Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guza Shoots his mouth off about Genie Coming Back?

From SID:
In the next issue of Digest, Head Writer Bob Guza talks about bringing fan fave Genie Francis (Laura) back to PC. "We've said before: If ever there were a need for Laura on this canvas, it is now," he says. "It is very much a part of our thinking now. We are not currently in negotiations, but I can easily see that from a story standpoint. I am not confirming this. I don't know this, but I would not be at all surprised if we brought her back this summer, assuming we can work it out with Genie’s very busy schedule."

Geesh, reallly? Wasn't this due about a month ago?? What about his announcements about Vanessa? Will they get both!?? :thud: You knew I was waiting for them to say she was back awhile ago. Oh well. The DANCE OF THE PR!!! That's all I'm saying about that sheeze. If she's back for the summer great. Maybe she and Brender can take a plane in together.

In the meantime, here's BRENDER on the cover of SID for the 88,999 time. Does she get paid everytime her mug's on there??! And it's hysterical that Greens can get PG after all the trauma she went through with with Spike/Kendall and Ryan!! I called it yesterday (without seeing this) after she was laying on the floor when David left. So predictable.

OLTL: Nelson Branco is basically saying OLTL is going the way of ATWT. Days are numbered. Which, you know I'd HATE. There's scuttlebutt out there that Tori Spelling may have a talk show going into the slot. I hope not, I really like Tori and don't want to be bad at her for taking their spot. LOL.
 I love how they show kitchens on this soap. Vicky making flower pots and talking with Gigi, so realistic! Nora and Marty all giddy about her ring. Oh, and we are calling Hannah "HEINY Hannah"! Cause she is. dang her, Todd doesn't need anyone else hating him. :/

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Why would Michael just confess to some chick he doesn't know?? Do they know they are related? I don't think so. Cousins, three times removed.
Alexis, little late for the sex talk. ;/ Nice scene between NLG and LA, as usual!!
OMG, Cameron and Jake and Mama Walton!! wow...sweetness factor. I loved it!

How huge is Emma now? And Poor Spencer looks such a dork. I'm glad he's on, but he needs some play clothes. Heh.
SUPAH new Scoops up. Tell me how much you love the Prison Breakphoto!! :) I call 'em as I see them! Heh. Jason might not be breaking him OUT per-se...but I love the idea none the same. Plus, Michael has to go to jail to make Dante look bad, right!!?


Scarlett said...

Seriously, Guza just syas that all the time to make himself look good. If he wanted Genie back for real...she would be there. End of story!

As for VM...its always fluff when they say she is coming back. But I would take Brenda in ANY capacity!!

TwilightEternity said...

I have read most of these over at soapnet. I am still pissed about the whole Carly revenge thing! Like I said before,Carly,Sonny,Jason = GH's biggest hypicrits!!!

skeebob said...

The Prison Break photo is genius! Too funny. Is Jason going to get a tattoo on his body of how to escape?

AntJoan said...

I LOVED the Alexis/Krissy scenes, they BOTH should get Emmy's for yesterday's scenes alone. (Krissy and then Alexis, wiping away Alexis's runny eye-make up was priceless.) But, what I LOVED the most was Krissy's scene with Sonny. I actually cried, which I rarely do. That is what hooked me on Sonny and Brenda--that I cried through their scenes. Because Sonny finally said the MAGIC WORDS, he explained the abuse so that Kristina could understand what it really means, when he answered her question about if he knew why Deke hit him and his Mom. He said that Deke ALWAYS blamed them, he never took responsibility, and a lightbulb went off in Krissy's head, you saw it, how she connected the dots and realized that Keifer ALWAYS blamed her, and that she accepted the blame for "making him mad" (a key cornerstone for "battered woman syndrome").

I am a woman, and a feminist, plus I treat lots of battered women in my practice as a psychotherapist, and it's always an amazing moment when the "lightbulb" goes off in their head, you see it, and then you know that they can make the right decisions to free themselves from abuse. (Of course, this still takes lots more therapy, but I have seen women make AMAZING changes, standing up for themselves, finally setting limits, leaving the guy, etc.)

I was SO WAITING for Krissy to have this moment, and, as I said yesterday, I was hoping they would show this in her sessions with Lainey, but am so gratified that it was my Sonny who did this, this is why I love him, will always love him, only he can make me cry, and he is the most beautiful man on Earth, and should be with "the prettiest girl in the world," Brender.

