Wednesday, August 8, 2018


NUNUCAM.... told you there was a recast of something coming...

Finn and Anna in lock down somewhere...looks like they are in dorm rooms LOL. Finn reads a patient file and says "the virus is mutating" which makes me automatically think: Zombie LOL Anna stole a scalpel and the goon takes her to Finn. She's not really drugged, she's pretending.  She figures out that Robert hatched the plan and wants to cut out Finn's chip that he put in his hand.  Robert loses the signal. Anna says she wants to find out who's holding them-- and Robert will just rescue them and not let them finish. 

Alexis is practicing her opening argument and Julian walks in... looking snazzy in his suit. 

Kiki is nervous-- she goes to Ava's to try on outfits but Griffin walks out shirtless!! She blanches. They give her a pep talk. She dresses in a really severe conservative outfit and Ava tells her she looks like she's giving up. Kiki changes..Ava is nice to her, Kiki is guilty. Ava says "nothing you do can make me not love you"...anvil. 

Todd talks to Scotty about Kiki and not to be a dick at the trial. OMG!! Scotty tells Franco about Griffin and Kiki!!! WHATTTTT?  So, Franco thinks HE has to tell Alexis (not Scotty, Him..he himself) about the situation so she doesn't ask the wrong question-- and open the door. He's going to go get Liz and go to the courtroom. 

Drew is talking to Kim.. Kim meets the DA. 
Peter talking to Robert about getting a plea-deal for info.  He says some things and Robert's like That IS NOT NEW INFORMATION!!  Robert says that now Peter is 'his' and under his thumb. He's going to let local authorities handle him because Anna would be mad. BUT Peter has to do whatever he says and may be called on by the WSB to do some work. Then the DA walks in and tells him she could arrest him for Drew identity theft.  Now that I know the "Champagne" reference to her, I'm calling her Bubbles. Way easier to type LOL.. 
I don't think Peter will have any charges.  Nope, he's free.  Robert told him that all of Faison's assests are seized by the WSB and he has no money. 

Maxie and Nina talking about the magazine. Valentin and Nina meet-- then Val interrupts them. He says he has the stables all fixed and has a new foal.. and come see them with Charlotte. Maxie reads him the riot act. 
Nina and Maxie take James to GH for a check up. Peter asks to see the baby. He tells them he is staying in Port Charles.  

Drew and Bubbles going for a HOT DOG, I guess that's their thing

COURT is STARTING: Franco tries to talk to Alexis-- will he? 

I knew the show "looked" different-- and I was right!! From Twitter 
It's the new cameras. They are now shooting in 4k, which means new lighting, makeup. It probably doesn't look too bad if you actually have a 4K TV. For the rest of us, it's going to take a bit for eyes to adjust to the new look. You're not going crazy, Karen. :-)


  1. Karen, I will have to wait until I finish working tonight to watch, so I have to ask you--did I read you correctly? ALL charges are dropped against Hiney? How can that be? I thought that Robert was taking him to Steinmauer. . .

  2. My dad has a 4k tv and the thing I noticed is things look like they are being filmed "live" if that makes sense. His tv is huge, I'm jelly. LOL! Probably won't get any GH in though. So Cam is recast, bummer. I liked the other.

  3. Karen, I really like the name Bubbles. : )

  4. Did anyone else notice Finola had some work done while she was gone? She looked different to me also she sort of acted different too. I hope it's not Alex

  5. SO DOOL was THE SAME way last night - I thought it was my TV but it wasn't....hard to watch.

    I laughed everytime Karen writes TODD.....

    wonder if Finn's wife is still alive??????? WHO would be holding them???

  6. Bea,

    When Peter said that there were 5 others who had their brains messed with, I thought to myself....


    Who are prime candidates for there to be a switch. Might be someone who was away for a few weeks and off canvas. Naturally, there is Ryan/Kevin. Then I thought that since Anna has a twin and Anna was off canvas, they could bring Alex back.

    Next... Laura has been gone for awhile. Genie announces she is coming back with a big storyline. Could she have been manipulated while gone? What will we see when she returns?

    who are the 5 people that Peter spoke of? I have been trying to come up with 5 that have been away and might be returning.

    Spencer? how about Dante? (return as actor or a recast).

    C'mon everyone! put on your thinking caps and lets nail this. Who could be the 5 and WHY?

