Friday, April 23, 2010

Daytime EMMYS are back!! June 27th on CBS

June 27th, in VEGAS BABY!! That's right...and they are being shown on CBS! WOOT! That's awesome. Last year was a fiasco. I'm so happy they are on a major network during primetime.  They deserve it. I have to see if I can get Alberta there! Can you imagine!?
Read the Press Release on Daytime Confidential.

OLTL. Oh, Starr just BEAT DOWN Hannah!! Thank you. I think Hannah pushed Marty. Just sayin' I don't know because I am spoiler free, so DON'T TELL ME! That guy with Kelly sounded just like Kevin from The Office last night! How stupid is Langston for falling for Ford's lines?! What a box o' cheese.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason pulls a gun on Claire.  Bajeebus. This is getting so stupid.
Loved Livvy hiding on CarJax..heh. I'm so SICK of them fighting!! So sick of it. I also liked them saying they could be friends again.
How many times are we going to hear the name Claudia!! Does Sarah Brown get any bucks from that? I sure hope so! LOL..she could retire.
Sonny looked so dark when Dante was saying he had the shirt Michael wore. ;/ Kinda like Pacino.
Loved Big Alice calling Lisa Twiggy.
Maxie and Lulu yelling about who's keeping more secrets because of Mob or Cop boyfriends!
Sonny finally tells Dante the truth..the one they SHOULD have told in the first place!! Jason finally GETS it.
Guess Lila Rae is not going to be around, eh? Did Skye say she left her back "home"?? Think she'll all of a sudden be 16? LOL. Geesh, Luke sure stared at her boobies long enough, didn't he? This had better be a fun treasure hunt!!
See ya later, gators!


Lori said...

Are we going to try for a Skype party during the Emmy's like you did last year??? I'm on board!!

Also - Rick Springfield will be performing at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival on November 10 and 11. There will be 3 shows each day (usually they are late in the day - 5:30, 6:30, 7:30)My current plan is to be there Nov 11 :D

Anonymous said...

Guess no one remembers when Lulu killed Logan and Johnny stood trial for her. Same excuse too self defense haha

Anonymous said...

Maya was abused, she will probably start blaming Ethan, beat him up and not apologize to him.

Anonymous said...

and some other guy will be killed off