Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Note to Lulu: Don't sit on the jail floor! Ewww! #GH

ON OLTL: Tea's doomed. :/ I am NOT happy! And Langston! YOU MINX!! Always hot to sneak behind someone's back for s-e-x, right?? EESh. I totally thought that was The Calling playing but it was Lifehouse.
Det. Fish...now we have a Wojohowicz...where are they FROM? BARNEY MILLER! Ron must be a Miller lover!! 

GH: Lulu and Dante were fun...but her sitting on the jail floor. Ewwwww
Ma? You show them my underwear? LOL And the conversation about having her baby so young? POOR LULU..and BTW, don't sit on the jail floor in a dress. eeewww. I feel so badly for her when Olivia goes on and on about it being great to be a mom so young.."hard but worth it". ;/ I asked if people felt bad for Lulu on Twitter and got a giant abortion debate. Please, we don't need that!! 
Liked that Carly was talking to Lulu about it. 

LOVE Jaxis! Good scene--NLG and Ingo are great together. GET KATE IN THERE now, I want Jax and Kate!!

Nice to put Laura Wright in an outfit moms would wear-- Love the sweater. 
Maya Ward is getting  A TON of airtime! More than Dr. Matt has had all year! LMAO.  Goodness. They are also shoving she and Ethan together. 

OMG, Warren going after Krissy in the hospital!! ;/ WOW...great scene tough to watch. He's a good actor. I can also understand the way Krissy misses/loves Keifer. Yeah Jax...see he can do stuff right sometimes.

Jason: ST. Jasus with the "I'm taking the fall"...:eyeroll:


pray for me.

Tomorrow I will be updating the WUBS net...I have loads of 'puter time coming!!


  1. Haven't been able to post for several days (almost weeks!) Something going on with your blog? I noticed several missing usual posters...

  2. Now that I can finally post again, anyone catch that flash back of lulu when she was talking to luke about the abortion, her eyebrows were painted on and were just awful. They showed her at present day and her eyebrows looked great. Weird. I always thought they dressed her funky with goofy jewls on her clothes. She's supposed to be like 22, not 72!
    I think the world of Nancy Grahn and have just been floored by her & Lexi's performances. I still want that Ethan apology like most of you but we have to remember it hasn't even been 24 hours for them.

  3. What's this 'pray for me' stuff?!?! You know you love him!!! (You have to admit that's a pretty sexy picture.)

  4. I can't believe that Carly totally blamed Jax for the predicament that Michael and Morgan are in...

    All GH has to do is shoot one day of work and use it over and over again. That is how I feel everytime. This is how it will go.

    Sonny-I am a great person because I love my kids, so I should get away with EVERYTHING.
    Dante-Sonny is not my dad and I want to protect my dad(er, Sonny) to protect my brothers.
    Lulu-I will support everything you decide, even though it is wrong.
    Carly-Jax, you are the reason my kids are the way they are. It sure can't be because of Sonny or Jason.
    Jax-I hate Sonny.
    Jason-Blink, shrug, sigh.
    Michael-Let me confess.
    Liz-No matter what, I will be there for my kids...even though they all have different daddy's who will never be there for them.
    Kristina-It's all my fault.
    Alexis-Nothing is your fault.
    Sam-Where is Jason?
    Ethan-Quit blaming me
    Luke-Quit blaming my son..

    OK, sorry. I got carried away there. I could keep going though, which is very, very sad.

  5. You are totally correct Andrea. Isn't that sad? Sometimes I wonder why I bother watching, because I know what's going to happen at least 75% of the time. Isn't this supposed to be a drama?