  7. If Jason was patient 6, then the other 5 came before him. Jason was away for 5 years, so previous patients would have to have been "switched" years before.

  8. It's probably 5 all new characters to further crowd the canvas....

  9. Maybe Nicholas. They've had their hands on him for a while.

  10. ryan/kevin
    laura (she was on cassadine island as a prisoner for a long time)
    lulu (also on cassadine island in a coma)
    jake (there is a pattern forming...)

    I like the nikolas guess. but i doubt that helena would do that to her beloved grandson

  11. New cameras? I didn't notice anything different.

    The hospital:

    Hiney's room:

    Robert and Hiney: How long is Hiney supposed to be there? Time for him to get out of that bed!!!! Time for Hiney to shave!!!!

    Margot and Hiney: Excuse me!?!?!? WHAT?!?!?!! You want Hiney to give Drew his flash drive of memories?!?!!?! HUH?! But Margot YOU are the one who has it!!! What the hell are you doing lady!?!?!!?


    Margot and Drew: NO! No hotdog fun!!!! GIVE HIM HIS FLASH DRIVE OF MEMORIES NOW!!!! ARGH!


    BobTodd and Scotty: OH! LOVE THIS! Love that Scotty told BobTodd what Kiwi and Griffin did!

    Ava's home:

    Ava and Kiwi: Oh sure! Griffin is topless when Kiwi is there.. Sure! Why not?! Kiwi thought the dress that Alexis wanted her to wear was inappropriate? No it's not!!! It's a lovely dress and perfect for the trial!

    The kidnapped room:

    DocFinn and bad guy: DocFinn wins the line of the day.

    DocFinn: I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.


    DocFinn and Anna: Great to see Anna again! :) Okay this is boring. Can we get on with the patient that the bad guy wants DocFinn to help?

    Courthouse: Okay here we goooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! :) Yes BobTodd hurry! Tell Alexis quickly!

  12. Oops forgot a couple of things.

    Maxie, Nina, and V.C.: Okay Maxie it's time to hush up now.. Let them deal with their problems.

    Maxie, Nina, and Hiney: That's sweet that they are so nice to him. I hope Maxie and Hiney aren't going to be a couple though.

  13. Why oh why oh why oh why did Griffin tell Ava he loves her? No, he does certainly not. Most of the time he acts like he can barely stand her and now he’s feeling so much guilt about Kiki... Good Lord! What a gigantic waste of Griffin and the actor. Ava really has tried to turn a new leaf (trying to pretend she never killed Connie). I’m looking forward to Ava’s revenge.

  14. Why is Cameron being recast again?

  15. I wonder if Robin is one of the 5 patients. IDK. They held her captive for so long. Maybe not. She was the doctor. But, wouldn't she know something??? Could Drew be #5 since he is Jason's twin? I am confused.

  16. I am confused as to why Robert let Hiney go. Ok, he said that it's because of Anna. Yet he also said, "Your ass is mine!" How? What is their agreement? Hiney is free, is he supposed to owe Robert some information or something? If so, what leverage does Robert have after letting him go, wouldn't he want to find out the information now? SOMEONE please explain this to me!

  17. OK, I KNOW that Tristan likely is leaving the show again soon, and Hiney has to "stay in Port Charles" due to his contract, but what is the logic within the show? I don't see any . . .

  18. "lindie said... I wonder if Robin is one of the 5 patients."

    Hmmm I don't think so.. Robert was just talking on the phone to her a few episodes ago asking about Anna and wanting to talk to her.

  19. Yikes, ratings just reached another new low - 1.74. I wonder why no one (FV) is getting fired. I have been totally unimpressed by this summer in general, except for a few ok segments.

  20. LSV422 said...
    Yikes, ratings just reached another new low - 1.74. I wonder why no one (FV) is getting fired. I have been totally unimpressed by this summer in general, except for a few ok segments.

    *** I'm not surprised. It's just not the light summer fare most soap watchers tune in for. It's all mobsters, criminals and psychopaths, with a side of torture, baby swapping and baby death thrown in.

  21. You summarized it perfectly Di! The only potential romantic pairing, Anna and Finn, was put on hold, as well as Jason and Sam getting together. No summer love here!

  22. GH is stupid. That is all. Not even Tristan, Kin, Fin, or Genie can save us from this trainwreck.