LaTanya said...

Just testing to see if this post.

LaTanya said...

OK I can now post it took me so long to get it right! I'm new and I know how everyone feels about the truth and justice (mostly by reading other post) but, I for one am looking forward to Carly sticking it to LuLu. LuLu isn't doing this for justice she's doing this to get back at Sonny for shooting her dear Dante. She always side with whatever guy she's with at thee time. She did it with Johnny and with scott's son (forgot his name) and remember the cover up after she killed him and Johnny took the blame. Claudia going on the stand lying that he tried to rape her which is why Johnny killed him! It's all the same! Yeah Micheal is 18 but he's still Carly's child she should have called Carly. I'm sorry but, if my cousin did that to me her behind would be mines!

Billo said...

Really Latoya? I don't know about you gals but what, was Michael in town maybe 20 minutes and now Carly will hate Lulu? Its always someone else's felt with that woman, she never expects responsibility for anything (nor does Sonny and the two of them have 2 kids, scary).
Karen this Blogger is a B****! Won't let me sign in so I am on Mr. B's acct.
Mrs. B

Billo said...

Sorry, meant to say Latanya. Beautiful name!

LaTanya said...

@Bilo no problem about the name mistake and thank you! Believe me Carly gets on my nerves alot even though she is one of my favorite characters. I just think it's hypicritical of Lulu to act like she's all high and mighty now that she's with Dante. I bet you if it wasn't Dante that Sonny shot Lulu would still be on Sonny's side. And don't get me wrong I think it's time the mob stories stop I am tired of them even though I love Steve and Maurice! :)

Andrea said...

LaTanya. I am with you about how Lulu didn't mind looking the other way about Sonny and Jason in the past, but I am glad that she is on the side of the law for once. Even if it is only to help her boyfriend.
I probably take Lulu's side on this because I am sick of Carly not liking anyone but her two boyfriends and how they are all above the law. Nobody else can have an opinion around Carly. She is always the person in the right.

Showing Lisa with the jury yesterday, made her look like the know-it-all. Like, "here i am, the smart doctor. I am right. you are wrong." Sonny literally yelled in the courtroom that he hated the B**** and was glad she got what was coming to her. Well, that should be enough to put him away.

Great Kristina/Alexis stuff. Finally glad she is talking to her mom about this stuff and not Sam.

Stephanie said...

I LOVED the scene with Lulu and Carly, BEAUTIFUL ACTING. I so felt everything Carly was saying. Bravo

Andrea said...

Maybe it will let me leave a comment today.
I was sad upon reading of the whole Carly/Lulu relationship being torn apart. Maybe for good. But geesh, yesterday's scenes with Carly/Lulu broke my heart. It was soo GOOD. Nevermind the underlying reasons for their fight, when she told her, she is my Family (omigod, brings tears to my eyes now) and how she walked away, and that hurt look in Lulu's eyes. OH my! Great stuff!!
But really I am so sick of this Michael stuff.. SOOO Sick of it!

Andrea #2, it won't let me sign in! BLEH!

Andrea said...

Oh, and I have to agree. GH made me cry twice yesterday.

The Carly/Lulu scene and the scene with Krissy and Sonny. SOO Good!!!

Rita Pita said...

I agree Lulu has been high and mighty in the past and actually I hated her until she met Dante. This doesn't excuse carly for overeacting. You would think he was 3 and someone misplaced a toddler! Maybe carly should have gotten the kid some damn therapy after waking from the coma or at least after he killed someone! One day Carly needs to realize Michael is now 18 at least I think he is now, he's not a kid you tell what to do he's a hot head. But anyway it will be great to see Michael face the music so to speak. As for kristina/Alexis scenes I was so sucked in and bravo to them both yet again. Sure wish grandpa Mike would be involved in this story (not even a cameo at the trial or to see krissy?)

TwilightEternity said...

Aside from Lulu sticking up for her man,which why shouldn't she Carly does it all the time for Jason and Sonny. When has Carly ever stood by Jax that way??

I am not saying that Lulu is perfect,she has made her share of mistakes.
For me this is about Carly lashing out at Lulu when months ago she should have been the better parent and made Micheal confess. HE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN OFF! I am sure Sonny would have paid of the judge to make sure of it.

this just comes down to what could have prevented all this and the blame once again goes to Sonny and Carly! Bad Parenting!