Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dante: DOH!!

Whoops!! DOH!! LOL... I'm who? What? Umt . huh? And did you see Liz? she was SO MAD because that was HER news!
Dante was all..hammmanah...ham ah nah!! 

Brit does a decent job of selling "the truth" and Nikolas still wants her!
OMG How long is it going to take these idiots to realize the Embryos that are MISSING is really BIG BABY BEN?

Next sweeps?

I liked Morgan and Lucas..get that Brownstone going! We could have:
Bobby (she owns it)

It's a HOUSE FULL !!

Robin spills the JASON secret!! YES!! thank you! It may help this story a bit. A TINY bit, but a bit. Jason Patrick killed it today. I'm so happy she told him why she's going to leave.  Patrick was US--it was  US sitting there listening to her stupid reasons for leaving.   "WHAT" says Paddy. It was a perfect "WHAT"..like "YOU ARE INSANE"!  

Ava and Julian: Whatever ....although Ava was fun

Felix/Brad: Whatever..although Felix did see Lucas' pic in Brad's phone!! 

Guess who the Jerome Money Man is? HINT: close to Sonny, hates him and comin 'back!


  1. MW should win an Emmy for "best actress holding a cocktail in every scene".

    Patrick said everything the audience wanted to say to Robin.

    Does the hint have something to do with Alexis?

    How is Dante a detective? His deductive reasoning skills are lacking.

  2. ohhhhh the Jerome money man twist appeals to me. Anxious to see the Patrick scene.

  3. Well they had to give a reason for Patrick to move on with his life...because Emma and he deserve better than Robin. And to make Betty appear better than Robin, that had to make Robin a complete idiot. Mission accomplished. Time to move on Patrick. Now lets hope they give Sabrina a backbone and stop the wishy washy whining.

    OK so Lante's EMBRYO's are missing. Did Dante give extra Sperm that was just sitting around that has also missing also that know one told us about? How do these people think that Brit got pregnant with Dante's baby? Not one person thinks to check the DNA for Lulu too????

    I would love to have the Brownstone back Everyone living under one roof, much easier to tie stories together.

    Hmmmmm Ric?

  4. Rick Lansing is the money man? How? I don't remember him been that rich.

  5. WHO is the money man? Is it Ric?

    And, if Robin is trying to help Jason, why does she have to "leave Port Charles?" Can't she just go see him, and then come back and do research here, and go back and forth?

    Also, SHE WILL BRING BACK HELENA AND STAVROS, 2 murdering psychopaths, HOW can she justify that to herself, or to anyone else?

  6. Can they please give Lucas a JOB???!!!! I hate seeing him wandering around the hospital looking to engage in conversations with anyone.

  7. Julian and Ava: Oh they are threatening each other! Delicious!!! Ava wins the line of the day!

    Ava: I'm sorry. Did I miss curfew?


    Sonny's office: Everything Ava gave Sonny is true!!! :) Oh oh but who gave a lot of money for the business? Who is the investor?!!? Hmmmm. :) I can't wait to find out tomorrow! If they show it tomorrow.

    The hospital: Oh a Lucas and Morgan scene! Love it! :)

    Patrick and Robin's home: Oh Robin tells the truth YAY! But oh oh! This is a horrible scene! ROBIN BAH! I'm on team Patrick! Come on Patrick! Bring up that Sam should be the one to get Jason!

    Lante home: I love Dante's reaction when he found out he has a son! :) Wait Dante can't go see his son because it's late?! WHAT THE!?!?! So what?! He doesn't have to wake him up! He just wants to see him! BAH! That is idiotic that he has to wait until the morning. Oh Britch says yes to Nik's purposal. Liz watches hahahaha!

    Felix and Brad: I guess they are over before they began. Well Brad should spill the beans to Lante that Lulu is the mother!! And also go and be with Lucas. :)

    Julian: Oh!!!! Who is he talking to on chat?!!?!!?!?!! I can't wait to find out tomorrow! If they show it tomorrow.

  8. "AntJoan said... WHO is the money man? Is it Ric?"

    OH! I didn't even think of him! :) Oh is that how he comes back? Can't wait to see him! :)

  9. Oh what a GOOD idea--the brownstone. We definitely need somewhere else rather than the Metro Court hotel for people to live--that must cost a fortune.

    Love to see Bobbie stick around to be housemother and even Felicia and Mac could live there. Always liked the kitchen chats with Felicia and Bobbie.

    I just don't want anyone else to have to live in an apartment that has a cold brick interior wall. This is upper state NY, and that would chill your bones. Not only is that unattractive, but unlikely. Outside walls? No insulation? Geez...

  10. I'd love to see The brownstone again! Makes more sense than living in a hotel!
    I sure wish some main character would die and stay dead. Enough!
    Anyone notice Shawn's leather jacket? Lol!! I guess they have the "Jason jacket" in stock at Windam's for mob enforcers.

  11. I would love to see Bobbie become the new Ruby..

  12. Patrick was AWESOME yesterday and REAL!! everything he said i was thinking...I love Jason but i'm with Patrick when he said put Emma first..as for Liz? she needs to go sit down somewhere and mind her business..i'm for the baby secret coming out but not from her,from ANYONE but her..i'm glad Britt beat her to it..kinda sad that Felix and Brad is not getting together..i was rooting for them..all in all i enjoyed the whole show

  13. Jason T. is a phenomenal actor. Robin should just be leaving for a short while instead of making this sound so final. We know she will be back. Right now Kim M. is doing personal appearances all over the place so obviously she needs this job along with whatever she is working on.Can't believe Nik is so gullible. There is nothing I hate worst than seeing babies withheld from their parents on this show. And now Britt will make Lulu continue to suffer. She is still a hard hearted lying bitch. I just love WDV playing Julian - hope he is around for a long time. Can't wait to see Ric.

  14. Is the money man Johnny Z? I heard a rumor that he may be returning...