Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's RUMOR time!! General Hosptial: What have YOU heard?

People coming, going...characters being killed off. Hmmm, must be the May Sweeps in the air!! First of all, the rumors about Nancy Lee Grahn appear to be FALSE FALSE FALSE.  Jason Cook? He's filming a flick right now, but is supposed to have a story in May. Many are afraid it will be his swan song. Who knows? GH has screwed with his character so much, I'm not even going to predict. I haven't gotten May break-downs or my super-secret stuff yet so I am not saying anything until I do. Just being honest.
Screen Cap thx to Wubber Chrissy:

I'm still figuring out why Robin C is back..like I said I LOVE her but of all the characters there were to bring back..hmmmm. Maybe Ted King is following? See, I personally think that Kate/Connie Falconeri should be having some story as well. Just sayin'. Olivia would have a sounding board..she's family. There's the Sonny history. That's just GH though, bring people on, chuck people off, nilly willy.
Speaking of...they really REALLY should have shown more of Keifer's family/homelife before he got hit. That's the core of what makes me NUTS about GH. Put people in there for 2 seconds, leave a hole..bring them back (maybe, don't ask Billy Dee Willliams though). Not the way to weave the tale, imo.

Yesterday's GH was a good one. I agree that Laura Wright's hair looked funky.  The accident was done really well.
Kudos to all the actors on the show surrounding the beating story.
Keifer's Dad was on today...sigh. :eyeroll: whatever. They should have been on long before this. People are saying he was on Friday (I didn't watch it). I would have LOVED to have seen more of Keifer's homelife, maybe got a bit attached to him other than him being a beater.  Just sayin'.
Very strange cut today to the Haunted Star when they were first at the Q mansion?
Remember when Sam was plowed down by Monica (rewritten from Liz?) Didn't Helena mow down Chloe?

GREAT Dante scenes on the roof top! Wow...he really laid into Sonny. That city backdrop is part downtown Rochester. They should make the lights blink to be believable though. It's all purple too.

Scott Reeves (Steven Lars) was tweeting today from Nashville during the show. It was a bit bizarre.

OLTL today: BIG GIANT MIDDLE FINGER to the writers for THE SCHYLER STORY!! :/ I love Scott Clifton and his acting. You could have made him Rex's twin brother and KEPT HIM ON! :stomping foot: Plus they are making me hate Rex in the process. Clifton played it perfectly.

Let's all watch HAPPY TOWN together! It starts April 28th... it looks like a Harper's Island, Twin Peaks thing. I think I'm going to tweet during it!


Frisco said...

Great episode.
I wanted the episode to end with Helena walking up behind Alexis and whispering in her ear "Oh Natasha, who have you killed now?"

kdmask said...

OMG, FRISCO! perfect!!

Andrea said...

So, any Ethan love in the episode, or am I going to be disappointed?

kdmask said...

yes, they find out Ethan didn't do it, but then they find the dent in his car.

CampusDisco said...

I'm glad the truth finally came out but I wanted to scream when Kristina was apologizing to Alexis for lying about Ethan, and her response was "you didn't do anything wrong" Are you kidding me??? I also wanted to Sam eat a little dirt, but I guess that'll be brushed over. Other than that I thought it was well done today, I especially loved Dante on the roof!

Anonymous said...

Poor Ethan - guess no apologies coming his way. He should arrest Sam for assault and sue the PCPD for wrongful arrest. That would be too realistic for GH.

Ocean Park Girl said...

Dante and Sonny on the roof was the best part of the show today. Friggin awesome!! They rocked!! GH has been really good of late. Watching Alexis jerk every time the paddles jolted Keifer was perfect - like I said yesterday - this is Emmy material for her.

AntJoan said...

Yes, yes, yes, Emmy for NLG, her scenes throughout the entire show were AMAZING!!

delcodave said...

I have come to terms that GH is not a realistic show, nor is it based on reality (case in point: Casey the Alien). I find it frustrating how in one instance they want it to be believable with PSA's tacked on the end of shows, and yet, they also fabricate just about everything possible in the same episode.

Sometimes I feel the writers think that the audience has a 3rd grade mentality. And they write accordingly. Case in point: Just about anything the PCPD does is reminiscent of the Keystone Cops. (Please tell me someone knows who they are. I am not that old).

I know soaps are long thought of as unrealistic with possessions, back from the dead, ice princess story lines that are far-fetched, and we believed them as escapism and went along for the ride. But lately, they have tried to write storylines that are somewhat believeable in theory and in general, only that they have such a hard time carrying them through and have become ridiculous on several levels.

And I think nowadays we, as an audience are more critical. we want the realistic storylines because we have been caught up in nighttime hospital dramas and USA crime programs and have become smarter over the years. Its no longer escapism. I think we look for some of the same things on daytime as we look at on ER, Greys Anatomy, etc.

mosbp2003 said...


the problem is that ER,Grey's anatomy, etc are also unrealistic. And the general public believes them...medical professionals hate these shows as much as law enforcement professionals hate shows like Law and Order and CSI. People actually expect those things to happen in real life. While I agree that there are times when GH is just way too far fetched, (and it does drive me crazy at times), I think it is better to have it be far fetched and escape in it even while knowing it is not real, than to actually believe that things that happen on ER and CSI are real and expect them to happen in everyday life. To enjoy daytime we have to agree to suspend disbelief (as much as is possible. I personally don't remember Casey the Alien, but I do remember Marlena's possession and I myself was not able to suspend disbelief that much!

AntJoan said...

Just a comment that someone said that NLG had a "psychotic break"--she didn't, it is more like she was/is in shock.

Andrea said...

I am a fan of the unrealistic, but sometimes it just goes too far in soaps.

I am hoping that right now, Alexis is just soothing Kristina and then when she gets a little better, someone at least tells her that lying was not the thing to do.

Poor Ethan. Now he is going to be accused of hitting Keifer with his car just because there is a dent in it? I have a dent in mine. Does that mean everyone should automatically assume I hit someone. (Yes, soap opera vs. real life, but still).
He was already accused once. Why would Lucky go straight to accusing him again.

Loved Dante giving it to Sonny. I rewound that punch again and again. Dante was so powerful in how he feels about what Sonny does. Great television.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Jason Cook's storyline! And his movie with Sarah Joy Brown. Maybe Maxie will be in Matt's SL.

wolfy said...

I agree that NLG seemed more in shock. She was reliving bumping into Keifer as he ran out of the house and then he was in front of her. She must have thought he wasn't real til she hit him. And with Kristina in the car she certainly wasn't going to stop afterwards.

I know that soaps aren't realistic and we certainly don't want to blame a victim of abuse, but here they are again telling Kristina that she did nothing wrong. Didn't they also tell her that when she ran Claudia off the road and then let her mom take the blame?

True she did nothing for which she deserved to get beaten up, but at some point she has to take some responsibility for the lies that she's told.She DID do something wrong when she accused an innocent man of beating her, regardless of how scared she was. And everytime she says 'I'm sorry" she gets the old, "You have nothing to be sorry for" line. It really turns me off. This kid is never going to grow up til someone makes her take a good hard look at herself.

Scarlett said...

Hey Karen,

Finally got google and a blog. Follow me if you want. its a mommy blog but i will be posting about GH too. Used to work in ABC daytime, still have lots of contacts...