Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Ric's back....thoughts? 
Do you care about Michael and Kiki?
Do you care Molly and TJ were not able to have zex?
What about Ava and Carlos?

Some new spoilers are up.. WUBS NET   someone is shot *sigh*..someone makes a confession *sigh*...someone is arrested *sigh*

I have a busy week so I'm not sure when I'll be able to blog for the days ahead. Keep checking though. Maybe I'll get inspired if I drink enough of those up there! 


  1. I only care about Ric out of that list...

  2. Don't care about Kiki and Michael at all. I thought it was really cute and terribly responsible the way TJ and Molly handled their big evening and hated Rafe for being such a tattle tale. He should be gone - serves no purpose on the show at all. I am beyond thrilled that Ric is back! Absolutely love Alexis and Julian!! They must have put Danny to bed. Don't mind Carlos and Ava So sad to see the last scenes with Robin and Patrick since her leaving makes no sense whatsoever and has been poorly conceived. KM has said that she wasn't the one to decide that she would stay 6 months.

  3. does anyone know how alexis knew the room number molly was in? if she went to the front desk, they are not allowed to give out that information.

    also, is tj 18? dont you have to be 18 to rent a room in your name?

  4. delcodave- did you miss the show last week when Oliva basically gave them a room, told them to have fun, yet safe sex?!

    Most of the folks in Port Charles have the sixth sense.

  5. It's soap opera land my darlings. We make it up as we go along. KM has a directing opportunity Robin has to go save a suddenly alive Jason. (with them using SB's picture I don't know if he's really alive) Rafe, who seemed to be mortified by what he had done when he went to Anna. Apologised after realizing it was the wrong thing to do (in soap opera land). Now he makes a beeline to Alexis destroying any chance of Molly ever looking his way again. (unless of course the script dictates otherwise)
    Ric - Sonny Let them at each other can't wait

  6. I'm Ric. Ric Lansing.

    "Sam was my step-daughter. We were close"!!! LOL!

  7. Molly and TJ's room: WOAH WHAT A SCENE! Disrespect city!!!! Molly shut your mouth! Man Molly has been 16 forever. When is her birthday?!!? I rather have THIS Molly who disrespects than the Molly she used to be. Cus the Molly now, is more realistic. Time to go home Molly! NOW!!! Julian talking to TJ about the warehouse!?!? Huh?

    Alexis's home: Ric wins the line of the day!

    Ric: She was my stepdaughter. We were very close.

    ROFL! I'll say! :) Molly comes in! Love the daughter and daddy hug awwww. :) Ric what are you doing?!?! Saying it's okay if your daughter has sex?!!? Okay what are you up to? Sucking up to your daughter? :) You want her to be team daddy?:) Oh Molly yelling at Rafe!!! And he just walks out! JERK! Call him a nark Molly!

    Caaaaaaaaaarlos and Ava: OH! She admits she killed Connie!!!! And she wants Caaaaaaaaaarlos to kill AJ! :) Great scene. Nice flashback.

    Sonny's office: Olivia bringing Sonny all his Italian favorites hahaha! They can have dinner again in the office where Connie was killed.

    Delia's restaurant: Well this is interesting. I hope they get somewhere with all this.

  8. How I've missed Ric! I fear it'll be a short visit bc Alexis is going to murder him.

    Why is Sonny dating Olivia and looking at a picture of him and Connie? Olivia is good for him. They're grown up.

    Silas reminded me of John today! Yay. Stop calling her Kiki it's killing me. Why not Katie? What were tptb smoking when they picked these names?

  9. I was wth Alexis all the way. A 16 year old going to a lavish hotel for sex? NO no no. That girl would be grounded and that boyfriend permanently banned.

    I like Kiki and Michael but they need a real story, something that engages them. Both are good actors and this petty stuff does nothing for either of them.

    I look for Molly to move out and go to try to live with Ric--which would be disasterous. He obviously was just baiting Alexis as he supported Molly's puppy sex.

    It was so good to see Roxy, er, Delia. One of my favorites from OLTL, Port Charles could use her.

    My concern right now is that AJ will get shot and die. I got to like the character and his relationship with Michael and with Liz. I want him to have another chance at sobriety, fatherhood, and love.

    Ric makes me nervous. He came on the show as a crazy person (remember him trying to kill Sonny because momma loved him best?) and frankly, I am getting sick and tired of crazies dominating story.

    I'm fond of Silas, love the actor and he has made me like Sam, a character I used to hate.

    I've already lost interest in Robin and Patrick and am accepting the story because I can see the writers' dilema. I dislike Sabrina so that cancels out my interest in Patrick. Don't care. Just pray they don't bring back Jason--but that's unlikely in the extreme (even recast).

  10. Soaplover! Molly's puppy sex! ROFL! Good one. :)

  11. I think it would have been better for TJ & Molly to have safe sex in a hotel rather than the back seat of a car. TJ already did that. I thought it was humiliating the way Alexis treated Molly. Most kids that age are doing something whether their parents want to accept it or not. Funny that the flashbacks of Connie's demise were not filmed at the time but rather recently, but good to see anyway. And so happy to see Ric back - been too long.