Wednesday, April 14, 2010

HELENA is in RARE form today!!

I'm just going to gush about Connie Towers for a bit. She and Jane Elliot? AWESOME!! She and NLG? Perfection. You know they wrote 1/2 of that themselves:

"Going through menopause still"?? HA!! And she's right, if she knew that Keifer was beating on her kid, she'd run him over SEVERAL times. Well, I am totally LOVING Wyndemere with all the Cassadines there. Just move them all in. Screw the Lake House thing. Can you figure out why they don't detail her spoilers?? Oh, that's the magic of Helena. Just like the one where she was to meet Kristina. Never happened. I think they insert. Excerpt at will!

And Jason going to prison for Sonny? Oh, yeah..that will work. :eyeroll: Loved Carly begging him to stay. Ha. Not enough acai berry juice in there for him.

Geesh, Chem testing JJ and KS enough? I'm hearing they may do that with Dr. Matt yet again.
Loved today's show on Connie and the Lamp moving alone :) 


  1. Karen, LOVED today's show, as well. I was SOOOO cracked up about Hell's menopause comment. Connie and Tracy; then Connie and NLG--priceless! Also, I thought that Maxie and JJ had AMAZING chemistry!

  2. Did everyone catch that Lucky supposedly now lives in Patrick's old apartment? I have to say that I like how they redressed that set, even if they did move Jason's pool table in there.

    I love that today's show was full of such fabulous women - Helena, Tracy, Alexis, and Diane... sigh... I want to grow up and be a combination of those 4 women (with the wardrobe and shoe budget of course :D )

    The whole St Jason thing leaves me cold but I do give kudos to Steve Burton for doing such a good job showing the pain Jason was in AND being man enough to tear up... atta boy!

  3. It was an awesome Helena day today! Connie must be having a blast tossing those zingers around to Tracy and Alexis. The menopause line to Alexis was priceless! I was also LMAO when she said that revenge was best left to her or Sonny.

  4. Hell has frozen over. I actually felt sorry for Sam in yesterdays episode. Jason, AGAIN, choosing Carly and Sonnys kids over his own life. Maybe I felt sorry for her because, as a Liz/Jason fan, I got to see that ALL THE TIME!
    I liked that Sam brought up Jake, but I think that they will never reveil Jason as the father until Jake is a teenager, so we can get another teen on the canvas that has issues and angst...barf.
    I didn't like that Sam even says Liz's name. Yes she has issues. Mind your business. Jason isn't looking out for Jake now, so why do you need to worry about him doing it in the future. Jake has Lucky and now Steven to watch him. And, of course, his big brother Cameron!

    I did think that Lucky and Maxie have chemistry, but poor Liz. Maxie was spot on when she said that their affair started everything. Now Liz might have to see them together as a couple. Ouch! As long as she doesn't go running to Nik.

  5. I loved the Maxie Lucky chemistry and see potential for these two coming together again. Liz/Lucky and Maxie/Spinelli are both tired. Imagine Mac's reaction to Lucky as a son-in-law! Or scenes with Maxie interacting with Luke, Tracey or Ethan!
    My only fear over a Lucky - Maxie paring is it will drive Spinelli further into the mob world. Could Spin be paired with Brook-Lynn? Have him mix it up with the Q's?

  6. Loved the menopause comment and so happy to see Alexis and Helena have scenes together - fabulous. Lucky and Maxie were adorable - he was even smiling for a change. Great show yesterday!!

  7. Karen what is with this blogger? Geesh! I have to sign in before leaving a comment as myself or anonymous. Anyhowza, I disagree Frisco that Liz & Lcuky are tired. GV's Lucky was tired with Liz but this version has supercouple written all over it. love them! JMO