Thursday, April 15, 2010

That DANG LAMP!! General Hospital Today

OLTL: God, Viper Natalie came out!! EEShh. Someone HIT Jessica in the head with a frying pan. Thank you. Smack her hard. Enough. And the HS musical??? Inappropriate enough? LOL...Oh well. 

New  Spoilers are AOHELL mail won't load at the moment, I do have a lot of May sweeps stuff coming, I swear. It's taking FOREVER pulling teeth. I'm not too jazze about them, actually. 
WHO LOVED HELLS today! ME! Me!! You know Tyler and Nancy love working with her...heh. LOVED it when she compared Alexis to Liz: "Three Bastard children by three different men"!! snap! CONNIE's outfit is dreamy, isn't it? A nice chocolate satin. "I am going to raise the next generation of Cassadines'!!! 

Maxie zinged Liz too: "And what's your excuse for nailing his brother??"!! aahahaha.  GET RID OF THE LAMP!! god!! they've moved it around for two dang days!
Spinelli reminds me of Dwight from The Office. Heh...He's so fun..Sonny's hair even looked like Michael's!
I want Mama Walton to stay in Port Charles forever!! She's so good and natural. She did say "rack" and "Slut" though! OLIVIA WALTON! LOL 
Patrick/Steven Lars/Livvy at Jake's..a bit random? Nice, yes..but random. Some hot chick was eyeballing Steven from the bar. heh. And Jolivia is always welcome.
This Sonny trial is so wrong in SO many ways. I'm telling you what...they really REALLY need a consultant. I actually could do it better than whomever is writing this. It's so unbelievable it's distracting from the story, imo. 
Morgan won't die from telling the truth!  Just sayin'

Hit an ad for me ...we are going to be contributing to the May AIDS WALK NY...and Alberta Lobster will be there too!!

My son is participating in the National Day of Silence tomorrow. I am so PROUD of him.  I had no idea this was even happening. What a wonderful thing.


Andrea said...

I honestly think Maxie needs to mind her own business. All her fast talking that makes her sound super ditzy is really getting to me. I am now FF all her scenes.
I don't mind if Maxie and Lucky get paired up, but if they are going to have Maxie giving it to Liz without Lucky stepping in to shut her up, no thanks!
I've only seen a little of the show so far today, but I did enjoy the comment about the 3 bastard children. I don't mind if Liz is compared to Alexis. I think it is a compliment.
Also, Nik is 1 kid away from have 3kids with 3 different moms. So what does that make him?

Andrea said...

Side note agian on Maxie: Jason sure shut Maxie up everytime she wanted to talk crap on Liz. Maybe that is why Liz cheated on Lucky. She doesn't get the support from him that she did from Jason...Just sayin'

Rita Pita said...

Carly has 3 kids from 3 different men also (Aj, Sonny, Jax). Erica on AMC, Vicki on OLTL, we could go on and on. Its the soap world ladies.. it is what it is. Start thinking of people who shared lovers. Sonny basically slept with Jason since they both slept with Carly & Sam. Sam with Jax with Carly & Brend(er). And Sam kinda slept with her own mother by sleeping with Ric! That was pretty lower than low for me. blech. Liz & Nik were a close second.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, we could play 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon GH-style. I'm sure there's a way to get to Sonny (or Carly or Jason) through just about every charactor on the show. Double points if you can hit all three in one chain.

Liz said...

@Anonymous: Six Degrees of GH

Luis Alcazar-Brenda-Sonny-Carly-Jason

This is fun, but I'm done for now.

Andrea said...

I'm waiting for the time when you can 6 degrees the kids to get to their parents. You know that will happen eventually. Well, I guess it has already happened with Sam/Ric/Alexis.
And It will happen if Kristina and Ethan eventually go there.

Frisco said...

When Lulu and Dante finally do it Dante will be less then 6 degrees from both his mother and father!Dante - Lulu - Johnny - Olivia - Sonny

Andrea said...

Frisco: Fantastic!! I wasn't even thinking that.