGH! Oh good they are going to NYC. So finally they are DOING something about this geez. At least they made love. :)

    Alexis's home: Julian and Alexis's scene! LOVE IT! And then when he leaves I was hoping he would grab her and kiss her! Rats. :(

    Ghost Connie and AJ: Oh come on AJ! You know ghost Connie can't tell you anything about who shot her! I mean she did have to sign a confidentiality agreement in heaven! That states she isn't allowed to tell you what happened that night. That you have to
    figure it out on your own!!

    Yeah I am sorry too about the south! I remember the ice storms we had. UGH! I hope everyone is safe!

  3. I think they need to corner Nathan and get why he is so determined to nail Silas for the crime. It is unlikely that a young guy like him would go to such lengths over a years old crime. He has to be motivated by family or some other connection. Still, I look forward to seeing IIileen again!

    Ava is such a piece of work. Ready to hang AJ. Ready to do in Silas.

    I think AJ will remember but not quite believe his drunken memories. Wish we hadn't seen those security disks burned. I want AJ to know he is OK.

  4. AJ will never remember and the truth about Connie's death will never be known. I think Guza is a consultant for GH...

  5. ok has anyone seen this??

    NLG posted this...

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