Tuesday, February 11, 2014


BOB is not in the old office anymore!! He really IS GONE?! 
damn it. 

Oh, Franco tried to carry Carly out, didn't get far. Heather Shoots him, then Franco stabs her in the foot! They tussle!  Then, she shoots him in the gut!! 
Anna finds out  Heather is in the Catacombs.   They find them, Pull their guns. THAT WAS IT? LOL Terrible editing.
Todd says he loves Carly..then passes out 

Scott and Luke locked in a padded room together. Kinda fun. "Sally's a MAN...Man" says a loopy Luke.
Scotty takes a pic of Luke in the wig to tweet!  

Ok, so Ava says AJ really did shoot Connie and she saw it on the DVD. Now, she could be lying. I'm thinking we may never know. If AJ believes her though, it's a way to get rid of him. AND this story.
I think AJ and Ava could do some good damage in the Q mansion! 

Sonny and Morgan having covo 900 about AVAAAAAAAA. And no BOB there to make me smile. 

AHAHAA, NLG was tweeting today:
: Fact: Those file boxes in Sonny's office are FILLED with 8x10's of Steve Burton circa 1991.


  1. Perhaps Bob is actually the CHUPACABRA?????????????

  2. I still do not like Franco.

    As much as I want AJ to stay and more Q's added It is becoming clear that they are finishing this storyline with Connie because they are writing out AJ again. Why do all the writers hate the character?

    Luke and Scotty were fun,

  3. Miscavage: What a great scene!!! Luke bringing up the past of the left handed boy! :) Hutch! Sally! :) Scotty trying to get Luke out of the straight jacket! ROFL! Taking a picture of Luke in the wig! ROFL! Luke wins the line of the day!

    Luke: I always found that when you are locked up in a rubber room,the best thing to do is just yell.


    Police station: Oh Sam doesn't believe Ava sent Dr Hot stuff West the will! Yeah it was probably Nina's mama! Oh Alexis got McSilas out YAY! And now Sam and McSilas can go take a shower together. :)

    Wyndemere catacombs: Oh! BobTodd can save Carly! YAY! Or not!!! Oh geez! A shooting here, a stabbing there, and what looks like BobTodd having a seizure. Oh wait he isn't. Oh wait is he? Nah he isn't. Anna and Detective hot n stuff West there to save the day!!! :) Heather wants to finish what she started ROFL! Oh oh BobTodd is dying. He is so pale!!! Heather cares about her son! DOH!

    Michael's restaurant: Morgan and Sonny scene! Awesome. :) Oh Morgan! Do you really think Sonny is going to believe anything Ava says? COME ON!

    Corinthos coffee: Ava and AJ scene!!! She is so lying! Look at those fake flashbacks! ROFL! Uh the flashbacks are going on way too long. Uh one of the flashbacks are showing the dvd of AJ shooting Connie! Wait. Is it true?! Did AJ really do it?! I'm so confused! Ava is such a really good master manipulator she is manipulating me!!! I have no idea what is going on!!! *head explodes*

  4. "Kg said...Perhaps Bob is actually the CHUPACABRA?????????????"


  5. I thought that scene in the catacombs when Franco got shot was absolutely farcical. The overacting was ridiculous. If an actor went to an audition where he had to play a scene in which he got stabbed half to death and he was jerking and thrashing around like that, he'd be shown the door. It wasn't supposed to be a comedy but that's how RH played it, as usual. I even noticed that Laura hid her face at one point probably to hide the laughter.

    What do they always have to write him like a clown?

    Granted he calmed down at the end for his final scene with Carly but it was too late by then. Any sense of drama was effectively killed for me. Gawd, I'm praying they kill him off!

  6. I don't think he's being written as a clown. I think that's been his action choice.

  7. I don't want to lose AJ! Unless Sean is having personal problems, I don't see a good reason for it. Liz needs him, the Qs need him, Monica needs him.

    Good to see Luke again. Scotty being locked up with Luke is such agony for him. Hutch--Sally? Good grief, that goes a long way back. (Hutch was Frank Smith's hit man and Sally was another, one who ran a bar and was a cross dresser--this during that early Left-handed boy adventure! Why isn't he remembering Laura as well???)

    FINALLY they end the Heather story--well, until we discover how she was able to run the loony bin she was in and get everyone to work for her.

    Always nice to see Sam and Silas interact--they are a good couple.

    I'm just a little weary of Ava. Yes, she's a talented actress, yes she does the part well, but she's on more than I'd like--she just isn't a likable character. I'd rather see lots more of Anna, an equally talented (maybe better?) actress, who IS likable and who needs a strong story NOW!.

  8. OMG, I hope AJ doesn't have to leave. I think that the writers are framing him!! They LOVE Ava, so have to redeem her character to keep her around . . . how sad. She is OK, but AJ is a legacy character, we've already lost Robin and Robert--and where the heck is Bobbie? (I think I saw her in tomorrow's previews?)

  9. Di, I agree 100% with you! RH's overacting was painful to watch. I think he is so overrated and can only play one character. I would rather see Franco go than AJ. I wish someone would put the rookie cop in his place - his obsession with the case is tiresome. Alexis and her boobs looked great! I loved her other Tweet that Carly must be wearing Depends!

  10. Did anybody else see this? Erik Valdez (aka General Hospital‘s former “Trey” Mitchell aka Joe Scully III will be main bad guy on the next season of Graceland! Good for you kid!

  11. Why would Ava destroy the DVD's if they had evidence of AJ shooting Connie? That doesn't make any sense.

  12. "Susan said...Why would Ava destroy the DVD's if they had evidence of AJ shooting Connie? That doesn't make any sense."

    She said she wanted to protect him! :)

  13. I enjoyed that little nod to history with Luke :)